Bold and Beautiful: Liam asking for forgiveness

Sally and Liam kiss

The good guy Liam told Sally he couldn’t possibly lie to his wife, he has to tell her he’s allowed the red head to kiss him. He feels like he has to be what he preaches and it is refreshing to see someone doing everything in his power to not be a hypocrite however it’s a bit too late for that. Liam bended a few rules or put aside his values by blackmailing his dad into taking a leave of absence. The only reason he came into the light was because his dad has taken all his power meaning his leverage.

I want to salute Liam for staying into a collapsing building but it was just plain stupid.  Quite frankly, I don’t know if everything he’s doing  for his principles deserve any kind of respect. Harsh you’d say but think about it. Is Liam risking his life and going against his dad because it’s the right thing ? It’s pretty obvious he wouldn’t do this for a regular guy. He is attracted to Sally and about to fall in love.

am I right or am I right.gif

While we should be thankful that we won’t have to listen to numerous scenes of Sally and Liam saying: ” No one can know”, I don’t think Liam should have his peace of mind. He always gets away with being a douche.  For some reason he gets to keep those labels: honor, commited and loyal. Before Steffy attempts to forgive him she should ask her husband this question: What am I forgiving you for ? According to Liam, Sally was the one kissing him and she did that because she thought she was about to die. Yes, in the second kiss he kinda participated but you know it was a life or death situation. It’s completely normal to forget your wife who you love and kiss her nemesis.

Girl really gif

What is Steffy forgiving ? A man who is consummed by another woman ? Infatuated ? In love ? Attracted by another woman or someone who didn’t know how to react when he was kissed by a woman who was NOT his wife. Let’s be real, the latter should not be considered. The other options are not good. I’m afraid Steffy is going to do what she usually does and she’ll forgive Liam and then run to Sally so she can threaten her as if her man was not the problem. She loves to think her beloved Liam is a committed and loyal guy but the truth is he has never been. Right now, Hope is far away but as soon as she comes back for a summer, she’ll be sweating and thirsting after Liam as if she’s in a desert. She needs to wake up ! She competed against her step-sister, her cousin and now she has to compete against her enemy. It’s time for her to go to Bill, we know it’s about to happen. Can it happen NOW ?!

I'm waiting



Young and Restless: New Adam Newman

Well Justin Hartley A.K.A Adam Newman is out. This is not really a surprise since we knew about his other projects. Under his letter of good-bye he had the video of his new tv serie This is Us. We are not mad about his shameless promoting self.

Adam aka Justin exit letter

Now we need a new Adam A.S.A.P. Some think Michael Mulney could come back and save the day but they are forgetting how Mulney left the show…He was FIRED for allegdly grabbing Hunter King aka Summer Newman’s boobies. When he left, it didn’t seem like anybody from the cast really cared. Apparently, things were tensed between Eric Braden and him.  Mulney implied there was behind the scenes politics and he doesn’t really play those kind of games.  Hunter King is still on the show and Mulney probably won’t play by the rules so it’s fair to assume no one wants him back. The first Adam Newman, Chris Egen was good but he had issues with playing such a villainous character. Egen was accused of being homophobic because his issues with the role came right when Adam was pretending to be gay in order to avoid punishment. Well, he is not coming back. Some believe, Aiden Turner will be the next Adam. Rumors has it, they are looking for an actor to play this new character Dean and it could be a smoke screen. Y&R is looking for this new Adam Newman and in case they don’t find him, he’ll stay dead a while longer.

Young and Restless: Jill Blackmails Red !

It’s been difficult for Phyllis, she has this secret hanging over her head. Bethany took the cash and is keeping her mouth on mute but Jill ain’t. Mama bear is blackmailing Phyllis which is a bit weird. She is threatening to tell Jack about the affair with his brother if phyllis doesn’t stay away from Billy and make her marriage work. Not quite sure if Jill realizes if she speaks one word of this affair to Jack, she will be helping Philly get back together…Jack will be mad, Victoria will be disgusted and Philly will comfort each other on their way down.

While it’s very understanding that Jill wants to guide her child to a good path, it seems like she’s taking the wheels of his life. Even if she doesn’t want to hear Billy talk about how he didn’t have a home she should HEAR IT and TAKE IT. This was the moment where she could’ve explained herself again and end it with: I screwed up. I’ve apologized and made up for it. What about you ? You screwed up now what are you gonna do to make your life right again?  Instead of saying that, she called Billy’s grievance a dead horse ! Things that happened in our childhood often drive us and the decisions we make in our adult life.

