Beyoncé blackmails for award ?

kanye-rants-again-about-b-and-jif you don’t know, you’re about to know now.  Kanye just ranted about his relationship with Jay-Z and Beyoncé AGAIN. Seems like queen B pulls strings to win awards which is not surprising. Apparently Drake and Kanye were suppose to win a certain award and Beyoncé told the network she wouldn’t perform if she didn’t win the award that was suppose to go to the two rappers…

britney-spears-speech-mtv-2011Have you forgotten Britney’speech when she was getting honored with the Michael Jackson Avanguard Award ? Britney Bitch could only talk about Beyoncé’s accomplishments…Somebody must’ve told her to talk about Queen B the entire time cause she barely spent a second talking about herself when she is the princess of pop. Everything she was praising Beyoncé for she did it too. Britney Spears has been in movies, she sings or should we say lipsincs but once upon a time she used to sing. Either way she’s a performer! Yet when it’s time to receive a prestigious award she can only talk about how great her competition is.


beyonce-grammy-2015Exhibit B. Pun intended. When is the last time you’ve seen Beyoncé perform somewhere and not win an award ? She did not perform at the Grammy’s  even though she was there. At the Bet Awards she did perform because guess what? They’ll do whatever to please her, unlike the Grammy’s who ain’t willing to give her whatever  award she wants. There’s a lot of politics aka shady shit in the music industry. Rappers get ghost writers, singers steal dance moves and now “blackmail” for awards ?

kanye-interrups-taylorIt might be a strong word because the networks do get more ratings when an artist like Beyoncé show up to perform, it’s logical that the artist should be compensated. But still when you think of awards you think this is the person’s peers saying: ” from the bottom of our hearts, we think you deserve this . We are praising you for your talent.” It’s not something that should be forced. Talent should recognize talent. Yes, B deserves all of her awards but other people should get the shine too. Maybe B didn’t win because of racist people even though it seems like there certain cetegories where black people don’t tend to be nominated in…but let’s just say they wanted to award people that i’ve been in the business but get no recognititon. It’s okay for other people to win which might be the reason why B lost to Taylor Swift a couple of years ago. Ain’t it  funny though that the Grammys does not surrender to the Queen B but it’s exactly what  Kanye was criticizing a while back. He did jump on stage and grabbed someone’s mic so he can tell the world how great Beyoncé was. So what now ? If Bey wins then she cheated and if she doesn’t then shit is rigged…hmmm. Honestly, it has always been rigged.

carters-and-westsSafe to say the Carters and the Wests are no longer friends that’s if they truly were. Kanye seems to be an intensed guy but still genuine and he probably really cared about Jay and Bey. There’s no way Yeezy would’ve intentionnaly hurt and betrayed his best friends so for him to put their dirty laundry on front streets, things are certainly not good between them. The Carters might not respect the Kardashian hustle or maybe they’re just not comfortable with their image being associated with Kim K. This might be the reason why they like Mrs West to be far away. Let’s just be honest, Jay Z and Beyoncé don’t do nothing for nothing. They were close to Kanye because he’s hot in music and it’s gonna make them tons of money.

kanye-and-jay-performingAs rap brothers, Kanye and Jay z made good cash together. It was a profitable relationship. As of now it no longer is. Kanye might just severe his ties with Tidal and talk shit about it. He cannot expect a phone call from the Carters anymore  especially when every of their private conversations are being talked about in concerts. Weirdly, Kim might be the best thing that happened to Kanye. He now realizes his “brother and sister” are not real family not even real friends.But to be fair, we don’t know what really happened because only Kanye is speaking. We are missing one side of the story here. Bey and Jay are gonna stay mute. They’re so big, they don’t make interviews anymore and they don’t rant during their concerts. This is something Kanye should be careful with. People don’t pay him to see him talk, they want him to rap. Why is he talking about the presidential election and saying he loves trump ?  For what?! So he can chill in the white house with him. Kim and Kris are probably  already calling the paparazzi, everybody gotta know they shook hands with The Donald. Maybe he can’t wait for Trump to make good decisions for the rich since he is part of the 1%. Either way, he needs to give his fans what they want. A concert consituted by a rant and three songs ain’t good  enough.


