Bold and Beautiful: 8/14/17 Battle of the crazies !!!

And Quinn wins

We waited for the battle of the crazies and we got it. Eric Boo Boo The Fool made the mistake of asking Sheila ”Crazy” Carter to come over with the watch he apparently forgot. He didn’t tell her he wasn’t at the house but at the office. Yeah, another thing he forgot . Quinn was chilling at the house when Crazy Carter let herself in. To be fair, Sheila did knock. For some reason, She always acts as if Eric is the only one living at the house. You know where it’s going right? It’s a wacko wacko situation. Quinn sees Sheila and she already has an attitude and we know Miss Carter doesn’t like that at all.

Sheila and Quinn fighting

A few kick booty words were thrown. Of course they had to play who is the scariest unafraid Ckoo ckoo B in the house that they don’t own. They end up fighting meaning choking the hell out of each other and throwing lamps and vases like the non paying ass bitches that they are. Sheila was not rusty but she did get a work out cause Quinn held her own. One thing for sure at the end of the battle both  locas chicas were praying for their bones.

no shade but shade gif

It’s quite obvious that Sheila is alive because her unstable booty needs to stay on the show. Eric did appear too late. He saw Sheila on the floor and came to her rescue. The Patriach concluded that Sheila was dead because he had blood on his hands but we know better don’t we ? He did ask Quinn to call the popo but Crazy Quinn was in no hurry. Jeez, I wonder why…

In the same episode we had Steffy figuratively putting her husband’s balls in her purse. Yes Miss C.E.O has decided( with/for Liam) to go along with Bill’s lie because she wants her brother to be able to be a full-time parent. And Caroline decided to do the same but for different reasons. She feels like she has no choice…

Full of it gif

If  you want a complete review please listen to the audio you will be entertained ! When this show gets the wacko wackos of this world together, you can only pray you catch your breath.




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