Young and Restless: Joshua Morrow wants to be Adam 2.0 ?

Nick is Dark horse

Many have asked for Adam Newman and guess what we got ? We have Nick playing Adam Newman. We are gonna have to get used to what some call the Dark Pony but why can’t we get Adam back? Michael Muhney is sitting down ready to take the job. He has recently tweeted :  “Fantastic things coming. Patience. Enjoy the ride.” But what does this mean ? It might not be happening if Nick keeps acting as Adam. It bears the question: Is all of this about Morrow finding joy in playing  his character or is it about establishng his position on the show ?

Victor and Nick picAfter 25 years hasn’t his position been established ? Maybe but he is not in a Victor Newman position. If Adam is back and for some reason Nicholas Newman is sent away or dies would we be desperately calling for him to come back ? A likeable villain is hardly ever let go and if that happens, years later people are still wanting that character back. If Nicholas successfully becomes the villain will we ever call for Adam to come back ? The answer is yes but not as much. It seems like writers are trying to accomodate Morrow as Nicholas Newman the Good Guy, what will they do to keep Nicholas Newman the Dark Horse ? Becoming the villain moves Morrow from a wanted actor to a NEEDED actor.

Nick-Newman interviewIn a recent interview, Joshua Morrow made very interesting statements regarding his storyline. It seems like he is a bit tired of Nick being the good guy in love with Sharon . He completely understands the fans unhappiness with what is going on but these kinds of storylines stimulate him, his exact words were:  ” I get that a lot of people may not dig it, but this is the most fun I have had on Y&R, since they initially paired Nick with Phyllis.” A few fans have come to believe any pairing makes him happy except for when he is with Sharon.  But it can also be argued that he likes being part of storylines that shock the viewers. Right after Cassie died, no one thought Nick would cheat with Phyllis of all people. And who would have ever believed Nick could become the dark horse ? No one.


Nick bartender 2A few of his responses in the interview, made people believe that Morrow was unhappy with his character. He said the following: ” It’s time for him to do something!  He has been sitting on Sharon’s couch and trying other businesses, but at his core, he knew it would eventually lead back down to something like this; doing something on his own terms, which is exactly what he wanted.” Nick has mostly done things on his own terms the thing is he wanted to be the normal good simple guy while enjoying the privileges of his father’s name. It doesn’t work like that especially if you are going to be a part of the mess. The actor mentionning that Nick was sitting down on Sharon’s couch and trying businesses makes it seem like if the character is not in the corporate world then he is nothing.

Now this other statement kinda makes you side eye the actor.  Joshua Morrow has revealed that six months ago he started to think : “I am done at 25 years.  I just don’t think I can do it anymore.  It’s been a great run.  I’ve said everything I can say. But honestly, this story has given me a new energy about it that I don’t see that happening.” Now were his bosses aware of these thoughts. There’s a pretty good chance he communicated this to the head writer which prompted this dark horse storyline. This sounds a bit like a Kristoff St-John move, the one that he might’ve pulled against Mishael Morgan. Yeah, this really feels like give me what I want or I walk. How come actors can directly or indirectly make decisions about storylines but fans have not that much power ? As we know Mishael Morgan definetely didn’t have that power. She remained the underpaid black actress til the very end. Right now fans are getting the story they wanted, Devon and Hilary getting married . The irony is this is being done on the bride’s death bed. All to say, the fans do not get what they want no matter how much they tweet. what happens if what Morrow wants doesn’t go with what the fans want ?

While Morrow said he didn’t care if people didn’t like the storyline it is important to keep in mind shows are made to be watched. Without viewers there’s no show. He did say that what he cared about was the fans giving storylines a chance and not making it personal. However giving storylines a chance doesn’t mean finishing by liking the storylines. As for not making it personal, it’s understandable for him to ask that but the fans taking it personal means they are attached to the character. If fans were not invested in characters and in storylines many actors wouldn’t have been kept or rehired and that includes him. Two decades on the Young and the Restless somebody had to care.





Young and Restless: Kristoff St-John Stabbed Mishael Morgan in the back by “threatening” to leave ?

Neil- Kristoff St-John.jpg

It is known now that Mishael Morgan aka Hilary Curtis was indirectly forced out of the Young and the Restless.  Since there was no acceptable offer given she had no choice but to leave unless she was ready to be Mishael Morgan the underpaid black actress on this soap. If this is news to you, you should be reading this  article Young and Restless: Discrimination against Mishael Morgan ? before continuing with what no one is talking about.