Blac Chyna VS Wendy Williams

You gotta be living under a rock if you didn’t know that Blac Chyna read Wendy Williams her rights. As you may know Wendy shared her opinions on Rob and Blac Chyna’s relationship. Let’s just say  Chyna didn’t like this too much. What’s surprising is that she didn’t call the host Wendell like many do. If you wanna know what she said check below!


Brangelina NASTY Divorce

Brangelina passion.jpg

Oh Jennifer Aniston is sitting with a hot cup of tea, sipping it slow with a chuckle. On the background Beyonce saying: Ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks. What is going on ? While Jennifer Aniston is happily married her ex-cheating ass husband got blindsided the worst way.

brangelina-divorceAngelina Jolie slammed Brad Pitt with divorce papers. Everybody is trying to figure out why it’s happening NOW. TMZ has reported that it’s all about the kids. Jolie doesn’t like the way her husband disciplines them. Does he hit them ?! Some say no he just yells at them. Weird, every parent has yelled at their kids. It’s  not uncommon  AND there’s six Jolie-Pitt kids in that household ! Is it so hard to imagine that one would raise their voice?!!!  So is that really the reason for their divorce ? There’s been cheating allegations though…He was rumored to have a little something with Marion Cotillard but apparently there’s no truth to this. Hmmm…

angelina-scorned-and-jealousAnyone who thinks this divorce is surprising need to have his memory refreshed. In an interview Brad admitted he needed to be a better man for his wife. For a longtime there were articles saying Angie was very jealous and would have a tantrum every time Brad would work with young beautiful co-stars. Perhaps Brad failed to make his woman secure. It’s very understandble why she’d feel threatened since we know how Brangelina started…


brad-pittThen there was Angelina  health’s scare. She was very afraid she’d have breast cancer due to the fact her mother and grand-mother died of ovarian cancer. She was so afraid that she decided to get a preventive masectomy. Maybe Brad felt as if she was being obsessed ? Even if she had a higher risk of having this cancer it didn’t mean she would have it. Why not deal with it if it happens, why panick when you’re healthy ? It probably was a trying time for them. Over the years, Angelina’s body has been under scrutiny. She appeared to be “unhealthy skinny”. Was she under too much stress ? Was she too worried about cancer ? Or was it because she wanted to preserve her Hollywood Body ?

angelina-knifeAngelina chose the right time to stuck the knife into Brad Pitt’s gut. Mr. Pitt got movies to promote which means he will try to be PR perfect when it’s time to issue a statement. If he wanted to trash Angie, he can’t do it now. Maybe he could…Bad publicity is still publicity. But he wants people to go watch the movies and his divorce might be a factor when it comes to the movies making money or not. People still view Jennifer Aniston as the poor victim and Angie the world’s savior and now she’s trying to put out this image of a woman who only wants to protect her children. Apparently, she does not want any attention at all. She asks the public to give her privacy which is quite funny. Angie filed the divorce papers AFTER the Emmy’s. If she truly wanted the news of her divorce to come and go she would’ve done it BEFORE the Emmy’s.  The media would’ve talked about Brangelina for a couple days til it’s time to cover the award show. Filing after the Emmy’s is asking for attention since the media is now looking for the next big news. Jolie’s camp was very calculated if in fact they waited for that particular time to file.

angelina-woman-scornedCould have her team planted the idea that Brad Pitt was drinking too much and his parenting style needed to be questionned ? Angelina Jolie is asking for sole custody here, the claws are out. Is she protecting her kids or just being a woman scorned ?

brangelina-fightPitt is gonna want to put this behind him quickly because as explained he has projects to think about. Jolie is counting on that. She wants to keep the jewelries, the gifts, her money and the kids! Jeez she wants EVERYTHING. Hard to believe Pitt would give up on his children especially the ones he fathered.This is about to get ugly real fast.

brangelina-movieSomething else to sip on : Anyone remembers the movie Brangelina made together?  Don’t you guys think this could be a depiction of what their relationship was like? Passionate, mind consumming just dysfunctionnal .Food for thought. It wouldn’t be fair to end this Brangelina Divorce article without letting Jennifer Aniston’s spirit speak. Wink.

jennifer-aniston-gifMrs Jennifer Aniston Theroux says:

Karma is a bitch and she came through !

Solanges Knowles touches our hearts


And Do You Belong? I Do

The tone.

