The Vampire Diaries LAST season !

TVD season 8 End
It’s the end for the Vampire Diaries. Delena reuniting could just ignite real life drama. It has been rumored that Nikki Reed is worried… Could be true, could be a lie but if they are truly solid Nina won’t be the cause of their divorce. They have a baby on the way jeez.

Sad to see TVD go ?
Honestly, it was a dying show. They dropped to a friday night. If only Nina had stayed not as Elena but Katherine maybe it would’ve survived. Working with your ex is hard but having to kiss him all the time was asking for too much. As Katherine the actress could’ve kicked Ian’s ass well Damon’s…and kept her sanity. This show needed a good villain Damon and Enzo are not “villainous” enough, the originals left and Katherine is  dead/in”hell”. We had Kai though but he too died maybe he’ll come back to life this season. Let’s cross our fingers !
What do you expect from TVD ? What is it that you wanna see ?



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