Kimye NO More ?!

Kanye madMultiple articles have been written and they are saying Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting a divorce !  Apparently, it is not true Kimye are still going ”strong”.But honestly, you know what they say ? When there’s smoke, there’s fire. Kanye has been ranting on social media like crazy.  Maybe it was a publicity stunt or maybe he has a mental illness.  He does not make sense half of the time and it might be because he is a genius but still…

It has to be hard for Kim to live with what some people call a ”Mad Man”. Kanye has opinions and he never thinks before he expresses them. It also feels like Kim K can’t do nothing but watch the Madness. What happens if she disagrees with her hubby ? Can you imagine how an argument with Kanye would go ? Kicks and Screams.

Who wants their financial issues being discussed ? Nobody. Kanye announced on Twitter they were 53 dollars in debt ! Clearly, Kanye is not taking his wife’s feelings into account. Actually, he is not thinking about the Kardashian family at all. How are they suppose to
respond to his antics ? It would not be a suprise if Kris Jenner starts whispering some things to kim like: Divorce him NOW! Think about our brand.
Luckily for Kanye, Kim K desperately wants her marriage to work because let’s be honest, if she gets a divorce… we will all laugh!She is probably scarred from her last mariage of 72 days. Plus, she has two kids to think about and one of them is only 3 months old.

Are you rooting for Kimye or hoping they call it quits before it becomes UGLY ?tumblr_n934s3ty3x1rnfb9bo1_500

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