Bold and Beautiful: Carter’s Bad Judgement Call


What the hell was Carter thinking ? Ending is career because Ridge said so…He knows that what he’s doing is illegal and unethical.  Hiding, changing this power of attorney in favor of Ridge could blow up in his face. Quinn has the power of attorney and that is it. There’s no reason to falsify documents and possibly go to prison for fraud, just to please some people who could give a shit about you AND your career. He’s litteraly letting himself get manipulated by his Boss’ son. Let’s be real his boss is the current C.E.O  not the C.E.O’s son. Risking it all just for an ambitious man and a controlling woman can only mean he’ll be left out in the cold. He is the one who could lose it all ! His job, his license, his whole career.Quinn is good at the manipulating games but baby Ridge is good TOO!!!! He is raising his voice and appealing to Carter’s emotions.  Ridge is selling this horrible idea by saying: “You owe it to my dad, he’s always been there for you.” Hmmm what is he talking about ? What did Eric do for Carter except for giving him a job ? It could’nt have been something that big since Carter has never been a main character with a good storyline. Which means Eric could’ve never done anything that would make him feel like he should sacrifice his career for this family.

carters-mouth-openOne thing Carter has not thought about is he is NOT a Forrester. He does not have the ressources this family has. He does not have the money, the reputation or the name. Wide open his mouth will be when they  leave him in this smelling poop. Ridge and Steffy will  save their own booties before his.  They will not show him any kind of loyalty. Ridge might remember that he was his good friend and throw him a couple of thousands but he won’t do that forever. Eric made a decision it might’ve been a bad one but they have to rectify it legally.  if everything goes to hell  it’s not his fault but Eric’s. Carter is there to do what he is told that’s it. There’s no reason for him to get involve in that mess. Why did he decide to open the enveloppe when on the post-it it was written RIDGE FORRESTER? He could’ve simply given it to Ridge without reading the content of the enveloppe and this wouldn’t have been his problem. It’s not like Ridge shares his secrets with people…

carter-frownsBut there’s a loophole. Eric never gave those documents to Carter. There’s no way to know if Eric was the one who filled in those forms. Plus, he never expressed the desire of putting Quinn as his POA. As a matter of fact, the whole reason it was important to name a POA was to protect the company and other properties from Quinn.

If Carter is to exit the show it is a good way to do it. He loses his job, his license  sheds a tear and then bye bye…


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