First Lady of Forrester Creations

Quinn thinking.pngMost of you already know how I feel but I want to clarify my point of view. Quinn is a witchy-beautiful-talented-scheming woman who has been devoted to one person her entire life and that would be Wyatt.It might seem like she’s a very selfish woman who just listens to her impulses but her “spontaneity” is very calculated . It’s hard to know if she truly targeted Eric since we didn’t see how their relationship started. Did she truly come to Eric so she could have her job back ? It’s not impossible. People respect Eric and he is the founder of  Forrester Creations. Now there’s just one thing that is leaving me perplexed. At the time, Eric was not C.E.O, Ridge was… and we all know no matter what, Ridge would’ve NEVER reinstated Quinn. What would make Quinn believe that A. Eric would go to battle for her and that B. He would win ?

Quinn lingerieI guess that leaves us with the second option. Quinn planned to seduce Eric, make him fall in love so he could be blind to all of her future schemes that would, of course, involve our Dear Steffy. By being the First Lady of Forrester Creations or like I love to say the Mrs C.E.O she gets to make decisions that impact the company but also the family. Quinn is putting herself in a position of power. There’s no way that she will sacrifice that even for her son. Why would she leave the city ? So she can be a lonely broke bitch ? Wyatt is gonna be too busy with wifey to check up on his mommy and she’s lucky if he sends her some money… Right now, she got a man at her feet. Eric sets up romantic dinners, plays piano for her, compliments her and they drink champagne like it’s water. Quinn is way more powerful than all of the Forresters and she is not a wife  but a girlfriend. She only needs to shower Eric with compliments, bat an eye, smile or cry to get what she wants. Mr Eric Forrester is the most powerful man right now but at the same time he is the weakest. If Eric makes the mistake of putting a ring on it, Quinn can easily pull a Brooke which means get a divorce and get half of everything. Pretty sure, Stephanie is rolling, hollering in her grave.

quinn and eric kiss.pngOkay I’ll play nice. Maybe a desperate Quinn went to see Eric, she figured she had nothing to lose. If she has the patriach of this family to accept her then maybe the entire clan will follow. They all sheeps anyways… It didn’t turn out this way. She started to talk to Eric and they were learning about each other’s life stories, they laughed and bonded over their mistakes, their regrets and their passion for fashion. One thing led to another and they couldn’t stop it.

Or we are half right and Quinn half lied. It could’ve been a scheme and then she truly fell for Eric or is about to fall for him. In that case, it’s a win-win. She got her job back and now she knows that if she smiles hard enough she can be president or even Co-CEO while being rich and in love. Steffy can be tossed like Ridge with the snap of a finger. But what role will Ivy play in this ? Will she be Quinn’s ally or will she team up with Steffy ?  In two weeks, we will know what’s up but for now we will just enjoy Quinn telling Wyatt: I pick ME , Fuck your happiness and your hanging by a thread marriage.

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