It’s the same one that says to your friend, “BOY…. go on over there and hand me my bag” at the airport, assuming he’s a porter.

It’s the same one that tells you, “m’am, go into that other line over there” when you are checking in at the airport at the first class counter before you even open up your mouth.

It’s the same one that yells and screams at you and your mother in your sleep when you’re on the train from Milan to Basel “give me your passport NOW.” You look around to see if anyone else is being requested this same thing only to see a kind Italian woman actually confront the agents on your behalf and ask why you are being treated this way.

It’s the same tone that the officer has when she tells you your neighborhood is blocked for residents only as you and your friends drive home from a Mardi Gras parade, when you have a residents tag on your car. You’ve been in the car line for 10 minutes and watched them let every one else pass without stopping them at all.

It usually does not include “please.” It does not include “will you.” It does not include “would you mind,” for you must not even be worth wasting their mouths forming these respectable words. Although, you usually see them used seconds before or after you.

You don’t feel that most of the people in these incidents do not like black people, but simply are a product of their white supremacy and are exercising it on you without caution, care, or thought.

Many times the tone just simply says, “I do not feel you belong here.”


Telling your son and his friend Rasheed about a band you love and one that played a pivotal role in the history of hip-hop. Something that as a family you all feel very connected to.

Imagine, although the kids are interested, they are still 11, unfamiliar, and would rather be spending their Friday night differently. You and your husband are always talking to your son about expansion and being open to other things and experiences, so you guys make the Kraftwerk concert a family Friday night.

You get there about 10 minutes late, but lucky for you, as soon as you walk to your box seats, the song that you just played for your son in the car is on! It’s a song his uncle sampled, ” The Hall of Mirrors.” You haven’t even sat down yet because you just walked to your seat and you’re so excited to dance to this DANCE MUSIC SONG.

Simultaneously, a much older black venue attendant comes over to your son and his friend and yells “No electronic cigarettes allowed, you need to stop doing that now!”

You are too into the groove and let your husband handle it and tell the attendant that the children are 11 years old, and it’s actually the two grown white men in front of you guys who were smoking them.

You are annoyed and feel it’s extremely problematic that someone would challenge their innocence, but determined to stay positive and your husband has handled this accordingly.

About 20 seconds later, you hear women yell aggressively, “Sit down now, you need to sit down right now” from the box behind you. You want to be considerate, however, they were not at all considerate with their tone, their choice of words, or the fact that you just walked in and seem to be enjoying yourself.

You are also confused as to what show you went to. This is a band that were pioneers of electronic and dance music. Surely the audience is going to expect you to dance at some point.

You were planning on sitting down after this song, as long as it wasn’t one of the four songs that you really connect with and plan on getting down to.

You feel something heavy hit you on the back of your shoulder, but consider that you are imagining things because well….certainly a stranger would not have the audacity.

Moments later, you feel something again, this time smaller, less heavy, and your son and his friend tell you those ladies just hit you with a lime.

You look down only to see the half eaten lime on the ground below you.

You inhale deeply. Your husband calmly asks the group of women did they just throw trash at you. One woman says, “I just want to make it clear, I was not the one who yelled those horrible, nasty, things at you.”

Loud enough for you to hear.

This leads you to believe they were saying things way worse than what you heard, but you are not surprised at that part one bit.

You’re full of passion and shock, so you share this story on Twitter, hands shaking, because you actually want these women to face accountability in some kind of way. You know that you cannot speak to them with out it escalating because they have no respect for you or your son, and this will only end badly for you and feel it’s not worth getting the police involved. So, you are hoping they will hear you this way.

You know when you share this that a part of the population is going to side with the women who threw trash at you. You know that they will come up with every excuse to remove that huge part of the incident and make this about you standing up at a concert “blocking someone’s view.”

You know that a lot of the media will not even mention the trash being thrown at you with your 11 year old son being present.

You feel that the headline would be “XYZ Goes To A Concert And Gets Trash Thrown At Them,” if it were some of your other non-black peers in the industry.

You constantly see the media having a hard time contextualizing black women and men as victims every day, even when it means losing their own lives.

You do not care in that moment because you understand that many of your followers will understand and have been through this same type of thing many a times, and if it means them hearing you say it’s ok, you will rise again through out these moments, then it means something bigger to you.

You realize that you never called these women racists, but people will continuously put those words in your mouth.