Yolanda Hamilton Chene LawsonNow it’s time to discuss Kristoff St-John possible involvement in the actress’ departure. Ain’t it weird to think he would have anything to do with Mishael leaving? No it’s not. Anyone remembers Chene Lawson ? She was the original Yolanda Hamilton. Apparently, KSJ felt it was stupid to have Neil and Yolanda together and in order for him to renew his contract with Y&R, he wanted the storyline in the trash. Funny because years later Yolanda now Harmony had a love affair with Neil.


If those things that have been alleged are true then Kristoff St-John has shown he is not above bringing a black actress to the chopping block. Is that what he did with Mishael Morgan ? There’s reason to believe that the answer is yes. Rumors started to swirl around of Hilary being on her way out and Mishael Morgan had to prematurely announce her departure from the show. There’s a good chance these rumors started from Morgan’s camp because they needed the fans to fight for her while there was still time. Kristoff St-John quickly said his goodbyes with a tweet.

Neil Kristoff tweet shady

Many have perceived this tweet as something positive. The problem is they focused on the first part of the tweet, the second part tells another story. Yes he said he’d miss her but as much as his ex-wives …who misses their ex-wives? Not many men especially if they have to pay spousal support and child support. KSJ has been known to love making jokes but sometimes people hide behind jokes to tell their truth.

Dru & Neil 2Another thing a little bit suspicious has happened. Kristoff St-John suddenly remembered the one and only Drucilla winters. He made a post on instagram showing how proud he is of him being a part of this black super couple formed by Neil and Dru. He was sooo proud of his blackness that he even tagged Victoria Rowell. Now why would this be considered a clue?






” In the beginning…Neil and Dru. @victoriarowell #yr45 #memories #supercouple #1990s #blackactors #ebonymagazine #jetmagazine #soapoperaweekly #soapoperadigest ”  – Kristoff St-John


Vicrowell new show

Victoria Rowell has alleged that Peter Bergman aka Jack Abbott has physically threatened her and Michelle Stafford spitted on her . Not only that, Victoria Rowell spoke of how she was a victim of racism on this soap in so many ways.  This now “blackballed” actress has sued CBS meaning KSJ’s boss. Drucilla Winters has not come back but they found a reason to get J.T back, to have Mac back, Summer comes and goes as she pleases, Esther the maid does the same. Since she left Y&R, Victoria Rowell has never worked on a soap opera except on her own. Oh yeah, miss Rowell has an Emmy nominated show called The rich and the ruthless. Fair to say, she is enemy #1 no ?

Dru-Victoria Rowell tweet promo

Lee phillip BellTwo weeks after the first suspicious post, the actor made another one this time praising the creator of the show, Lee Philip Bell who is responsible of Y&R’s success. He also made sure to include in this post that she not only hired him, she also believed in him. This is an indirect message saying ” you better not get rid of me”.  A day after this post, Mishael Morgan announced she was leaving this show.



This is the beautiful Lee Philip Bell. I found this amazing photo of a vibrant, loving, beautiful lady, who just so happens to be my boss. Her co-creation of “The Young and The Restless” with her husband Mr. William J. Bell is one of the most iconic, legendary shows on tv, entertaining millions of fans across the globe. The show holds the historical record of being the longest running #1 television show of all time. She is responsible for this. I can only imagine her pillow talk with her husband about Y&R. And to think, she hired me. She believed in me. And for that my friends, I am eternally grateful.
Happy Birthday dear Lee. “ – Kristoff St-John

The next day:

Hilary-Mishael Morgan leaves

Not convinced yet ? On twitter, Victoria Rowell has posted multiple tweets with magazine covers and pictures of Dru and Neil. Those tweets are pretty confusing they make it seem like KSJ could actually make an appearance. She loves retweeting Y&R while promoting her own show.

Dru-VicRowell supports Neil kristoff st-john.PNG


She makes sure everyone knows that Y&R actors are on there like the real Lily aka Davetta Sherwood and Kimberlin Brown’s Sheila Carter. Victoria Rowell has defended her friend, Kristoff St-John but she also supported Mishael Morgan by telling fans if they wanted Hilary to stay on, they needed to contact Y&R’s sponsors. Miss Rowell was kind enough to also provide a list of them. This is called Karma is a bitch. They probably thought they blackballed this woman and she’s never to be heard ever again but Victoria Rowell decided she would be a success no matter what. If Y&R would let go of KSJ what do you think his next gig would be ?

