It was a set up ?!!!

Kim and kanye 3Some reports say that the Taylor/Kardashian-West feud was planned. Kanye has been dropping music and talking about the Taylor feud in his concerts or interviews. This bad turned good publicity has helped promote Kanye’s album. So of course, no surprise ! The  Wests are marketing geniuses, they are milking the situation for all it’s worth. In order to figure out who set this up we have to know who has the most to gain ? It would be the Wests. Taylor ain’t looking too good right now.  But the filmed phone call  does make it seem like they’ve created a story that they thought would be beneficial for both parties. They were probably going to keep quiet while everyone goes off.  Then at the Grammys Taylor would say she knew about the whole thing. The media in shock would start talking about it maybe for a good week. The West might’ve filmed this conversation because they knew Taylor could turn on them. In case this would happen, they were prepared.

Taylor mouth openFrom Taylor’s perspective, if she looks good then she’ll go along with the plan. This is not what happened. People didn’t like the song, they even called it misogynistic so there’s no way she could stand behind it and look good. She had ” no choice” but to act appalled by the song since her image has always been this good-hearted sadly victimized little girl. Some people feel like Taylor shouldn’t have been recorded without her knowledge but doesn’t it say a lot when people have to record you because your word means nothing ? They knew she was a

West-Kardashian Wolves songAs far as for the songs, the videos and the times they were made public of course it was all set up. Even the lyrics were made to make us talk. We  have Famous that tainted  sweet-little-perfect Taylor Swift’s image and now  Wolves available on Kanye West’s VEVO has some attention grabbing lyrics.

“I know it’s corny bitches you wish you could unfollow, I know it’s corny niggas you wish you could unswallow” He is saying that while being behind his wife. Yes, she is in the video and shedding tears.

Kim Kardashian has been called many names and one of them is whore. She has dated multiple men. She has failed marriages under her belt, one that lasted 72 days and the famous sex-taped that lauched her whole empire is still talked about.

So was it a set up ? Well they did have to improvise along the road and squirm a little so it wasn’t completely planned. Many celebrities try to not use spontaneity too much. They talk to their PR, lawyers, managers before making a move. During this feud, both parties did just that in order to protect their image. Kanye doesn’t look like the full-blown attacker thanks to Kim K’s snapchat and Taylor is no longer the cookie-perfect girl but her image is not too hurt since she diverged the story and made it all about her privacy and a lot of people are buying into that. Sigh.

They both still rich in the end so everybody’s good. Calvin Harris might want to send Taylor a thank you card. Since the feud,  This is what you came for is making him way more money…Oh and he might just get to make music with Kanye and Katy Perry. Probably exchanged numbers with Kim K at Jlo’s birthday party. Who Knows ?


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