What you did indeed say is, “This is why many black people are uncomfortable being in predominately white spaces,” and you still stand true to that.

You and your friends have been called the N word, been approached as prostitutes, and have had your hair touched in a predominately white bar just around the corner from the same venue.

The statement you made makes headlines funny enough just days after it comes to light that Air China warns their flyers not to go into Indian, Pakastani, or Black neighborhoods in order to stay safe, while Texas schools are fighting to have textbooks calling Mexicans “lazy” removed from classrooms, and while Native Americans are doing everything they can possibly to to protect their sacred land from an oil pipeline being built on graves of their descendants. You know that people of colors’ “spaces” are attacked every single day, but many will not be able to see it that way.

This also comes during a time when the Housing Authority of New Orleans has declared a federal mandate plan to assist with helping to protect black neighborhoods, stating that “previously black neighborhoods on higher ground are now majority white or moving in that direction.” And not too long after an announcement is made that a former Klu Klux Klan leader is running for Louisiana senator. You also know where you live.

You are also fully aware, now that you use your platform consistently to speak out on social, racial, and feminist issues, that people who have no awareness of your work outside of gossip sites and magazines, some of which who are most likely voting for Donald Trump, have been starting to engage and/or target you in public and social media in regards to race.

(And yes, having white people constantly call you the n word, or say you and your people are degenerates that need to leave America, or zoo like animals, surely does not help you feel more comfortable in predominately white spaces)

You’d like to use the classic “I have many white friends” or “Half of my wedding guest were white” line to prove that you do not dislike white people but dislike the way that many white people are constantly making you feel. To combat headlines like “Solange feels uncomfortable with white people” but know that there is no amount of explaining that you will do to get through to this type of person in the first place.

You have lived a part of your life in predominately white spaces since you were a kid, had your 3rd grade teacher tell you “what a nigger is” in front of your whole entire white class, and had your own parents come up to the school to try to explain why that was wrong, only to not ever get your point across again and again.

After you think it all over, you know that the biggest payback you could ever had (after, go figure, they then decided they wanted to stand up and dance to songs they liked) was dancing right in front of them with my hair swinging from left to right, my beautiful black son and husband, and our dear friend Rasheed jamming the hell out with the rhythm our ancestors blessed upon us saying….

We belong. We belong. We belong. 

We built this.

VMA: Rihanna left with Drake !


So Sunday was the vma’s. The performances were incredible!!! We had Ariana grande, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna,Beyonce and many others but let’s talk about the red carpet.

Beyoncé and Blue VMA 2016Let’s start with Queen bee and BluBlu being cute in her dress. She was a princess. It did look like Blue Ivy was not really happy to be there. There was a lot of people and a lot of screaming. Luckily, she didn’t pull a North West and cried. B kept her smile even though inside she was probably furious with her daughter. Bey loves perfection and good publicity  meaning perfect pictures and no one talking about her daughter being moody but BluBlu didn’t care.


Beyoncé VMA 2016While we knew Rihanna was the one to receive the Michael Jackson Vanguard award all we saw is Beyoncé SLAYING!  She had a ten minutes energy packed performance. Anyone who was thinking of going to see her on her Formation tour is now going. It was really great publicity even the commercial break was about her tour. When it comes to her costume, of course Queen was on point. The fur coat she had while singing “Don’t hurt yourself” should be on someone’s wishlist even if it’s something only Bey can rock. One thing for sure, she was unforgettable.


Kim and Kanye VMA 2016Men were looking fine. Nick jonas looked handsome. Futur looked smoking .Sean Combs’ look was a little bit silly in my eyes tough. Kanye west in all white with the word famous on the front of his t-shirt . He had to make an entrance with his favorite song Famous. Oh Lord. In his speech, he called out many people like Taylor Swift and Amber Rose. Looks like he doesn’t want those feuds to die. Beef makes money. Kanye’s wife, Kim kardashian west who looked beautiful, dare I say natural was there watching him and smiling.


2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Ariana Grande looked cute as always. She performed with Nicki Minaj who needed  a backtrack so she could rap and walk at the same time. Ariana, of course, was singing live. It was a bit hard to understand what she was singing especially when she was on that bicycle. But at least she sang, moved and gave us all the energy she had.

