GH: Priest VS Cop !

Griff guilt.pngThis scene with Griffin aka the priest and Nathan the half dirty cop  has left us salivating for more. Why call Nathan an half dirty cop ? Well, he has committed a crime and has not come forward. Even though, he felt slightly guilty for his actions he has not suffered any consequences. Nathan kept his job and has now a new bride. Griffin, on the other hand, has not been able to put this ordeal behind him. He has the weight of his guilty conscience on his shoulders. From the conversation the priest has had ,his perceptioon of himself has changed in a negative way and that’s one of the reasons he has not been back to his church.

Clau and Griff kiss.pngGuilt is not the only reason, Griffin has not gone back “home”. Since Claudette has been able to charm him with her begging eyes it’s fair to assume he is still in love with that sneaky blondie. Perhaps, he also carries the desire to be with the woman who he sinned with. A home with Claudette ? Maybe two kids ? By tasting Claudette’s lips again and admitting he missed her, he can only dive deeper into misery and guilt.  The priest and his mistress got found out. He was not completely surprised he knew when you hide, you get caught. Griffin probably was not expecting getting caught in sinning/lip-locking action but that’s exactly what happened !

Nathan attacks Griff.pngMaxie and Nathan walked in on them and quite quickly the half dirty cop put all the pieces together. Oh Nathan’s blood was boiling. Maxie felt betrayed by the priest in whom she would confide. In an effort to save Griffin from her ex-husband’s rage, Claudette put herself in between of the man and said she was the one to blame. Nathan doesn’t care much about what Claudette has to say all he can think about is this man who slept with his wife… He even asked Griffin why he didn’t face him instead of hiding and lying to that the priest replied me : you shot me! You’re a cop who shot an unarmed man. Nathan couldn’t careless. It seems like he has failed to understand his wrongs. It’s a privelege and responsibilty to have a gun and to be a police officer. He abused of his power and disrespected his badge. Griffin took a minute to think or maybe talk to the lord and then said: I forgive you. These words were like oil to Nathan’s fire since he flew to grab Griffin by the collar. Maxie had to remind her man that he was a cop and couldn’t behave that poorly. Nathan left furious and kept saying : he slept with MY wife.

Maxie knows N loves C.png

It became obvious to Maxie that her fiancé still had unresolved issues/feelings when it came to his ex-wife. She didn’t say the wedding was called off. But she left her soon-to-be NOT fiancé all alone with his frustrations.


GH Clau and GriffMeanwhile, Claudette believe that all is well as if she did not witness Nathan lose it on Griffin ! She thinks the priest and her can be a couple.  Griffin tells her no, whenever they are together they hurt someone mainly Nathan. It looks like Claudette was truly affected by hearing this. It’s hard to understand What game is she playing?! Is she gonna chase after her priest or ex-husband ?Hmmm


GH: Julexis NOT real love



Alexis and julian wedding

It’s very easy to look at Julian as the bad guy but Alexis did play her part. If she was not a great lawyer to her mobster baby daddy maybe she’d deserve a pass. Granted, she no longer represents Sonny but she knows what his life has been like and what it did to his wives and children. You don’t leave the mob whenever you want without paying the price. Sonny has tried many times and failed that’s why he is still in the mob. Unlike Sonny, Julian was born into the mob so to think he’d leave the only way of life he has ever known without ever wanting to go back to it is just foolish. Continue reading