Beyoncé blackmails for award ?

kanye-rants-again-about-b-and-jif you don’t know, you’re about to know now.  Kanye just ranted about his relationship with Jay-Z and Beyoncé AGAIN. Seems like queen B pulls strings to win awards which is not surprising. Apparently Drake and Kanye were suppose to win a certain award and Beyoncé told the network she wouldn’t perform if she didn’t win the award that was suppose to go to the two rappers…

britney-spears-speech-mtv-2011Have you forgotten Britney’speech when she was getting honored with the Michael Jackson Avanguard Award ? Britney Bitch could only talk about Beyoncé’s accomplishments…Somebody must’ve told her to talk about Queen B the entire time cause she barely spent a second talking about herself when she is the princess of pop. Everything she was praising Beyoncé for she did it too. Britney Spears has been in movies, she sings or should we say lipsincs but once upon a time she used to sing. Either way she’s a performer! Yet when it’s time to receive a prestigious award she can only talk about how great her competition is.


beyonce-grammy-2015Exhibit B. Pun intended. When is the last time you’ve seen Beyoncé perform somewhere and not win an award ? She did not perform at the Grammy’s  even though she was there. At the Bet Awards she did perform because guess what? They’ll do whatever to please her, unlike the Grammy’s who ain’t willing to give her whatever  award she wants. There’s a lot of politics aka shady shit in the music industry. Rappers get ghost writers, singers steal dance moves and now “blackmail” for awards ?

kanye-interrups-taylorIt might be a strong word because the networks do get more ratings when an artist like Beyoncé show up to perform, it’s logical that the artist should be compensated. But still when you think of awards you think this is the person’s peers saying: ” from the bottom of our hearts, we think you deserve this . We are praising you for your talent.” It’s not something that should be forced. Talent should recognize talent. Yes, B deserves all of her awards but other people should get the shine too. Maybe B didn’t win because of racist people even though it seems like there certain cetegories where black people don’t tend to be nominated in…but let’s just say they wanted to award people that i’ve been in the business but get no recognititon. It’s okay for other people to win which might be the reason why B lost to Taylor Swift a couple of years ago. Ain’t it  funny though that the Grammys does not surrender to the Queen B but it’s exactly what  Kanye was criticizing a while back. He did jump on stage and grabbed someone’s mic so he can tell the world how great Beyoncé was. So what now ? If Bey wins then she cheated and if she doesn’t then shit is rigged…hmmm. Honestly, it has always been rigged.

carters-and-westsSafe to say the Carters and the Wests are no longer friends that’s if they truly were. Kanye seems to be an intensed guy but still genuine and he probably really cared about Jay and Bey. There’s no way Yeezy would’ve intentionnaly hurt and betrayed his best friends so for him to put their dirty laundry on front streets, things are certainly not good between them. The Carters might not respect the Kardashian hustle or maybe they’re just not comfortable with their image being associated with Kim K. This might be the reason why they like Mrs West to be far away. Let’s just be honest, Jay Z and Beyoncé don’t do nothing for nothing. They were close to Kanye because he’s hot in music and it’s gonna make them tons of money.

kanye-and-jay-performingAs rap brothers, Kanye and Jay z made good cash together. It was a profitable relationship. As of now it no longer is. Kanye might just severe his ties with Tidal and talk shit about it. He cannot expect a phone call from the Carters anymore  especially when every of their private conversations are being talked about in concerts. Weirdly, Kim might be the best thing that happened to Kanye. He now realizes his “brother and sister” are not real family not even real friends.But to be fair, we don’t know what really happened because only Kanye is speaking. We are missing one side of the story here. Bey and Jay are gonna stay mute. They’re so big, they don’t make interviews anymore and they don’t rant during their concerts. This is something Kanye should be careful with. People don’t pay him to see him talk, they want him to rap. Why is he talking about the presidential election and saying he loves trump ?  For what?! So he can chill in the white house with him. Kim and Kris are probably  already calling the paparazzi, everybody gotta know they shook hands with The Donald. Maybe he can’t wait for Trump to make good decisions for the rich since he is part of the 1%. Either way, he needs to give his fans what they want. A concert consituted by a rant and three songs ain’t good  enough.


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