Rihanna and Drake VMARihanna had her edgy style on point. Love it or Hate it, she always looks georgous. Drake was the one to present her with the award and gave her the sweetest slightly ass-kissing speech ever. What got everyone talking was this non-kiss. Drizzy expected a sweet kiss on the lips but RiRi swerved ! He ended up kissing her on the neck.  It was cute. Every woman would like for their man to talk about them in that way. But are they together ? You can think of Riri not willing to kiss him as a friend-zone situation but it could also mean she’s not ready to make that relationship public. There’s also this other option…I screw you from time to time but you’re not my boyfriend !!! Ouch… They did leave  the VMAs together though. We don’t know what’s going on but we have our eyes open.

Nicki Minaj and Meek VMA 2016Finally Nicki Minaj had the best dress last night she looked amazing in this blue dress she really did change since her first VMA’S. Meek and her looked happy togheter all smily on the red carpet. If there was any indication of a break up well there’s none now. Meek is hanging on tight.

Rita ora VMA 2016.2Many artists were well dressed but some of them i’m not sure of …like *sigh* Rita Ora. She has a style of her own and that’s awseome but i did not like how she was dressed at all. Way too much was going on. It was just hard to understand why she’d pick that outfit. We’ve all seen her with beautiful dresses on. She’s more of a brand ambassador than a singer right now so it’s weird to see her show up looking like this. Maybe the fashion world is clapping but regular people are saying NO!



Alicia Keys VMAI wasn’t a fan of Alicia Keys style either she was beautiful but that dress looked kind of big for her. It kinda looks like a big curtain. A little  bit disappointed because I really like her. Whatever is going on with the music and the new look, she needs to think about it. Sadly her message is getting lost. Closing the door on make up might not be the right thing for her. She could’ve come out and said if I want to put make up then I’ll put make up. It’s not an obligation, it’s a choice. What happens if ten years later she wants to put some make up or her career is going to a different direction? People will say “aren’t you suppose to be natural ?”. Not sure if she thought this trough. Everybody wants to have a movement but you have to think about it and be careful. Does she even have a tour ?! Let’s just move on.


Britney spears vma 2016rihanna VMA 2016Overall the show was great, amazing performances. They all looked good. Britney Bitch was okay but couldn’t slay like Beyoncé. Yes we gotta repeat this, Beyoncé slayed her performance!!! Even though It was Riri’s night, Queen B and her stage looks are what we remember. Sucks to be outshined.


Authors: Victom & S.

Sources: MTV ; VMAs

Fifth Harmony DONE!!!!

Fifth harmony

For quite awhile there’s been a rumor about Fifth Harmony breaking up.  Camila seemed to have wanted a solo career. She’s had a single with Shawn Mendes and right now she gets more solos in 5H songs. When there’s smoke there’s fire. 5H fans tried to figure what was the cause of the near break-up. They are blaming Normani. This girl has been going through it. It’s not hurting just her but her family too especially her mama. Friday, she decided to put out statement.

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It was a set up ?!!!

Kim and kanye 3Some reports say that the Taylor/Kardashian-West feud was planned. Kanye has been dropping music and talking about the Taylor feud in his concerts or interviews. This bad turned good publicity has helped promote Kanye’s album. So of course, no surprise ! The  Wests are marketing geniuses, they are milking the situation for all it’s worth. In order to figure out who set this up we have to know who has the most to gain ? It would be the Wests. Taylor ain’t looking too good right now.  But the filmed phone call  does make it seem like they’ve created a story that they thought would be beneficial for both parties. They were probably going to keep quiet while everyone goes off.  Then at the Grammys Taylor would say she knew about the whole thing. The media in shock would start talking about it maybe for a good week. The West might’ve filmed this conversation because they knew Taylor could turn on them. In case this would happen, they were prepared.

Taylor mouth openFrom Taylor’s perspective, if she looks good then she’ll go along with the plan. This is not what happened. People didn’t like the song, they even called it misogynistic so there’s no way she could stand behind it and look good. She had ” no choice” but to act appalled by the song since her image has always been this good-hearted sadly victimized little girl. Some people feel like Taylor shouldn’t have been recorded without her knowledge but doesn’t it say a lot when people have to record you because your word means nothing ? They knew she was a

West-Kardashian Wolves songAs far as for the songs, the videos and the times they were made public of course it was all set up. Even the lyrics were made to make us talk. We  have Famous that tainted  sweet-little-perfect Taylor Swift’s image and now  Wolves available on Kanye West’s VEVO has some attention grabbing lyrics.

