Bold and Beautiful: Old Quinn is Back

Before there was a Quinn Forrester, there was a Quinn Fuller. People tend to forgive or forget her past. As of now she warms you up with her devotion for Eric. Those water works definetely make us feel bad for her. Especially when we got the Forresters treating her like trash when they KNOW she’s the powerful one. Let’s not get blinded by Quinn’s newfound heart though. She’s in love with Eric, she takes care of him and she wants the best for him. Fine. But has she truly changed ?

Ain’t this the most important question ?! Has she changed ? She’s doing a good job of showing that she did. But if Eric dies or it doesn’t work out with her and Eric, would it be unbelievable if she went back to her old ways ? This woman has had over 30 years of bad behavior. Wyatt has even said: “you owe me my childhood”. Which is a very strong statement coming from an only child who loves his mother. She has done so much on screen already , can you imagine what she has done off-screen? Most of her adult life, Quinn has stolen, killed or attempted to kill someone to get what she wants.

All of sudden comes Deacon Sharpe, she calms down. No one really bought it but she seemed to not want to cause trouble. Without warning it’s over between her and Deacon.  Then came this opportunity  to kidnapp Liam and possibly take him out without anyone knowing. Surprisingly, Liam turned into Adam brought a different side to Quinn. We had a piece of her childhood. She never had the chance to grow up in a loving home. Both parents wanted to get rid of her. A prostitute as a mother and an asshole as a father, she never understood love. This Adam she created loved her , she became better but she did have to kill her ex-husband to leave no proof behind. This act made sure we could only see her as a delusionnal individual. She looked at Liam…Adam with so much love. She took care of him but she was stripping him of his identity. Not once did she think of letting him go. Not once did she think of the man she has loved and killed, her ex-husband. She killed him and not ONE thought about him. Shocked she was when he opened the door to the closet she was trapped in. Did she bother to apologize ? Yeah but she didn’t mean a single word. It was more like ”Don’t take it  to heart , you are alive so no issue”kind of apology. Effortless to kill. Effortless to lie.  She chased Liam, begged him to be with her and once she realized there was no chance of that happening she put all of her attention back to her son.

Six months later came Eric. No one saw that one coming. How did that whole love affair started ? Hard to know since it all happened off-screen. Some believe from A to Z it was genuine but no one should take Quinn or Eric’s word for it. One is easily manipulated, the other lies so much she starts to believe her own lies are the truth. Should the Forresters be worried about the patriach of their family ? Absolutely. They are all connected to Eric. If he makes a bad business decision, the whole family suffers. We are talking millions of dollars, a family business and multiple properties here. As much as we want to believe marriage is all about love it is also a contract. So much is at stake.Quinn is not a regular woman, there’s no way to know what she’ll do next. You might have not noticed it but she has been C.E.O of Forrester Creations. She’s the one who put Eric on that C.E.O seat. Honestly, Eric didn’t know if he wanted the position til Quinn planted that idea. For the longest time, he wanted to rest, travel and see the world with his brother. He is back at FC and there’s nothing wrong with that. The issue is Quinn was there to give him a little push. Then this woman got herself a job. How Eric being C.E.O could benefit Quinn ? Right after he gets his position back, his first decision is to revive a whole departement ( jewlery) and hire Quinn to run it… A woman everybody hates…A woman that brings conflict…Having a new woman to have sex with and share the joy of life with does not mean you bring her to your place of business. Then Ivy Forrester comes back and instead of going to see the C.E.O for a job, she went to see the girlfriend…Which means Ivy understood Uncle Eric would be heavily influenced by his new poom-poom.

Not convinced yet ? Name one thing Eric did that had NOTHING to do with Quinn. Just one decision that he has made. This woman can divide the Forresters.. Right now it’s Eric and Quinn against the world but at some point the kids will start disagreeing with one another. This is when she picks sides and pits a child or grandchild against a family member. There’s so many ways Quinn could use this whole thing in her advantage. Eric has never been  a strong man many have called him weak and pathetic. He married Sheila Carter, Brooke Logan, Stephanie Forrester and many more. What do these woman have in common ? They wanted something, they came after it ferociously and they took it without apologies. They are all strong women and Eric has been played by all of them. Quinn might just do the same because it is just that easy.

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