Dru- Vic Rowell support Mishael Morgan.PNG

But still what does this have to do with Mishael Morgan ? These instragram posts came right when she was negotiating her contract.  At the end of May, KSJ felt the urge to celebrate the only black super couple that Y&R has had and he tagged his boss’ nemesis which probably affected Mishael Morgan negatively. If they are to pay underpaid Mishael Morgan they might have to dig in another black actor’s pocket hmm maybe Kristoff St-John’s. It is also possible that KSJ just didn’t like the actress or was afraid of her star power? Any next Drucilla would be a danger to him.  Hilary has been in the center of most if not every Winters storyline, Lily has been busy being a wife and being angry with Hilary. Devon is still fighting to look like a billionnaire while hating and now loving Hilary. As for Neil, he has done nothing but support other people’s storylines and of course, he too, has to hate Hilary. Heck, even Nate hated Hilary before she got to say “Hello”.

Nothing is for sure. You decide what you believe but we have yet to see KSJ in a picture with the now gone Mishael Morgan. Daniel Goddard has tweeted a picture with the ex-YR star asking for the fans to be respectful. Christel Khalil and him are probably getting hate when they are just trying not to get involved with anything at all so they can keep on feeding their young children. You can choose to ignore this but the only sweet goodbye statement we got from the man who has been relevant because of his ex-wives ( Dru & Hilary) is a double meaning tweet.

Young and Restless: Discrimination against Mishael Morgan ?

YR Hilary leaving


Has there been foul play ? As you all know Mishael Morgan who plays the role of Hilary Curtis is leaving the show . Some Y&R fans have been vocal about wanting her to stay since  TV source magazine interviewed Mishael Morgan’s agent David Ritchie.  He was clear Mishael Morgan wants to stay on the show just not under those conditions. The actress cannot see herself signing AGAIN the contract she signed when she first started the show. It appears that she has never had a raise since she debuted her role as Hilary. It’s insane when you think of how popular Hilary has been.


“If the network or studio is not willing to pay market rate, then you’re going to want something else in return for that. It all starts with finances essentially, and they were not prepared to give her a raise. So, it would mean that she worked for five years with no increase.” – David Ritchie



BB Jacqueline Maciness-WoodIn the interview, David Ritchie went on to explain how negotiations usually go down and why he thinks it’s been hard to reach an agreement.  In his opinion, the challenges of negotiating contracts on Y&R are due to the fact that the show is owned by Sony. He also represents Jacqueline Maciness-Wood and has a much  easier time negotiating with the bold and the beautiful. While it’s true that Sony is a factor, we have to take into account the actresses’ position in their respective show. JMW’s character, Steffy is part of B&B’s main family, the Forrester. In addition to that she is valued by her boss because she’s suppose to be the Future of the bold and the beautiful, she’s the next generation. The bold and the beautiful is litteraly centered around her.


YR Hilary leaving 2Sadly, Mishael Morgan’s character is part of the black family that barely had interesting storylines. However, Devon, Lily and Neil are almost guaranteed to stay on the show no matter what. Usually, the new black person that joins the black family is expandable. We’ve seen the rotation with all of Neil and Devon’s women. With time we can forget about them but not Hilary, she’s different. It’s unconceivable they would let a woman with that caliber leave. We have to ask ourselves why are they letting her go when                                                                              she clearly wants to stay ?



YR Hilary last day 2The answers might be in her last picture with the cast. If you look at Mishael, she looks like she has a baby bump. Now, we know her character is barely showing. Plus all of the actors seem to be dressed with their own clothes. Christian Leblanc aka Michael Baldwin and Billionnaire Devon are clearly not wearing a suit.

In other pictures, Mishael is wearing non-fitting clothes and is always hiding her belly with a basket of fruits or she has her leg up. As much as it is disgusting, you can’t help asking yourself this question: if she is pregnant ain’t it the reason why she doesn’t have a job right now ? It would be nuts if it is because not long ago Mishael popped a baby out and came right back to work with a bikini body. Obviously, she should not be pressured to come back to work and look like a model when her  body has done an amazing thing which is give life. But one other thing that needs to be considered when it comes to Mishael’s departure maybe this had to do with another actor more specifically Kristoff St-John.

Regardless of who is to blame, we can all understand Mishael’s decision. No one in their right mind would accept to have gone half of a decade without a raise and no possibility to have projects on the side. It’s sad to see talent to be wasted to make place to new characters that have not proven themselves yet.  Nathan Hastings, Olivia’s son is in Genoa City let’s hope he doesn’t end up  “here then gone” like Jordan.

