Secrets & Lies S2 E7: The statement

melanie-and-patrick-2I got a list of shows that I cannot stop watching even though I’m crazy busy and Secrets and Lies are one of them. Eric Warner is on this quest to finding the killer of his wife or finding a scapegoat that’s if you believe he is the killer. Right now the main suspect is Melanie. To be honest, the first time I saw her I thought she was the skanky girlfriend ready to shake some money off the young and self-destructive Warner kid, Patrick. Turns out she is a wife ! Nobody in the family likes her and daddy Warren made sure she signed a prenup.Sucks that she has to be judged because of her looks but she does give you the impression that she’s a prostitute…


patrick-feeling-rejectedWhen we heard of Neil being involved with an escort all of a sudden the wheels in my head started to turn. What if Melanie is the head of an escort agency ? Then we have her erasing footage of the night Kate died hmm.  Plus this million dollar scam, it just seemed too smart or too stupid for a guy like Patrick who I’ve come to see as a follower whose never been able to do anything on his own. He carries the name of a successful man but he just ain’t one. Apparently, he got into this shady business all on his own. He wanted to prove himself but at every turn he’d get a no from his father. Sadly, his ideas were never good enough. A growing jealousy since childhood brought him to make a stupid decision that could very well destroy the company. Patrick had no choice to come clean. He admitted everything to his brother and his excuse for his poor judgement is that he never had a chance cause all is given to the golden child and that would be Eric. The older brother responded that everything he had he worked for it and as for his luck well he got sent to Juvie when he was a teenager, his wife died and he has to deal with his baby brother screwing up. I think Eric doesn’t acknowledge the privileges he gets and how it can make Patrick feel like he’s unwanted and uncapable of anything. Can’t those bros help each other out ?

Secrets and Lies s2  ep7.png

As of now there’s no trust between them. Eric even doubts of his father who has a secret cellphone. A cancer center facility number popped up but the daddy denies that he has cancer. Oh and he even said that the cellphone ain’t his. Lies he tells because Eric went to see Mae the secretary to subtily confirm if his dad gave her a cellphone to trace but she didn’t know nothing about a phone being lost and found. This episode the patriarch made me question him. Not only he lied but we found out a little bit of the back story. This man left his children with their drunk and abusive mother. He loved that woman so much but was oblivious to what was going on at home. Maybe he actually knew and that’s why he chose to be an absentee dad. He can always hide by saying I didn’t know, I was working when in fact he was escaping his reality. As soon as Eric received a visit from his father who came back from a “business trip”, he did not hesitate to throw this in his face. Eric blames him for the way Patrick is, he actually said he saw many similiraties between Patrick and their parents. The baby brother flees reality like his daddy and drinks his life away like his mommy.

melanie-flirts-with-detectiveThis is where Melanie gets her power, she sees the cracks in this family and exploits it. Many times looks can be deceiving but Melanie is exactly what she looks like. Sometimes it walks like a duck because it is a duck.  Melanies gets brought to the interrogation room and all she tries to do is flirt with the detective. Whenever she gets in a fight with Eric, she always mentions the distance between the family and Eric and how it can only grow to be an ocean. This woman is sneaky but she should watch out cause her whorehouse might i’ve employed Carly the cop’s daughter. That man doesn’t play when it comes to his child. He did go in a house full of bodyguards , prostitutes and their clients just for his little girl. Plus he didn’t have a gun coming in but he managed kicking a couple of people’s asses with his bare hands. It was  superhero-ish to me. When he got his hands on a gun, he was scary to say the least. Now he is blackmailing a fellow cop who enjoys the services of prostitutes. Funny enough that Cornell was not the one who helped get that address, It was Eric who insists to be a part of this messed up situation. I completely understand why he’d want to help a father find his kid but he already has so much going on and the wrong move can bring him back to prison since he does have a past.

amanda-and-neil-get-it-onI love Amanda but she is a hot mess. Being a career woman is not all she is even though it appeared to be in the beginning.She desperately wants children and has been ready to do everything to make her dream come true. Unfortunately, this desperation killed her marriage. She went through many fertility treatments only to end up with failure. She’s going through a secret divorce ( not so secret anymore) and having good sex with her brother’s friend and business associate Neil. She doesn’t love him but he does. Waiting for those two to meet again. There was a minute, I thought Amanda could be the killer. She has tried to have a child and there was pregnant Kate who had abandonned her first-born. Jealousy is motive. Amanda is the brain of this family. The night Kate died, she quickly put away her feelings and wore her lawyer hat. Amanda knows how the system works therefore she knows how to manipulate it in her favor. But at the same time, I understand why she was so protective of her brother especially when they had relentless Cornell on the case.

cornell-cries-for-daughterIn season 2,we are seeing a deeper side of Cornell. She’s a divorcee who is living with the scars of watching her partner die before her eyes.Now she has this daughter who is fighting for her sobriety but always ends up failing. It pains Cornell to not be able to help her daughter, Jennifer. Who would’ve known this cold woman actually had a heart? Seeing her sick and worried waiting for her little girl made her seem a bit more human. Last episode her ex-husband was shrinking her and in this one it was her turn to shrink him. She told him nothing was his fault each and everyone of them played a part when it comes to Jennifer’s troubles. The breath of relief she took when she  received a call from her daughter saying she’s in rehab and the scene in the visit room got me teary eyed. Cornell did not put her child in prison because she needed to follow the law, she did it because she truly thought these bars would save her daughter’s life. Hearing Andrea Cornell the criminal chaser say “” I’d rather have you hate me then lose you.” got me to put a hand on my chest. It was truly touching. My only problem is… it’s harder to hate her now! Jeez.