“I know it’s corny bitches you wish you could unfollow, I know it’s corny niggas you wish you could unswallow” He is saying that while being behind his wife. Yes, she is in the video and shedding tears.

Kim Kardashian has been called many names and one of them is whore. She has dated multiple men. She has failed marriages under her belt, one that lasted 72 days and the famous sex-taped that lauched her whole empire is still talked about.

So was it a set up ? Well they did have to improvise along the road and squirm a little so it wasn’t completely planned. Many celebrities try to not use spontaneity too much. They talk to their PR, lawyers, managers before making a move. During this feud, both parties did just that in order to protect their image. Kanye doesn’t look like the full-blown attacker thanks to Kim K’s snapchat and Taylor is no longer the cookie-perfect girl but her image is not too hurt since she diverged the story and made it all about her privacy and a lot of people are buying into that. Sigh.

They both still rich in the end so everybody’s good. Calvin Harris might want to send Taylor a thank you card. Since the feud,  This is what you came for is making him way more money…Oh and he might just get to make music with Kanye and Katy Perry. Probably exchanged numbers with Kim K at Jlo’s birthday party. Who Knows ?


Swiftly lying

 Don’t F*ck with my man beesh !!

Kim and Kanye

This is beautiful. Taylor Swift the queen of the victim-ish look just got caught in a lie. She stated that she didn’t know anything about Kanye’s rap verse: “For all my southside niggas that know me best, I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous”. In the video below which was released by Kim Kardashian we hear Kanye’s conversation with Taylor. The appreciative blond thanks Kanye for the heads up and she even says that she will tell the world that she knew about this and she’s fine with it. So what was the point of her speech at the Grammys ?

Taylor liesThis girl knew what she was doing when she said: ” They are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success, take credit for your accomplishments or your fame but if you focus on the work and you don’t let these people sidetrack  you,someday when you get where you’re going you’ll look around and you will know it was you…”

Beesh Please

Tori Kelly shade face

Sweet little Taylor ain’t sweet in our eyes anymore. She did LIE. Now, it’s possible that after thinking about it she no longer agreed with Kanye spitting that verse or she didn’t like this one line: I made that bitch famous maybe she didn’t like the video much. In the end, she could’ve said that to the public: I agreed to it or I knew about parts of the song but once I saw the video and heard the whole song It horrified me. We would’ve all understood after all she is the american sweetheart. Now we see what all of her exes were talking about and we’re looking at her like beesh youse a lie.

Kanye and Taylor

Well Swift and the Wests might no longer be friends but we will wait for their reunion. Honestly, seeing them at grammy awards together when they are ennemies will be good for ratings and magazines sales.


Kim K nude crisis 2

Naked Kim


Everyone seems to be upset at Kim’s latest stunt.She released a naked picture of herself and by doing so set everything on fire. Everyone is talking about this as if this is something new. If you are on the Soirée On Rosay Facebook than you’ve seen some of Kim’s naked covers already. She has been doing this for quite a while even though we met her through a sex tape people are surprised by seeing her boobs and her vagina. Bette Midler has the same opinion as many…

KimK nude rant tweets 4


Someone that most people don’t know came nicely at Kim by tweeting

KimK nude rant tweets 6

our bodies…

but still Kim K felt the need to clap back

KimK nude rant tweets 7

Now Piers Morgan couldn’t shut his mouth, he had to shade Kim too

KimK nude rant tweets 5


Kim K nude crisis #Liberated did not impress many people maybe because it suggests that to be free you have to show your body. Not long ago, Demi Lovato also claimed to be free and confident. Demi was  comfortable in her skin and to demonstrate it she did a cover where she was naked. Granted, it was not photoshopped but still she was naked. Linking confidence and freedom to nakedness might be dangerous especially if we feel like women are oversexualized.

Proud Kim K made a point to let everybody know while we are offended she is laughing all the way to the bank. She is hearing that Katching honey! $$$

KimK nude rant tweets 3

Kim is probably mad that everybody is into her finances like that but she has Kanye to blame for it and herself cause she is giving us information. Who knew Kanye and her had a joint account ?  Now, the question is how much money does he put in it ?