Y&R: Billy left to die !

Billy saving Reed and Ashby

I caught myself being mad at Reed. I know he is a kid but I find upsetting how he left Billy to die. Reed irresponsibly got into a bar to have a party when he could’ve easily done it at home. Victoria did authorize him to have friends over and even though she was sick she is currently chilling at the coffee house. So he would’ve had the house for himself. What I find unnerving is the fact that when he is in trouble he calls Billy not his dad, not his mommy, not his granddaddy or his uncle but Billy. So we see the unofficial stepdad jump in a fire to save a boy who didn’t even have the decency to pick him up when he was on the floor. Billy was on his knees coughing for air when Reed left. It’s quite strange he told him he was right behind him since he couldn’t even stand on his own two feet.  And for Reed to listen when he could clearly see something was wrong. Billy was not looking for anything why did he need to stay behind ? That’s the question Reed should’ve asked himself instead of leaving like he doesn’t have a mind of his own. If that boy is old enough to think of poom-poom, he is old enough to think about saving the person who risked his life for him.

Since Billy is not dying, I’m thinking this could be good for Brash & Sassy . He is an hero even Cane will have to shake the hand of his enemy to show gratitude for his precious daughter being alive and well. Not that I think Cane doesn’t care for his son but he didn’t call Charlie when he heard his voicemail. Both his kids were stuck in a fire but the name he was shouting when he was desperately trying to jump in the fire was Mattie…

For rescuing those children without any hesitation, Billy deserves the hero of the year award. I wonder what he’ll get for his good actions. A bit of Vicky or a bit of Phyllis ?

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