Young and Restless: Kristoff St-John Stabbed Mishael Morgan in the back by “threatening” to leave ?

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It is known now that Mishael Morgan aka Hilary Curtis was indirectly forced out of the Young and the Restless.  Since there was no acceptable offer given she had no choice but to leave unless she was ready to be Mishael Morgan the underpaid black actress on this soap. If this is news to you, you should be reading this  article Young and Restless: Discrimination against Mishael Morgan ? before continuing with what no one is talking about.

Yolanda Hamilton Chene LawsonNow it’s time to discuss Kristoff St-John possible involvement in the actress’ departure. Ain’t it weird to think he would have anything to do with Mishael leaving? No it’s not. Anyone remembers Chene Lawson ? She was the original Yolanda Hamilton. Apparently, KSJ felt it was stupid to have Neil and Yolanda together and in order for him to renew his contract with Y&R, he wanted the storyline in the trash. Funny because years later Yolanda now Harmony had a love affair with Neil.


If those things that have been alleged are true then Kristoff St-John has shown he is not above bringing a black actress to the chopping block. Is that what he did with Mishael Morgan ? There’s reason to believe that the answer is yes. Rumors started to swirl around of Hilary being on her way out and Mishael Morgan had to prematurely announce her departure from the show. There’s a good chance these rumors started from Morgan’s camp because they needed the fans to fight for her while there was still time. Kristoff St-John quickly said his goodbyes with a tweet.

Neil Kristoff tweet shady

Many have perceived this tweet as something positive. The problem is they focused on the first part of the tweet, the second part tells another story. Yes he said he’d miss her but as much as his ex-wives …who misses their ex-wives? Not many men especially if they have to pay spousal support and child support. KSJ has been known to love making jokes but sometimes people hide behind jokes to tell their truth.

Dru & Neil 2Another thing a little bit suspicious has happened. Kristoff St-John suddenly remembered the one and only Drucilla winters. He made a post on instagram showing how proud he is of him being a part of this black super couple formed by Neil and Dru. He was sooo proud of his blackness that he even tagged Victoria Rowell. Now why would this be considered a clue?






” In the beginning…Neil and Dru. @victoriarowell #yr45 #memories #supercouple #1990s #blackactors #ebonymagazine #jetmagazine #soapoperaweekly #soapoperadigest ”  – Kristoff St-John


Vicrowell new show

Victoria Rowell has alleged that Peter Bergman aka Jack Abbott has physically threatened her and Michelle Stafford spitted on her . Not only that, Victoria Rowell spoke of how she was a victim of racism on this soap in so many ways.  This now “blackballed” actress has sued CBS meaning KSJ’s boss. Drucilla Winters has not come back but they found a reason to get J.T back, to have Mac back, Summer comes and goes as she pleases, Esther the maid does the same. Since she left Y&R, Victoria Rowell has never worked on a soap opera except on her own. Oh yeah, miss Rowell has an Emmy nominated show called The rich and the ruthless. Fair to say, she is enemy #1 no ?

Dru-Victoria Rowell tweet promo

Lee phillip BellTwo weeks after the first suspicious post, the actor made another one this time praising the creator of the show, Lee Philip Bell who is responsible of Y&R’s success. He also made sure to include in this post that she not only hired him, she also believed in him. This is an indirect message saying ” you better not get rid of me”.  A day after this post, Mishael Morgan announced she was leaving this show.



This is the beautiful Lee Philip Bell. I found this amazing photo of a vibrant, loving, beautiful lady, who just so happens to be my boss. Her co-creation of “The Young and The Restless” with her husband Mr. William J. Bell is one of the most iconic, legendary shows on tv, entertaining millions of fans across the globe. The show holds the historical record of being the longest running #1 television show of all time. She is responsible for this. I can only imagine her pillow talk with her husband about Y&R. And to think, she hired me. She believed in me. And for that my friends, I am eternally grateful.
Happy Birthday dear Lee. “ – Kristoff St-John

The next day:

Hilary-Mishael Morgan leaves

Not convinced yet ? On twitter, Victoria Rowell has posted multiple tweets with magazine covers and pictures of Dru and Neil. Those tweets are pretty confusing they make it seem like KSJ could actually make an appearance. She loves retweeting Y&R while promoting her own show.

Dru-VicRowell supports Neil kristoff st-john.PNG


She makes sure everyone knows that Y&R actors are on there like the real Lily aka Davetta Sherwood and Kimberlin Brown’s Sheila Carter. Victoria Rowell has defended her friend, Kristoff St-John but she also supported Mishael Morgan by telling fans if they wanted Hilary to stay on, they needed to contact Y&R’s sponsors. Miss Rowell was kind enough to also provide a list of them. This is called Karma is a bitch. They probably thought they blackballed this woman and she’s never to be heard ever again but Victoria Rowell decided she would be a success no matter what. If Y&R would let go of KSJ what do you think his next gig would be ?

Dru- Vic Rowell support Mishael Morgan.PNG

But still what does this have to do with Mishael Morgan ? These instragram posts came right when she was negotiating her contract.  At the end of May, KSJ felt the urge to celebrate the only black super couple that Y&R has had and he tagged his boss’ nemesis which probably affected Mishael Morgan negatively. If they are to pay underpaid Mishael Morgan they might have to dig in another black actor’s pocket hmm maybe Kristoff St-John’s. It is also possible that KSJ just didn’t like the actress or was afraid of her star power? Any next Drucilla would be a danger to him.  Hilary has been in the center of most if not every Winters storyline, Lily has been busy being a wife and being angry with Hilary. Devon is still fighting to look like a billionnaire while hating and now loving Hilary. As for Neil, he has done nothing but support other people’s storylines and of course, he too, has to hate Hilary. Heck, even Nate hated Hilary before she got to say “Hello”.

Nothing is for sure. You decide what you believe but we have yet to see KSJ in a picture with the now gone Mishael Morgan. Daniel Goddard has tweeted a picture with the ex-YR star asking for the fans to be respectful. Christel Khalil and him are probably getting hate when they are just trying not to get involved with anything at all so they can keep on feeding their young children. You can choose to ignore this but the only sweet goodbye statement we got from the man who has been relevant because of his ex-wives ( Dru & Hilary) is a double meaning tweet.

7 thoughts on “Young and Restless: Kristoff St-John Stabbed Mishael Morgan in the back by “threatening” to leave ?

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  3. I did read that Victoria had problems on the show, but why do they change characters so much? The Y&R is the best soap opera because they have the best players period!


    • They change so much because characters that get too popular give the actors more power when it’s time to negotiate their contract. Many actors won’t allow to be undervalued. Victoria has not been on for many years but people still remember her which means she is too powerful.


      • I understand your point, but did you see the dedication to Kristoff Saint John? They had black actors separated from white actors while remembering Kristoff. And I was surprise that Victoria was even there.


      • I stopped watching Y&R when Mishael left and just recently started watching again. I don’t understand the point of having blacks on one side and whites on another. It just shows how they are a thing of the past. They need to get with the times. As for Victoria, They had no choice but to get her unless they were ready for bad PR.


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