Bold&Beautiful: Miss Noisy Katie Crybaby

BB 1.11.18


Hold on to your wigs, Bill admitted to being in love with Steffy. One second he is begging Liam to forgive his wife and get back with her, the next he tells his other son he had Steffy first. oops. By the way, he is right. Way before there was a Liam and a Wyatt, Bill broke the chacha girl’s heart for his then wife Katie. Surprisingly, Noisy Katie is in her ex-husband office crying…

Can somebody explain why this girl is always crying about things that do not concern her. She seems to think that she’s the pregnant unfaithful wife being left by her serial cheating husband. Technically, Katie is in a new relationship seeing life as if it was pink. Kinda suspicious that she’s acting this way.

Remember, Liam did tell Wyatt to leave while he still can. He should really take that advice because It looks like Katie is a bit too angry at her ex. Does she still love dollar Bill ? No one should buy the ” I need to protect my son and I need to know what you’d sacrifice him for” speech. A few years ago, Bill was ready to leave her but she had a convenient heart attack. Maybe it still hurts her to know the man she has loved more than anything still carries a torch for the chacha girl. That might be why dollar Bill is the one to blame in her eyes ? From what we saw two consented adults got in bed with NO protection and then a “who the baby daddy is” story started. This is none of her business she should just stay away and keep on being happy.

But no.

Life is too easy and peaceful for Noisy Katie, she has to make sure she’s in the middle of the mess. The least she could do for us is stop annoyingly cry. Something is seriously wrong when her boyfriend has to be strong for her cause she’s sobbing about his brother possibly being dead under the debris. Clearly, Wyatt should’ve been the one getting her support. These events make you realize how Katie doesn’t have a real purpose yet.

What can we do with Noisy Katie Crybaby  huh? Sadly, Forrester ain’t sending her unqualified ass away.


Bold and Beautiful: Hope’s unimpressive come back

BB. 1.15.18 (5)

Oh this entitled bitch. Hope came back still thinking whatever she wants, she gets ! How do you come back home and say : ” I want to revitalize Hope for the Future”. She seemed to think she can have it all since she is a Logan. C.E.O or not  she is Hope Logan, she just has to waltz in and every door opens like automatic doors….😂😂😂

Rick is also in agreeance that his baby sister should be getting everything in a snap of a finger just like mama Logan. Since Ridge acted as any smart businessman and told Hope he’d have to look into the numbers to see if the line is viable, Rick suggested that Hope pays a visit to the co-ceo aka Steffy. Rick completely forgot the history between those two. That’s what we call bad blood.

BB 1.15.18 (4)

Now that Steffy’s marriage is over because our Hero Liam couldn’t stay five minutes in any of his girls shoes. You know being cheated on, forgiving and going back to the cheater. Doing it once is just too much. How ironic ?! Liam served Steffy with ANNULMENT papers which means he wants that marriage to have never happened and he wants  it to end quickly. If Steffy intends to sign once she finds out that Hope is back, in time to snatch single Liam, trust and believe she will throw away all the pens that she owns in the garbage can. She will be fighting for her marriage. She’ll have to chacha with her big belly instead of getting foot massages like every pregnant woman. The funniest thing is she has Hope as a rival but also Sally. So 3 smart women…Scratch that… 3 talented and beautiful women will be fighting over Liam. Can anyone believe this ?!

BB 1.15.18(3)

And Miss Hopeless for the past is already getting pissed at Sally for not divulging Liam’s whereabouts. Of couse she wanted to swoop in Liam’s bed*cough* heart. You know Hope is all about values that’s why she popped her cherry with the guy who was married to the woman he kept cheating on her with. What’s frustrating with Hope’s come back is that she deserved better than this. She went away for what ? Two years ? And she’s still ready to drop everything for her ex. She might even be in love enough to compete for him. Hmmm

Who out of the three women will get Liam ?


Bold and Beautiful: The serial cheater gets cheated on. Boo Hoo !

BB 1.5.17 (2)


It’s hard to know if we should feel bad for Liam or side-eye him. The serial cheater is now on the other side and he doesn’t quite like it. It sucks to be in Hope’s, Steffy’s and Ivy’s shoes huh ? We have seen these women cry, beg and pull hair for this guy who didn’t know what being faithful meant. These women stuck with him and still to this day view him as the “good guy with a good heart”. Granted, Steffy had sex with his daddy so that’s hard to swallow. However, your boyfriend marrying your cousin who used to be his girlfriend is a hard pill to swallow as well.