Seriously why does Jill want Victoria and Billy to be together sooo bad ? Because of the kids ? That’s stupid. They’ve hurt their kids with their on and off relationship. Villy have never  been able to make it work and that’s just reality. Victor was always in their way and Victoria couldn’t stop to be daddy’s girl for a second and be a wife. This mini-vic lady has had high expectations of Billy while having low expectations of her daddy. This means Victor is free to do whatever he wants and Victoria will stand by him like the little soldier that she is ! Meanwhile, she will give Billy hell even if what he has done does not compare to what Victor has done. Villy just can’t work .Jill doesn’t know this but Victoria is warm and raining inside for Travis. Plus, Billy got too many women to handle ! Chloe might just be a new problem for him. He needs a break before the storm.

How funny, Jill still keeps on throwing insults or side eying Billy’s girls but they are not the ones to blame…When is she gonna stop calling the women that Billy screws bitches, whores and sluts ? If anyone should be slut shamed it should be Billy. We’ve seen him with so many women. He got between Fiona’s pants for business purposes. Screwing for shelf space!  That’s bordeline prostitution. Billy also had some fun time with Bethany who he would call Britney. He couldn’t remember this chick’s name to save his life. But Bethany knew his name and address, she can pull up at anytime and kick Jill out of her own home if she needs to talk to Billy boy privately. No shade but Yes shade. Last but not least, he is screwing Phyllis who is his brother’s wife. He even tried to get a taste of her during an elevator ride. No need to say anything more. Billy wears the W with pride everybody knows he’s player. Time for Jill to accept it and focus on her own hubby who while she’s away probably is doing some shady affairs.

Billy: Love & Vengeance



tumblr_o2f5lca6rn1s4dhgfo1_250Ouh lala makes you want to fall in love. This new Billy is darker( I’m not talking about the hair!!!) and sexy. With the other Billies if I can express myself this way it was more fun. Jason Thompson’s Billy has that dark humor and he is ready to scheme. There’s something scary ,I can see him cutting someone’s throat easily. After all, Phyllis is bringing him to the dark side. They have the ”let’s screw Victor over in secret ” Plan which is sorta working since we don’t really know who Natalie is lying to…Is she working for Phyllis and Billy or for Victor ? hmmm

Either way, Billy is risking it all just for a chance to stick it to Victor. The problem is if he succeeds he loses his woman. Honestly, Victoria wouldn’t stand the fact that Billy Boy screwed over her daddy. She feels that if Billy loves her than he wouldn’t go after her father which is something I can’t understand. Never have I EVER seen Victor avoid a Newman/Jabot-Jack fight because of Victoria and the family she has with Billy. It seems like Victoria requires so much of Billy but not so much of her daddy. I guess Victor gets a pass, she gives him excuses: You know him, he is not gonna change, what he is doing is bad but…it is what it is or

It’s just business.


Billy is gambling his life with Victoria away and I don’t mind because I wish he would leave her. Victoria is all about her father and Newman. I don’t see her quite often choosing Billy over Victor who has royally screwed over the Abbotts. If she doesn’t want to choose or be in the middle that is fine. She just needs to stay out of it, keep quiet. It’s not like Billy pulled a Victor and unleashed a mentally-illed woman to go after her daddy. Victoria needs to understand yes it’s personal but it’s business too. Victor ain’t a push-over, Billy ain’t either.

All I can say is: May Billy get his revenge and not accidently fall in Phyllis bed…


Who is Natalie Geek ?

I call her a geek but INatalie sassy feel like she is a beauty. Behind those glasses and those clothes there is a model-like woman. Who is she though ? What if I tell you, she is Victor Newman’s daughter…? I mean  if we think about it, they are so alike. Natalie has the same sob story as Victor ”I was an orphan, I changed my name, a new me so I can conquer the world.” Now her personality is so Victor, she lies and play games. Does she feel remorseful for everything that she did  ? Absolutely Not. Victor is her daddy! But who is her mommy ? How about Judge Moxley ? Natalie did say she went to the best schools maybe her mommy had an affair, got pregnant  and couldn’t keep her because of her political ambitions therefore, she was sent away. That sounds like something Elise Moxley would do: Loving her daughter but loving her career more.

I just wonder how Victoria will feel when she finds out she is not the only female ”mini vic” cause let’s be honest Abby was no competition. Natalie seems to be like a pro at scheming she is even one step ahead of Victor Newman !  She is spying on him and none of her associates know meaning Phyllys, Kevin, Mariah and Billy. Of course, Summer her ”babysitter ” is not aware of nothing not surprising since she can’t babysit a child either. Natalie is showing Newman qualities, she is a hair away to become The Mustache.