Brangelina NASTY Divorce

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Oh Jennifer Aniston is sitting with a hot cup of tea, sipping it slow with a chuckle. On the background Beyonce saying: Ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks. What is going on ? While Jennifer Aniston is happily married her ex-cheating ass husband got blindsided the worst way.

brangelina-divorceAngelina Jolie slammed Brad Pitt with divorce papers. Everybody is trying to figure out why it’s happening NOW. TMZ has reported that it’s all about the kids. Jolie doesn’t like the way her husband disciplines them. Does he hit them ?! Some say no he just yells at them. Weird, every parent has yelled at their kids. It’s  not uncommon  AND there’s six Jolie-Pitt kids in that household ! Is it so hard to imagine that one would raise their voice?!!!  So is that really the reason for their divorce ? There’s been cheating allegations though…He was rumored to have a little something with Marion Cotillard but apparently there’s no truth to this. Hmmm…

angelina-scorned-and-jealousAnyone who thinks this divorce is surprising need to have his memory refreshed. In an interview Brad admitted he needed to be a better man for his wife. For a longtime there were articles saying Angie was very jealous and would have a tantrum every time Brad would work with young beautiful co-stars. Perhaps Brad failed to make his woman secure. It’s very understandble why she’d feel threatened since we know how Brangelina started…


brad-pittThen there was Angelina  health’s scare. She was very afraid she’d have breast cancer due to the fact her mother and grand-mother died of ovarian cancer. She was so afraid that she decided to get a preventive masectomy. Maybe Brad felt as if she was being obsessed ? Even if she had a higher risk of having this cancer it didn’t mean she would have it. Why not deal with it if it happens, why panick when you’re healthy ? It probably was a trying time for them. Over the years, Angelina’s body has been under scrutiny. She appeared to be “unhealthy skinny”. Was she under too much stress ? Was she too worried about cancer ? Or was it because she wanted to preserve her Hollywood Body ?

angelina-knifeAngelina chose the right time to stuck the knife into Brad Pitt’s gut. Mr. Pitt got movies to promote which means he will try to be PR perfect when it’s time to issue a statement. If he wanted to trash Angie, he can’t do it now. Maybe he could…Bad publicity is still publicity. But he wants people to go watch the movies and his divorce might be a factor when it comes to the movies making money or not. People still view Jennifer Aniston as the poor victim and Angie the world’s savior and now she’s trying to put out this image of a woman who only wants to protect her children. Apparently, she does not want any attention at all. She asks the public to give her privacy which is quite funny. Angie filed the divorce papers AFTER the Emmy’s. If she truly wanted the news of her divorce to come and go she would’ve done it BEFORE the Emmy’s.  The media would’ve talked about Brangelina for a couple days til it’s time to cover the award show. Filing after the Emmy’s is asking for attention since the media is now looking for the next big news. Jolie’s camp was very calculated if in fact they waited for that particular time to file.

angelina-woman-scornedCould have her team planted the idea that Brad Pitt was drinking too much and his parenting style needed to be questionned ? Angelina Jolie is asking for sole custody here, the claws are out. Is she protecting her kids or just being a woman scorned ?

brangelina-fightPitt is gonna want to put this behind him quickly because as explained he has projects to think about. Jolie is counting on that. She wants to keep the jewelries, the gifts, her money and the kids! Jeez she wants EVERYTHING. Hard to believe Pitt would give up on his children especially the ones he fathered.This is about to get ugly real fast.

brangelina-movieSomething else to sip on : Anyone remembers the movie Brangelina made together?  Don’t you guys think this could be a depiction of what their relationship was like? Passionate, mind consumming just dysfunctionnal .Food for thought. It wouldn’t be fair to end this Brangelina Divorce article without letting Jennifer Aniston’s spirit speak. Wink.

jennifer-aniston-gifMrs Jennifer Aniston Theroux says:

Karma is a bitch and she came through !

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