BB 1.5.17 (3)


Liam’s small betrayals put together are huge. He has kept an enormous secret from his wife which was him giving away money to Sally Spectra so she could go back to being his wife’s main competition in the fashion industry. But if we think about it, Steffy was also in competition for her husband’s heart. Even with Hope’s gone, she has to keep an eye on him. Sally kept going to her benefactor to say thank you which made all of us raise an eyebrow because we knew where this was going. Too many secret conversations, too much stroking his ego and certainly too many furtive glances. And all of those led them to kissing when they foolishly decided to stay in a crashing building. Let’s not forget the reason Liam put himself in harm’s way, it was for his wife’s nemesis. How is it okay to screw over your own company, your wife’s company, lie to your partner and cheat on her- on what you thought was your last breathing day ? Yeah your wife slipped on your daddy’s  D just like you slipped in her vajayjay and went on to have your italian wedding to her step sister years ago.


BB 1.5.17


Obviously, it shouldn’t be expected of Liam to stay in a relationship with the wife who fell into his father’s bed. But it shouldn’t be forgotten how he inflicted that much pain to others . How is your self-esteem when you know your Partner always has his tongue down another woman’s throat ? What do you think ? You start wondering if he has feelings for that other woman and are you doing something wrong ? So many questions like Are you enough ? Should you stay or should you go ? And if you’re Steffy, you’ve seen your mom go through this and LOSE. Playing this game with Liam has cost a lot to these women but all of them have forgiven him and have taken him back or are willing to. Yet, he is unable to do what they have done for so many years. It’s easy to walk away when you’re always number 1 in a woman’s heart. Hope, Steffy., Ivy had to fight for the title of being Mrs Liam Spencer and that’s the issue.

                These girls know they are first now but tomorrow second. So Steffy needs to get ready like usual cause Hope is coming back for her number 1 spot . Urgh. As  if this is a prize…


Bold and Beautiful: Liam asking for forgiveness

Sally and Liam kiss

The good guy Liam told Sally he couldn’t possibly lie to his wife, he has to tell her he’s allowed the red head to kiss him. He feels like he has to be what he preaches and it is refreshing to see someone doing everything in his power to not be a hypocrite however it’s a bit too late for that. Liam bended a few rules or put aside his values by blackmailing his dad into taking a leave of absence. The only reason he came into the light was because his dad has taken all his power meaning his leverage.

I want to salute Liam for staying into a collapsing building but it was just plain stupid.  Quite frankly, I don’t know if everything he’s doing  for his principles deserve any kind of respect. Harsh you’d say but think about it. Is Liam risking his life and going against his dad because it’s the right thing ? It’s pretty obvious he wouldn’t do this for a regular guy. He is attracted to Sally and about to fall in love.

am I right or am I right.gif

While we should be thankful that we won’t have to listen to numerous scenes of Sally and Liam saying: ” No one can know”, I don’t think Liam should have his peace of mind. He always gets away with being a douche.  For some reason he gets to keep those labels: honor, commited and loyal. Before Steffy attempts to forgive him she should ask her husband this question: What am I forgiving you for ? According to Liam, Sally was the one kissing him and she did that because she thought she was about to die. Yes, in the second kiss he kinda participated but you know it was a life or death situation. It’s completely normal to forget your wife who you love and kiss her nemesis.

Girl really gif

What is Steffy forgiving ? A man who is consummed by another woman ? Infatuated ? In love ? Attracted by another woman or someone who didn’t know how to react when he was kissed by a woman who was NOT his wife. Let’s be real, the latter should not be considered. The other options are not good. I’m afraid Steffy is going to do what she usually does and she’ll forgive Liam and then run to Sally so she can threaten her as if her man was not the problem. She loves to think her beloved Liam is a committed and loyal guy but the truth is he has never been. Right now, Hope is far away but as soon as she comes back for a summer, she’ll be sweating and thirsting after Liam as if she’s in a desert. She needs to wake up ! She competed against her step-sister, her cousin and now she has to compete against her enemy. It’s time for her to go to Bill, we know it’s about to happen. Can it happen NOW ?!

I'm waiting



Y&R: Billy left to die !

