B&B: 7/6/16 Stepson and friend

This was an heartbreaking episode. We watched Katie doubting herself more than ever just because her hubby and sister can’t stay away from each other. Bill is showing how much of an asshole he truly is. He has a ” fuck Brooke” room and still has the audacity to tell Katie she is imagining shit. He is even making speeches about their relationship in front of the family as if he was not trying to get in bed with Brooke an hour ago.

shaking head

This is sickening. Betraying your wife in that manner and barely feeling guilty about it. It’s a new low. Fortunately, we have Liam who has an ounce of decency. He wants Bill to tell the truth … We all know this ain’t gonna happen but Brooke who sorta has a conscious might. That’s what Liam thinks since he went straight to Forrester Creation. He wanted a chat with the  seductress. Brooke appeared ashamed and tortured, that never stops her from locking lips with her lover though… but at least this is something. Liam makes her step-mommy’s sister understand that the truth needs to be told. By keeping this secret, they are mentally torturing Katie who deep down knows what’s going on.

Dollar Bill had to call, he is wondering why his mistress is not coming to this family get-together…

So twisted. Brooke admitted to be in presence of Liam and Bill’s response was ” don’t let him convince you of doing anything, I’ll get him in line”. Brooke is threatening to hung up so Bill says ” Brooke wait” This is when Katie shows up and asks about who he is talking to. Dollar Bill had to lie and say it was the office. She heard Bill saying Brooke’s name so how can it be the office. Is she imagining things or Bill is lying ? She keeps hearing Brooke’s voice saying that Bill is the greatest love of her life. She can see them kiss. Lost and confused Katie took a drink and walked all the way to Liam’s house.

In her eyes, Liam is not only a stepson but a friend. This is why she begs him to tell her if she is crazy or she is right.Help me she says and we can see how Liam is torn between telling the truth or shutting his mouth.

What do you think he’ll do ?