Billy: Love & Vengeance



tumblr_o2f5lca6rn1s4dhgfo1_250Ouh lala makes you want to fall in love. This new Billy is darker( I’m not talking about the hair!!!) and sexy. With the other Billies if I can express myself this way it was more fun. Jason Thompson’s Billy has that dark humor and he is ready to scheme. There’s something scary ,I can see him cutting someone’s throat easily. After all, Phyllis is bringing him to the dark side. They have the ”let’s screw Victor over in secret ” Plan which is sorta working since we don’t really know who Natalie is lying to…Is she working for Phyllis and Billy or for Victor ? hmmm

Either way, Billy is risking it all just for a chance to stick it to Victor. The problem is if he succeeds he loses his woman. Honestly, Victoria wouldn’t stand the fact that Billy Boy screwed over her daddy. She feels that if Billy loves her than he wouldn’t go after her father which is something I can’t understand. Never have I EVER seen Victor avoid a Newman/Jabot-Jack fight because of Victoria and the family she has with Billy. It seems like Victoria requires so much of Billy but not so much of her daddy. I guess Victor gets a pass, she gives him excuses: You know him, he is not gonna change, what he is doing is bad but…it is what it is or

It’s just business.


Billy is gambling his life with Victoria away and I don’t mind because I wish he would leave her. Victoria is all about her father and Newman. I don’t see her quite often choosing Billy over Victor who has royally screwed over the Abbotts. If she doesn’t want to choose or be in the middle that is fine. She just needs to stay out of it, keep quiet. It’s not like Billy pulled a Victor and unleashed a mentally-illed woman to go after her daddy. Victoria needs to understand yes it’s personal but it’s business too. Victor ain’t a push-over, Billy ain’t either.

All I can say is: May Billy get his revenge and not accidently fall in Phyllis bed…


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