Billy saving Reed and Ashby

I caught myself being mad at Reed. I know he is a kid but I find upsetting how he left Billy to die. Reed irresponsibly got into a bar to have a party when he could’ve easily done it at home. Victoria did authorize him to have friends over and even though she was sick she is currently chilling at the coffee house. So he would’ve had the house for himself. What I find unnerving is the fact that when he is in trouble he calls Billy not his dad, not his mommy, not his granddaddy or his uncle but Billy. So we see the unofficial stepdad jump in a fire to save a boy who didn’t even have the decency to pick him up when he was on the floor. Billy was on his knees coughing for air when Reed left. It’s quite strange he told him he was right behind him since he couldn’t even stand on his own two feet.  And for Reed to listen when he could clearly see something was wrong. Billy was not looking for anything why did he need to stay behind ? That’s the question Reed should’ve asked himself instead of leaving like he doesn’t have a mind of his own. If that boy is old enough to think of poom-poom, he is old enough to think about saving the person who risked his life for him.

Since Billy is not dying, I’m thinking this could be good for Brash & Sassy . He is an hero even Cane will have to shake the hand of his enemy to show gratitude for his precious daughter being alive and well. Not that I think Cane doesn’t care for his son but he didn’t call Charlie when he heard his voicemail. Both his kids were stuck in a fire but the name he was shouting when he was desperately trying to jump in the fire was Mattie…

For rescuing those children without any hesitation, Billy deserves the hero of the year award. I wonder what he’ll get for his good actions. A bit of Vicky or a bit of Phyllis ?

Bold and Beautiful: Zende is OUT!

Zende avant savior

Some call it Breaking News but it’s really no news at all.  Zende Forrester will leave the show. Even though he was turned into the Avant Women’s savior, he had to go.  Honestly, It was expected for Zende to be out. He was the only one with the Forrester name who didn’t seem like one.  You would swear Zende and the rest of the Forresters were patched together. For the longest time, the black Forrester seemed to be an Avant. He would only be seen with Nicole’s family and at the Forrester events he wouldn’t be there and if he was it seemed a bit forced.

Zende photographer

During the recent months, we’ve seen a lot more of Zende. He was turned into a designer which opened the door for him not to be behind the “real” Forresters but alongside them. Photographers sooner or later end up leaving the show. But with that career change it seemed like Zende was here to stay. He was having more scenes! It even appeared like he was going to have his own storyline. However, not many were interested in seeing Zencole trying to have a baby. They can’t carry the show but they can’t carry an episode either.

Zende and nicole

Unfortunately, this couple on their own couldn’t keep us watching.  But still the turn of events made us believe that we would assist to a love triangle or just Noisy Katie sending the young couple in troubling waters with her allegations. Katie Logan saw Maya hugging her brother-in-law and concluded that something must be going on. Well Maya does love them short…

If Nicole no longer has trust in her husband well this could be a nice way to end Zencole. Maybe just like him she’ll  go away…


Bold and Beautiful: 8/14/17 Battle of the crazies !!!

And Quinn wins

We waited for the battle of the crazies and we got it. Eric Boo Boo The Fool made the mistake of asking Sheila ”Crazy” Carter to come over with the watch he apparently forgot. He didn’t tell her he wasn’t at the house but at the office. Yeah, another thing he forgot . Quinn was chilling at the house when Crazy Carter let herself in. To be fair, Sheila did knock. For some reason, She always acts as if Eric is the only one living at the house. You know where it’s going right? It’s a wacko wacko situation. Quinn sees Sheila and she already has an attitude and we know Miss Carter doesn’t like that at all.

Sheila and Quinn fighting

A few kick booty words were thrown. Of course they had to play who is the scariest unafraid Ckoo ckoo B in the house that they don’t own. They end up fighting meaning choking the hell out of each other and throwing lamps and vases like the non paying ass bitches that they are. Sheila was not rusty but she did get a work out cause Quinn held her own. One thing for sure at the end of the battle both  locas chicas were praying for their bones.

no shade but shade gif

It’s quite obvious that Sheila is alive because her unstable booty needs to stay on the show. Eric did appear too late. He saw Sheila on the floor and came to her rescue. The Patriach concluded that Sheila was dead because he had blood on his hands but we know better don’t we ? He did ask Quinn to call the popo but Crazy Quinn was in no hurry. Jeez, I wonder why…

In the same episode we had Steffy figuratively putting her husband’s balls in her purse. Yes Miss C.E.O has decided( with/for Liam) to go along with Bill’s lie because she wants her brother to be able to be a full-time parent. And Caroline decided to do the same but for different reasons. She feels like she has no choice…

Full of it gif

If  you want a complete review please listen to the audio you will be entertained ! When this show gets the wacko wackos of this world together, you can only pray you catch your breath.