Bold and Beautiful: Eric ORDERS Steffy to move out ! And she does it…


steffy-last-night-with-liamI am so frustrated with Steffy and her failing conscience. She is saying: “I cannot be living with another man while I am married.” But wait, 5 minutes prior to saying that she was having a romantic dinner with her husband’s brother oh and she had good sex  with him too. I do not believe Steffy cares that much about right or wrong. If we look at what we know of her life we can see she has never NOT done something because it was wrong, immoral or hurtful. She wants it, she goes after it. This is something people have come to love about her. She does not let people, society dictate her behavior. Steffy Forrester is a force of nature. For some reason, we’re having Steffy the victim of her grand-daddy’s schemes on our screens. If she truly felt in her heart what she was doing was bad then how can she shamelessly have a make out session with Liam  while her husband is present ? I mean she did do that on Thanksgiving…

eric-calls-steffy-2Seriously, why did it take  Eric saying “I want you to move out” for her to realize what she was doing was so wrong. Steffy is no dummy, she can see that her grand-father is manipulating her into doing what Quinn wants. When has Eric ever had an opinion of his own ? The patriarch of the Forrester family is getting run by a woman like always. Gosh, I wish Stephanie’s ghost would pay him a visit. Steffy needs to stop the pity face and take back the control of her life. The weak grandpa shouldn’t get to order her around and use the C.E.O position as a front. It has to stop. Quinn has been playing her and her family for way too long.

quinn-thinking-of-ridgeIn my book,Wyatt does not get a pass. He needs to come to the realisation that Steffy does not love him or at least the love she has for him does not compare to the love she has for Liam. The only way, he can have Steffy be 100% committed to him is if Hope comes back… Other than that, he needs to bow out  gracefully instead of dragging this dead marriage all the way to 2017.  As soon as Steffy said good-bye to him, she went straight to Liam. She didn’t waste no time to start the process of removing her ring tattoo either.By february, I need this desperate boy to be crushed by his own foolishness.  As for Eric, what he is doing to his grand-daughter is disgusting. He is using Steffy’s trust and the respect she has for him to change the course of her life. He has never cared that much about her love life and before he got between Quinn’s legs, he was team Liam.  I wonder if he’ll change his mind about Liam and Steffy if he finds Quinn and Ridge in bed. There’s a huge possibility that history will repeat itself. Ridge is working on it. It’s mind blowing to see  Eric’s loving “faithful” wife  gasping for air after feeling his son’s hands on her. Gosh, this woman is even quivering at the thought of Ridge. How poetic ! Quinn fighting for her relationship destroyed Wyatt’s and now fighting for Wyatt’s relationship will destroy hers.

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