Young and Restless: New Adam Newman

Well Justin Hartley A.K.A Adam Newman is out. This is not really a surprise since we knew about his other projects. Under his letter of good-bye he had the video of his new tv serie This is Us. We are not mad about his shameless promoting self.

Adam aka Justin exit letter

Now we need a new Adam A.S.A.P. Some think Michael Mulney could come back and save the day but they are forgetting how Mulney left the show…He was FIRED for allegdly grabbing Hunter King aka Summer Newman’s boobies. When he left, it didn’t seem like anybody from the cast really cared. Apparently, things were tensed between Eric Braden and him.  Mulney implied there was behind the scenes politics and he doesn’t really play those kind of games.  Hunter King is still on the show and Mulney probably won’t play by the rules so it’s fair to assume no one wants him back. The first Adam Newman, Chris Egen was good but he had issues with playing such a villainous character. Egen was accused of being homophobic because his issues with the role came right when Adam was pretending to be gay in order to avoid punishment. Well, he is not coming back. Some believe, Aiden Turner will be the next Adam. Rumors has it, they are looking for an actor to play this new character Dean and it could be a smoke screen. Y&R is looking for this new Adam Newman and in case they don’t find him, he’ll stay dead a while longer.

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