Ivy is BACK!!!

ashleigh 4Oh Miss Ivy Forrester will be back ! This #WhereIsIvy put some  pressure on B&B’s shoulders that’s for sure. Even though Ivy’s fans got what they wanted. It’s very important that the people understand social media is their power. If you want something to happen, you have to press their behind and never stop even if  they look unbothered cause behind close doors they are panicking.

Here’s the receipts !

Ivy Forrester back 2

Radio silence. Its okay cause we are tweeting them none stop !

Suddenly the B&B girls post a picture of them chilling together

B&B Girls chilling

But we still don’t let go of #WhereIsIvy

Ivy Forrester back 3

Now they hurry with the Good News !

Ivy Forrester back !

Ashleigh Brewer will be back as Ivy this august. Any ideas what she’ll do ? Well you can check out this new video full of ideas of what Ivy could possibly do to spice things up on B&B.

If  there’s any issue with the video know it will be officially posted monday on the Soirée On Rosay youtube channel:




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