Bold and Beautiful: Steffy blackmails Wyatt


Oh this  boy doesn’t know it yet  but finding out this little piece of information will help him keep his “loving wife” longer.  Wyatt overheard Ridge and Steffy’s conversation with Carter. He quickly understood that his mother had the power of attorney but the Forresters were trying to keep it a secret. Furioused he confronted Steffy and for once he was not backing down. This time Steffy find herself in the begging position. But miss Steffy knows she still has a little bit of power. Wyatt is desperate to keep her !!! That’s why she keeps on saying your loyalty is to your wife. This is what’s best for our relationship. It keeps me here.

steffy-manipulates-wyatt-2Here’s what’s going to happen. Steffy will get what she wants. She’ll say to her husband you tell your mother about the POA and we are done. Relieved, Steffy will stay with her second choice only to realize the love of her life is moving on !!! She’ll  want Liam back more than ever. This time she truly won’t be able to leave Wyatt without real consequences. No Money. No Power. If Eric plays sleeping beauty for months then this is a longtime to be at Quinn’s mercy. And we know old Quinn wants to come out to play. As much as Steffy is in control,emotionnaly blackmailing her husband means he can turn around and do the same. She’s blackmailing HERSELF.

ivy-wants-liam-backSteffy is making it seem like her only issue is Quinn’s presence. If it wasn’t for Quinn she’d be happily married. This is soooo laughable cause this is a lie.  She is in love with Liam that’s it. Clearly this is a double edge sword. This arrangement will keep Steffy trapped in this marriage she “secretly” wants out of.  She will be forced to watch Liam be aggressively pursued by Ivy. The Aussie girl is making moves after moves so she can erase Steffy and take her place. This will sting. Because Liam cannot resist a woman for long. Control she has but once Wyatt gets fed up of being the begging one, while his wife gets teary-eyed over his brother oh boy, control he has. There’s a thing or two he won’t tolerate. He might say my mother gets to see Eric as much as she wants or Ridge better talk  to my mommy the right way cause if not…

Oh this whole family is gonna sweat buckets and we want to watch.



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