Bold and Beautiful: Steffy LEFT Wyatt

Hello this is the best monday we’ve had in a longtime and tuesday is not bad either. Steffy is leaving Wyatt !!! She’s not divorcing him yet but we still need the Church choir.

Steffy was not about to leave without hearing her mother-in-law’s answers.Wyatt’s future is in your hands Steffy said.She was firm: If you stay with my grandpa ,I will move out tonight. she added. Quinn still could not bring herself to leave the man she apparently loves.  Steffy finally leaves Quinn but her last words were: That’s your choice, live with it. Honestly, it’s a weird way of thinking. Technically, the life that will shattered his Wyatt not hers. It will be destroyed into pieces because of Steffy’s fears and obsession for Quinn and Liam.  Miss president is gonna be the one announcing her husband she is leaving him which in the end will break his heart.

what kind of power you are giving that woman ? That’s what Ridge roared. Eric could only say he is happy and Quinn is too and that’s all that mattered. He will not accept Ridge barking orders because he is the father not the child. Ridge had to go out with a bang and said: “you are a child playing with a dangerous toy.” Quinn offered Eric to leave but he said stay with me. So this is Quick Vs the world.

Thomas and Sasha move to the next level it seems. He said to Caroline he had a friend over but looks like it’s more than friendship. Do you have to go ? asked charming Thomas. I’m not in a hurry. Sasha answered.  She’s not in an hurry for anything ? hmmm that’s a lie. She’s in a hurry to get the Forrester kind of life. Sasha’s eating icecream and asking if she can come by everyday….because the icecream is that good… She shamelessly announce to thomas she has to leave, she has to play hard to get. As if he didn’t know, she was the easiest.

Liam ran to Thomas so he could tell him the “good news”. Quinn is screwing up and Steffy needs to free herself.

Wyatt is impatient. We’ll figure out a way to get her out of there he said. No need to say this boy is still delusionnal. You promised she’d be out of our lives. At one point she said: she tricked us. As painful as it was. I love you but I can’t put up with this ! Then Wyatt answered:  You’re moving  because of an ultimitum you should’ve never made. Steffy kept on talking about what Quinn did to Liam. After kidnapping and molesting Liam, she is with my grandfather’s she said while crying.  Desperate Wyatt made a plea: You want action, I’ll pick her up and take her out. Again those are words, he can’t force a grown adult to leave her lover.

Steffy finally left him and on the next episode Wyatt will do some more begging but this time he’ll do his begging cry to his mommy.

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