Who is Natalie Geek ?

I call her a geek but INatalie sassy feel like she is a beauty. Behind those glasses and those clothes there is a model-like woman. Who is she though ? What if I tell you, she is Victor Newman’s daughter…? I mean  if we think about it, they are so alike. Natalie has the same sob story as Victor ”I was an orphan, I changed my name, a new me so I can conquer the world.” Now her personality is so Victor, she lies and play games. Does she feel remorseful for everything that she did  ? Absolutely Not. Victor is her daddy! But who is her mommy ? How about Judge Moxley ? Natalie did say she went to the best schools maybe her mommy had an affair, got pregnant  and couldn’t keep her because of her political ambitions therefore, she was sent away. That sounds like something Elise Moxley would do: Loving her daughter but loving her career more.

I just wonder how Victoria will feel when she finds out she is not the only female ”mini vic” cause let’s be honest Abby was no competition. Natalie seems to be like a pro at scheming she is even one step ahead of Victor Newman !  She is spying on him and none of her associates know meaning Phyllys, Kevin, Mariah and Billy. Of course, Summer her ”babysitter ” is not aware of nothing not surprising since she can’t babysit a child either. Natalie is showing Newman qualities, she is a hair away to become The Mustache.

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