Grammy with NO RiRi

What was memorable in the Grammys…

Rihanna was NOT at Grammys ! 3 hours and no Rihanna. Taylor Swift opened up and Kanye West was not there to interrupt anyone. Justin Bieber was allowed to shade Selena Gomez with his song Love Yourself. He sang from his heart, he had his guitar which he threw away in the end…everybody wishes to have that kind of money to waste. Meghan Trainor ‘s winning speech for Best new artist was funny for some since she ended it with ” I have to go cry bye”. The weeknd did perform  his song ”I can’t feel my face” again. There was nothing special to it since he has been performing the same song, the same way.

Kendrick Lamar varietyThe  Best rap album went to Kendrick Lamar who also performed his song : Al right. He was courageous since he was rapping in front of an audience predominantly white and let’s not forget that a couple of days ago Beyoncé was accused of being racist because of her song: Formation.

Adele sang but her voice was ”cracky” but we still love her. Demi Lovato was paying tribute to Lionel Richie, she had only a one minute performance but she killed it. According to Lionel Richie’s face, she was amazing.

Pitbull sofia VPitbull appeared so  he could close the Grammys with his song Taxi. Sofia Vergara was on stage with him dancing her butt off. Pretty image but still…NO Rihanna. She apparently cancelled, for what reasons? We don’t know. Do you think she was not prepared?  Do you think It was a stunt?


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