VMA: Rihanna left with Drake !


So Sunday was the vma’s. The performances were incredible!!! We had Ariana grande, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna,Beyonce and many others but let’s talk about the red carpet.

Beyoncé and Blue VMA 2016Let’s start with Queen bee and BluBlu being cute in her dress. She was a princess. It did look like Blue Ivy was not really happy to be there. There was a lot of people and a lot of screaming. Luckily, she didn’t pull a North West and cried. B kept her smile even though inside she was probably furious with her daughter. Bey loves perfection and good publicity  meaning perfect pictures and no one talking about her daughter being moody but BluBlu didn’t care.


Beyoncé VMA 2016While we knew Rihanna was the one to receive the Michael Jackson Vanguard award all we saw is Beyoncé SLAYING!  She had a ten minutes energy packed performance. Anyone who was thinking of going to see her on her Formation tour is now going. It was really great publicity even the commercial break was about her tour. When it comes to her costume, of course Queen was on point. The fur coat she had while singing “Don’t hurt yourself” should be on someone’s wishlist even if it’s something only Bey can rock. One thing for sure, she was unforgettable.


Kim and Kanye VMA 2016Men were looking fine. Nick jonas looked handsome. Futur looked smoking .Sean Combs’ look was a little bit silly in my eyes tough. Kanye west in all white with the word famous on the front of his t-shirt . He had to make an entrance with his favorite song Famous. Oh Lord. In his speech, he called out many people like Taylor Swift and Amber Rose. Looks like he doesn’t want those feuds to die. Beef makes money. Kanye’s wife, Kim kardashian west who looked beautiful, dare I say natural was there watching him and smiling.


2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Ariana Grande looked cute as always. She performed with Nicki Minaj who needed  a backtrack so she could rap and walk at the same time. Ariana, of course, was singing live. It was a bit hard to understand what she was singing especially when she was on that bicycle. But at least she sang, moved and gave us all the energy she had.

Rihanna and Drake VMARihanna had her edgy style on point. Love it or Hate it, she always looks georgous. Drake was the one to present her with the award and gave her the sweetest slightly ass-kissing speech ever. What got everyone talking was this non-kiss. Drizzy expected a sweet kiss on the lips but RiRi swerved ! He ended up kissing her on the neck.  It was cute. Every woman would like for their man to talk about them in that way. But are they together ? You can think of Riri not willing to kiss him as a friend-zone situation but it could also mean she’s not ready to make that relationship public. There’s also this other option…I screw you from time to time but you’re not my boyfriend !!! Ouch… They did leave  the VMAs together though. We don’t know what’s going on but we have our eyes open.

Nicki Minaj and Meek VMA 2016Finally Nicki Minaj had the best dress last night she looked amazing in this blue dress she really did change since her first VMA’S. Meek and her looked happy togheter all smily on the red carpet. If there was any indication of a break up well there’s none now. Meek is hanging on tight.

Rita ora VMA 2016.2Many artists were well dressed but some of them i’m not sure of …like *sigh* Rita Ora. She has a style of her own and that’s awseome but i did not like how she was dressed at all. Way too much was going on. It was just hard to understand why she’d pick that outfit. We’ve all seen her with beautiful dresses on. She’s more of a brand ambassador than a singer right now so it’s weird to see her show up looking like this. Maybe the fashion world is clapping but regular people are saying NO!



Alicia Keys VMAI wasn’t a fan of Alicia Keys style either she was beautiful but that dress looked kind of big for her. It kinda looks like a big curtain. A little  bit disappointed because I really like her. Whatever is going on with the music and the new look, she needs to think about it. Sadly her message is getting lost. Closing the door on make up might not be the right thing for her. She could’ve come out and said if I want to put make up then I’ll put make up. It’s not an obligation, it’s a choice. What happens if ten years later she wants to put some make up or her career is going to a different direction? People will say “aren’t you suppose to be natural ?”. Not sure if she thought this trough. Everybody wants to have a movement but you have to think about it and be careful. Does she even have a tour ?! Let’s just move on.


Britney spears vma 2016rihanna VMA 2016Overall the show was great, amazing performances. They all looked good. Britney Bitch was okay but couldn’t slay like Beyoncé. Yes we gotta repeat this, Beyoncé slayed her performance!!! Even though It was Riri’s night, Queen B and her stage looks are what we remember. Sucks to be outshined.


Authors: Victom & S.

Sources: MTV ; VMAs

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