Bold&Beautiful: Miss Noisy Katie Crybaby

BB 1.11.18


Hold on to your wigs, Bill admitted to being in love with Steffy. One second he is begging Liam to forgive his wife and get back with her, the next he tells his other son he had Steffy first. oops. By the way, he is right. Way before there was a Liam and a Wyatt, Bill broke the chacha girl’s heart for his then wife Katie. Surprisingly, Noisy Katie is in her ex-husband office crying…

Can somebody explain why this girl is always crying about things that do not concern her. She seems to think that she’s the pregnant unfaithful wife being left by her serial cheating husband. Technically, Katie is in a new relationship seeing life as if it was pink. Kinda suspicious that she’s acting this way.

Remember, Liam did tell Wyatt to leave while he still can. He should really take that advice because It looks like Katie is a bit too angry at her ex. Does she still love dollar Bill ? No one should buy the ” I need to protect my son and I need to know what you’d sacrifice him for” speech. A few years ago, Bill was ready to leave her but she had a convenient heart attack. Maybe it still hurts her to know the man she has loved more than anything still carries a torch for the chacha girl. That might be why dollar Bill is the one to blame in her eyes ? From what we saw two consented adults got in bed with NO protection and then a “who the baby daddy is” story started. This is none of her business she should just stay away and keep on being happy.

But no.

Life is too easy and peaceful for Noisy Katie, she has to make sure she’s in the middle of the mess. The least she could do for us is stop annoyingly cry. Something is seriously wrong when her boyfriend has to be strong for her cause she’s sobbing about his brother possibly being dead under the debris. Clearly, Wyatt should’ve been the one getting her support. These events make you realize how Katie doesn’t have a real purpose yet.

What can we do with Noisy Katie Crybaby  huh? Sadly, Forrester ain’t sending her unqualified ass away.


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