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If you love  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills you know Yolanda Foster now Hadid sent an email to Kyle. We got snippets of it through the ladies but if you want to read the whole thing you can go to Yolanda’s blog or look down below.

Dear Kyle, September 2015
After marinating on what went down yesterday i wanted to bring a couple of things to your attention;
i am coming out of a 3 year ordeal of living in a mentally paralized cocoon, due to a infection in my brain called NEUROBORRELIOSIS something you might want to research in case you would like to have a better understanding of Lyme disease, the biggest global epedemic in today’s world.
I arrived with a great attitude yesterday and proud of myself for making it out of bed and joining you girls. For you to go down so hard on me in order to create drama or what you think is good TV is beyond my understanding and it left me quite confused. Living in a very isolated world i am not used to being attacked in such an unkind way. its taken me some time to digest it.
As far as i knew Lisa Rinna and our incident was clearly resolved at Erica’s house.
C.C is the producer of our show and as far as i know he is doing an excellent job. I do believe that the show is a collaboration of all of us but trying to co-produce with such a desperate measures felt extremely unauthentic to say the least.
I am just trying to catch up and participate. I don’t need your pity but i do ask you kindly to respect my situation. Your lack of compassion and understanding is not a pretty look.
I also would like to clarify with you that my deal with Bravo and Evolution was based on “the best of my ability” whether that is filming 3 or 30 times this season so i would appreciate it if you lower your expectations of how much i should participate in filming.
Sitting at home, staring at the ceiling waiting for my brain to heal is not a choice for me but unfortunately the cards life has dealt me.
i am already feeling unaccomplished as it is, so please don’t make me feel like i am not holding up my part of the bargain here. If I was out living life with my family and friends, sitting front row at fashion week with my girls and not show up to work i would understand your frustration with me but unfortunately that is not the case.
So Please trust me when i say; I am doing the best that i can! Like you I want to make the best show possible but I can’t do more then i do for reasons you will probably never understand.
We have 2 strong beautiful new housewives (Erica & Kathrine) that given a chance could help make a great season.

Lets have coffee next week and talk about this further in person.

Yolanda Foster loves writing letters. Here’s the one she wrote to Bella after her DUI.

Bella hadid”Bella, I just got your car back from the pond and I was looking for your purse as I stumbled on the most disastrous car I have ever seen in my entire life….. Now I am really in tears and really scared. Who are you? What were you thinking? You have literally turned into a spoiled, unthankful, unthoughtful, careless human being that is lucky to be alive.

What an eye-opening experience to find beer cans, pink kittie bottles with vodka, bottles with Aderall, Vyvanse, rolling papers, and a car full of dirty clothes, dirty underwear with blood stains, tampax. I have honestly never seen anything like it.

Was your life that terrible at home? I am at loss for words. You need to do some serious soul surging Bella to see how you got where you are and then get on your knees and thank god for still being alive!!!

How can someone as kind, beautiful and smart as you end up in this kind of a mess? I have really failed as a mother and that is just the honest truth. How did I trust you were ok? Am I that stupid and naive? Or are you that good of a liar? WHY Bella? What have I done to deserve this? I am so freaked out. How are you going to survive?

Why am I even working my ass off to get you in a beautiful apartment if you can not even keep your car clean? Is that how you are going to trash your home? If your car looks like the way you feel about yourself you really need professional help. I thought that together we were going to be able to work through this but now I am not sure anymore if I have the tools to help you unless you are really understanding what this has come too. I need answers and explanations answers and explanations Bella.

Start writing and tell me what is going on inside of you because I need to understand. Where are you at and what are you going to do to change? Do you even want to move to NY? Maybe you should live in the dorm for the next year and see how real people live in order to appreciate the extraordinary life you have lived. I love you so much but if you could feel the pain I feel right now you would fall to the floor.

I just don’t understand how little respect for life you have and how little you understand about how delicate it is. I know you know right from wrong, I know you know how to live a clean and conscious life because you saw me live it. I am not asking you to be perfect but I am asking you to respect the life I have given you. There is nobody and nothing more important for me to see you thrive and be happy.

You have so much to give Bella, you are such a bright light. Everybody I meet that has only met you for a minute remembers you and compliments on what a extraordinary person you are. I literally can not live without you Bella, I am so attached to you in ways that you will never understand until the day you have your own Bella. I beg you to please change your life. If you love me, Gigi and Anwar you should think about how you conduct yourself. Do you want Anwar to take the same chances you have taken? Would you want your little brother to drive around with a car like you left behind? Are you an example of the life you want him to live? I cleaned your car and destroyed all the evidence of a chaos you created that I am ashamed off and truly hope to never see again. Life in my home has changed forever. Poor Anwar his life is going to be miserable.”

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