The bold and the beautiful: 3/7/16 Rick on the HUNT! review

If you watched today’s episode you either were laughing or raising your eyebrows. Rick is still mad at Ridge. After all, this is the story of his life. He tried to call his big brother out by saying ”you planned this, you played me and you’re probably doing sneaky things to other people.” Ridge was dismissive, he couldn’t careless. This scene is pretty similar to Thomas and Wyatt’s. Rick is trying to pee on his territory, showing that it is his and just like Wyatt he was ignored. While, they are having this ”profound” conversation, Thomas is at the house with Caroline asking permission to eat food… It’s bizarre to say the least, Thomas is living in the guest house. For many years, people who have lived in the guest house would go to the main house to get a bottle of champagne or just eat. When Rick was living in the guest house with Caroline, he would pass through the main house to get to his place. This is how Ivy got the opportunity to confront him about the mistress he was keeping in a luxuriuous appartement Anyways, Thomas asked for permission and he got it from LadY Caroline. He was about to leave when she started to have contractions. For a minute we thought, Thomas would help bring his baby into this world. Caroline wouldn’t let that happen because her first call was not to her midwife but Ridge! He came running, leaving Rick in charge. Thomas was so happy that he would get to witness the whole thing but Ridge said” it’s a private moment” meaning you stay downstairs while I Watch Caroline give birth to YOUR child..

Meanwhile, Ricky boy is sitting comfortably on the C.E.O seat. When Eric came in, he couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk badly about Ridge. He had to stand up and do some whinning. This boy had the nerve to call Ridge controlling and manipulative. You would think Rick fell on his head just like Liam because he is forgetting how HE got to be C.E.O. He planned the whole thing, he even got himself a lawyer. Rick used his tears to get Eric to sign papers that would ensure he’d stay C.E.O for a year. Eric fell for the ”daddy support me” speech like he always does. Honestly, this is how Rick got most of the things he got in life. After manipulative Rick got what he wanted he became high on power. How many times did he belittle people or threaten to fire them ? Even Carter had to tell him” If you’re thinking of firing me,according to my contract, you can’t, that says a lot about the work environnement. It was awful.

We can see in Rick’s eyes the Hunger for Power, he wants to be boss again.He is going to be looking for a way to kick Ridge out luckily there is a secret ready to be discovered. Tic-Toc. It’s about to blow up.


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