Bold and Beautiful: Hope’s unimpressive come back

BB. 1.15.18 (5)

Oh this entitled bitch. Hope came back still thinking whatever she wants, she gets ! How do you come back home and say : ” I want to revitalize Hope for the Future”. She seemed to think she can have it all since she is a Logan. C.E.O or not  she is Hope Logan, she just has to waltz in and every door opens like automatic doors….😂😂😂

Rick is also in agreeance that his baby sister should be getting everything in a snap of a finger just like mama Logan. Since Ridge acted as any smart businessman and told Hope he’d have to look into the numbers to see if the line is viable, Rick suggested that Hope pays a visit to the co-ceo aka Steffy. Rick completely forgot the history between those two. That’s what we call bad blood.

BB 1.15.18 (4)

Now that Steffy’s marriage is over because our Hero Liam couldn’t stay five minutes in any of his girls shoes. You know being cheated on, forgiving and going back to the cheater. Doing it once is just too much. How ironic ?! Liam served Steffy with ANNULMENT papers which means he wants that marriage to have never happened and he wants  it to end quickly. If Steffy intends to sign once she finds out that Hope is back, in time to snatch single Liam, trust and believe she will throw away all the pens that she owns in the garbage can. She will be fighting for her marriage. She’ll have to chacha with her big belly instead of getting foot massages like every pregnant woman. The funniest thing is she has Hope as a rival but also Sally. So 3 smart women…Scratch that… 3 talented and beautiful women will be fighting over Liam. Can anyone believe this ?!

BB 1.15.18(3)

And Miss Hopeless for the past is already getting pissed at Sally for not divulging Liam’s whereabouts. Of couse she wanted to swoop in Liam’s bed*cough* heart. You know Hope is all about values that’s why she popped her cherry with the guy who was married to the woman he kept cheating on her with. What’s frustrating with Hope’s come back is that she deserved better than this. She went away for what ? Two years ? And she’s still ready to drop everything for her ex. She might even be in love enough to compete for him. Hmmm

Who out of the three women will get Liam ?


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