Bold and Beautiful: The serial cheater gets cheated on. Boo Hoo !

BB 1.5.17 (2)


It’s hard to know if we should feel bad for Liam or side-eye him. The serial cheater is now on the other side and he doesn’t quite like it. It sucks to be in Hope’s, Steffy’s and Ivy’s shoes huh ? We have seen these women cry, beg and pull hair for this guy who didn’t know what being faithful meant. These women stuck with him and still to this day view him as the “good guy with a good heart”. Granted, Steffy had sex with his daddy so that’s hard to swallow. However, your boyfriend marrying your cousin who used to be his girlfriend is a hard pill to swallow as well.


BB 1.5.17 (3)


Liam’s small betrayals put together are huge. He has kept an enormous secret from his wife which was him giving away money to Sally Spectra so she could go back to being his wife’s main competition in the fashion industry. But if we think about it, Steffy was also in competition for her husband’s heart. Even with Hope’s gone, she has to keep an eye on him. Sally kept going to her benefactor to say thank you which made all of us raise an eyebrow because we knew where this was going. Too many secret conversations, too much stroking his ego and certainly too many furtive glances. And all of those led them to kissing when they foolishly decided to stay in a crashing building. Let’s not forget the reason Liam put himself in harm’s way, it was for his wife’s nemesis. How is it okay to screw over your own company, your wife’s company, lie to your partner and cheat on her- on what you thought was your last breathing day ? Yeah your wife slipped on your daddy’s  D just like you slipped in her vajayjay and went on to have your italian wedding to her step sister years ago.


BB 1.5.17


Obviously, it shouldn’t be expected of Liam to stay in a relationship with the wife who fell into his father’s bed. But it shouldn’t be forgotten how he inflicted that much pain to others . How is your self-esteem when you know your Partner always has his tongue down another woman’s throat ? What do you think ? You start wondering if he has feelings for that other woman and are you doing something wrong ? So many questions like Are you enough ? Should you stay or should you go ? And if you’re Steffy, you’ve seen your mom go through this and LOSE. Playing this game with Liam has cost a lot to these women but all of them have forgiven him and have taken him back or are willing to. Yet, he is unable to do what they have done for so many years. It’s easy to walk away when you’re always number 1 in a woman’s heart. Hope, Steffy., Ivy had to fight for the title of being Mrs Liam Spencer and that’s the issue.

                These girls know they are first now but tomorrow second. So Steffy needs to get ready like usual cause Hope is coming back for her number 1 spot . Urgh. As  if this is a prize…


Bold and Beautiful: Zende is OUT!

Zende avant savior

Some call it Breaking News but it’s really no news at all.  Zende Forrester will leave the show. Even though he was turned into the Avant Women’s savior, he had to go.  Honestly, It was expected for Zende to be out. He was the only one with the Forrester name who didn’t seem like one.  You would swear Zende and the rest of the Forresters were patched together. For the longest time, the black Forrester seemed to be an Avant. He would only be seen with Nicole’s family and at the Forrester events he wouldn’t be there and if he was it seemed a bit forced.

Zende photographer

During the recent months, we’ve seen a lot more of Zende. He was turned into a designer which opened the door for him not to be behind the “real” Forresters but alongside them. Photographers sooner or later end up leaving the show. But with that career change it seemed like Zende was here to stay. He was having more scenes! It even appeared like he was going to have his own storyline. However, not many were interested in seeing Zencole trying to have a baby. They can’t carry the show but they can’t carry an episode either.

Zende and nicole

Unfortunately, this couple on their own couldn’t keep us watching.  But still the turn of events made us believe that we would assist to a love triangle or just Noisy Katie sending the young couple in troubling waters with her allegations. Katie Logan saw Maya hugging her brother-in-law and concluded that something must be going on. Well Maya does love them short…

If Nicole no longer has trust in her husband well this could be a nice way to end Zencole. Maybe just like him she’ll  go away…