Should Liam pursue Steffy?

Liam kisses steffyLove is something we see in Steffy’s eyes whenever she is in the same room as Liam. There’s no doubt she wants him and he wants her too. Now she is married and screwing up a marriage is never a good thing to do. But is this a real marriage ? Apparently papers were signed and everything was done “right’. Marriage is not just about papers, it’s about love, respect and commitment. Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage lack of 2 out of 3. There’s some kind of love maybe it is more friendship who knows but clearly there’s a little something. When it comes to respect and commitment this is what is missing. How many times did Steffy go to Liam’s house and had innapropriate conversations or contact with her ex-fiancé ? Innapropriate was her allowing herself to be kissed by Liam. Innapropriate was her hugging Liam because she wanted to be with him but couldn’t. How many times did we see her daydream about her husband’s brother ? Even when she has sex with her husband, she still thinks of…:LIAM. She claims that Quinn is dangerous but honestly she doesn’t want her around for the same reason Hope didn’t want her around. Quinn is the reminder of what they lost and can’t ever have back. They blame her for her involvement as they should but they often forget to blame themselves for their poor reckless choices. Instead of seeking another relationship to repair this hole in their hearts, they should’ve taken time to heal. So Wyatt’s relationship with Steffy was made on a cracky foundation and it is about to collapse, no reason to sugarcoat it.  In this case, how can we be against Liam pursuing Steffy ? They are in love.


But love ain’t all.

Steffy in lingerieSo much of Steffy’s life was chasing a man that didn’t want her. She chased after her father’s attention who could only care for his scandalous wife.She chased after Oliver who was all about Hope for the future. She chased after Bill who was not about to leave his wife and her fragile heart for her. She chased Liam for what ? Three years or more…All the things she did to get this man” chacha and more” and he’d ALWAYS leave her for Hope that’s if she is pregnant cause babies change it all. Finally, she has a man who truly wants her and it is not Liam but Wyatt. Steffy is Wyatt’s priority, he stands by her no matter what. Why should Liam have the right to wreck her marriage when he himself couldn’t make her happy? Steffy has cried rivers that turned into Logan Ocean all that because of him. They were torn apart not because of Quinn but because they got involved in other people’s affairs. They couldn’t communicate effectively which caused the distance. Obviously, Liam and Steffy’s relationship was not that great.

If Liam wants to pursue Steffy then he should. However, he should not go after her because it’s a way to win against his brother or Bill. He shouldn’t stop himself from going after her because his daddy told him not to. At some point, he has to grow up and make his own decisions. Blaming Quinn, Bill or Wyatt is getting old. Personnaly, I’d say go get your bitch, I’m so tired to see her cry over your weak ass.

What do you think? Should Liam pursue Steffy or let her go ?

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