Bold and Beautiful: Quick’s Love Affair

Recap of the week /Clip of Eric’s proposal

If you missed this week’s episode, you missed a lot. This is the one time, you should’ve been watching. Quinn waltz in Forrester creations like a true lady. She had a great outfit, her make up was on point and she had her mouth closed so she could let King Eric do all the talking. Everybody’s blood pressure was going up because of Quinn’s presence. Steffy, Rick and Ridge were teaming up against a common enemy. Pam was in the room praying that Eric would listen to them. Meanwhile, Thomas was sweating before the eyes of Sasha who was so eager to get the attention of another Forrester. Julius made an appeareance just so he could tell his “mistake” to leave town. urghh. Thomas got to save a damsel in distress. He told Mr. Avant to get his innappropriate behind out. Don’t be surprise if you hear that Sasha is in love… She was so thankful for Thomas intervention that she kissed him. They are bonding by talking about their issues. Looks like Thomas has no clue there’s a family meeting…

Quinn won in the end which pissed everyone off. Eric asked to talk to Ridge privately. He proceeded to go down to memory lane and then drops the bomb. Eric kicked Ridge out of his house effective immediately since we then see Eric in a tuxedo waiting for his Queen. Oh yeah, Quinn is all dressed up for a romantic dinner.Eric is playing piano, she’s dancing and smiling. It seems like she’s mesmerized by this man. Then Eric gets her a glass of champagne where she finds a key…a key to the house ! Yep. Eric said Ridge is out, you’re in baby ! Well he didn’t say it like that but that’s what it means. An hour after he kicked his son out, Miss Quinn is moving in. Hmmm.


Obviously Steffy is very upset and she’s threatening her husband to speak his mom’s language which is Threats ! Wyatt assures his wife that he will handle his mommy so he goes to Quinn’s place and finds no one. He goes straight to Eric house’s where he meets a joyful couple. Immediately, Eric gives him a speech in which he states: telling him and Quinn what to do is disrespectful. So Wyatt knows he shouldn’t say anything in Eric’s presence. Eric leaves so mother and son can have some privacy and this is when Wyatt feels a bit more comfortable to pressure his mother. Desperate and insentive Wyatt lashes out and says he doesn’t care about his mother’s feelings and she doesn’t need to speak a word. Quinn must go away and never have any communication with Steffy or her family.

This missing-in-action Forrester decided to pay a visit to Liam. Thomas didn’t have time to entertain his grandpa but he has all the time in the world to go chit-chat with his favorite brother-in-law. He admits to believing that Liam is the true love of his sister’s life. Yikes. Then he adds if Quinn keeps on messing up he can live with that because it will bring Liam and Steffy back together. Thomas’ head is not in the game. He fails to realize, Quinn can destroy his legacy with the bat of an eye. There’s money involved!  Is he really okay with family ties being posssibly cut so two people who have never been able to make it work can be together?! Sigh. One thing he is right about is if Quinn does not fly away to another galaxy, Steffy and Wyatt won’t make it. Steffy said it herself: It’s a dealbreaker. Quinn has to go.

After a good day of work, Thomas went home so he could video chat with selfish Caroline and his son. Sasha who was in the neighbhood came to visit him. We already know why she’s there…

Sadly for Wyatt, Quinn is saying no. She explains to her son that for the longest time he has been her life but he grew up to be a man and left her all alone. Lonely she was but he kept telling her to get a life which she did. Wyatt doesn’t want to hear any of this because if he does allow himself to understand then it is selfish of him to ask his mom to give up on something, someone that makes her happy just so he can keep his precious prize. But on the other hand, losing the girl to Liam is not something he can bear. He knows that if his mom chooses her happiness, Steffy will certainly walk. After all, this is the excuse she was looking for in order to leave him. Wyatt in need to talk goes straight to Spencer Publications where he finds Liam.  Like everybody, Liam tells his brother that Steffy won’t stand  for this. Brooke and Ridge who are getting closer every day talk about the situation and they do agree this could bring Liam and Steffy back together. Ridge reiterates that he needs Katie’s 12,5 %.

Heartbroken Quinn chooses herself instead of the son she has loved more than her own life. The night is young since Steffy came to her grandpa’s house to take care of business. She’s demanding Quinn to leave what used to be her grandma’s house. On her way out, Steffy gives her mother-in-law an ultimatum : She leaves her grandfather alone or her son will be without a wife…

Somebody call a lawyer Steffy needs a divorce NOW!!!

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