Adam VS Liam

Some people seem to like Adam more than Liam. Funny because they are both the same litteraly. Honestly, Adam is way worst than Liam. No memory yet he is not trying to find out who he is…Yes, he did ask for his name but not for his family name. Right now he is just Adam…Adam married to Eve and they are living in cabin paradise.


Really…Like Really ?! There’s soooo many questions to ask like: Do I have parents ? Where are my friends? Do I work ? Bills don’t get paid on their own ! You would think he’d wonder why no one came to visit him. Quinn did say his friends gave him a hard time when they found out he fell for a woman named Eve. Where are those friends ? Since he is feeling Dizzy and sleeping for hours It would be smart to ask to go to the hospital.

Adam is Liam. Everything he is saying to Quinn he would say it to Steffy too. Plus, he still has the hero complex. ”Somebody is bothering you, let me take care of this I’m your husband, give me the phone” but then he has to be coached cause he doesn’t know what to say…


Not only he is drinking Quinn’s words like he’s stuck on a desert. He is letting her control him. Liam is a weak man but this is a new level. He cannot think for himself. Why does he need to record his voice instead of talking to the prankcaller ? And why can’t he say: Leave my WIFE alone ? Why does it have to be ”general” like Quinn suggested? Too many things that don’t fit. Liam doesn’t have a wallet, no cellphone and no pictures of himself with or without ”Eve”. Heck, NO pictures at all in this place. Didn’t Quinn say they just moved ? Where are the GODDAMN boxes ?! Where are his clothes ?

Ring, Ring,Ring we are calling for Liam’s brain or maybe for Ivy cause who can save him if it’s not her ? Liam can’t save himself, he just does what he is told like usual. Eve might as well give him an apple cause that boy will bite.



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