Kim K nude crisis 2

Naked Kim


Everyone seems to be upset at Kim’s latest stunt.She released a naked picture of herself and by doing so set everything on fire. Everyone is talking about this as if this is something new. If you are on the Soirée On Rosay Facebook than you’ve seen some of Kim’s naked covers already. She has been doing this for quite a while even though we met her through a sex tape people are surprised by seeing her boobs and her vagina. Bette Midler has the same opinion as many…

KimK nude rant tweets 4


Someone that most people don’t know came nicely at Kim by tweeting

KimK nude rant tweets 6

our bodies…

but still Kim K felt the need to clap back

KimK nude rant tweets 7

Now Piers Morgan couldn’t shut his mouth, he had to shade Kim too

KimK nude rant tweets 5


Kim K nude crisis #Liberated did not impress many people maybe because it suggests that to be free you have to show your body. Not long ago, Demi Lovato also claimed to be free and confident. Demi was  comfortable in her skin and to demonstrate it she did a cover where she was naked. Granted, it was not photoshopped but still she was naked. Linking confidence and freedom to nakedness might be dangerous especially if we feel like women are oversexualized.

Proud Kim K made a point to let everybody know while we are offended she is laughing all the way to the bank. She is hearing that Katching honey! $$$

KimK nude rant tweets 3

Kim is probably mad that everybody is into her finances like that but she has Kanye to blame for it and herself cause she is giving us information. Who knew Kanye and her had a joint account ?  Now, the question is how much money does he put in it ?

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