B&B:11/4/16 Baby machine takes a break!


Who’s the loser in this baby machine miracle part 2 ? Sasha of course. How you’re gonna be on a plane with a dude whose on the phone with your sister and saying” I love you. I never met anyone like you”?! He’s saying all of this while you are present. She cannot ever say she didn’t know she was number 2. What’s crazy is that she got burned by him once and here she is again trying to wake up what’s in his pants so he can fall in love with her. Two weeks ago she was in need of Thomas’ icecream litteraly and figuratively. I wished she fought for “gorgeously” handsome Thomas instead of fighting for shorty who can only weep for Raya’s baby machine.

Nicole and Maya excited for baby 2.pngI think you have all realized I barely say Nicole’s name when I make a video. I usually refer to her as the baby machine because that’s all she is. I’ve been upset with the fact that her selfish sister had the audacity to ask to rent her womb AGAIN. Mind you Lizzie is not even a one year old ! Not long ago Rick was crying about his daddy possibly dying and now he is requesting a baby from his child looking sister-in-law. I still call Maya and Rick selfish because Nicole should’ve never had to carry Lizzie. Asking for another “miracle “so soon shows how they do not think of this young girl who only wants her sister’s happiness.They can keep on saying no pressure but it’s still is because Nicole values the bond she has with Maya. It seems she’s ready to do anything for an older sister who has yet made any sacrifice for her…

nicole-says-no-to-baby-2Luckily Nicole found the light and said no to Maya but it might just be too late. I’m very upset with the fact that Zende had to tell her a sob story for her to understand she was making a mistake. On what planet do you tell your partner you’re having his uncle’s baby and he gets no say in this…Y’all are just gonna make it through…?! What was the most disturbing thing is Nicole’s reasons for wanting to be a surrogate again. It seems like she wants to please Maya and she wants to give a sibbling to Lizzie. It only feels right if it comes through her body. What’s going on with that little girl’s mind? She needs a therapist. No one wants to go through child birth for free. Seriously, Nicole ain’t getting a car or a foot massage for all of this trouble. Rick probably wished Aly the maid/niece was still alive to serve the Avant sisters. Sorry but Raya can act as sweet as they want but they still do not get a pass in my book.

zende-and-sasha-in-hawaiNow on to drunk  Zende thinking it’s okay to fly with his girlfriend’s sister to Hawai. This boy is just unbelievable. But I have to say I didn’t know he had money like that. He seemed to me like a Forrester on paper but when it comes to the bank account it’s pretty empty. Looks like our boy got it like that. Even though I think hanging out alone with your ex-booty call is wrong ,I did understand why  he decided to fly away with this thirsty chick. Nicole did dismiss his feelings and Sasha is a warm body ready to be used. If the woman he loved  so much couldn’t careless about his feelings why should he care about hers? I guess I feel like he should’ve taken the time to properly break-up with her before leaving with Sasha.

zende-gives-nicole-ultimatumI did appreciate him being a man about the situation and telling Nicole if she was going through this again then they are done. I would’ve enjoyed Nicole’s response which was “gotta go ”  had I felt she was right. As said previously, it seems like she feels responsible to carry children for Maya. It might be heartless but Zende should break up with Nicole even though she’s decided to not be a surrogate. Let’s be honest 3 years later they could have the same issue. I also believe Nicole shouldn’t want to be with Zende anymore. There’s no way she should stay with a man who thinks it’s okay to use her sister as her replacement.

What do you guys think ?



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