Bold and Beautiful: Family Over Fantasy

bridge-happiness-in-bedOh guys I am laughing at Bill. He left his family to chase after a woman who clearly still wants her “destiny”. He has put all of his energy into Brooke Logan and he just got dumped by her. She didn’t just dump him, she chose her ex over him. Brooke thought Ridge Forrester the man who keeps on leaving her is the best one for her. I guess Steffy was right to say : Bill learn from my mother. Dollar Bill crushed his wife, broke his son’s home for nothing! I guess Brooke ain’t the best investment he made after all…  When you are rich and powerful you want what you can’t have so I’m guessing Bill is gonna keep on chasing Brooke’s poom poom cause I don’t think Katie would be stupid enough to let him back in. And of course Bill cannot be alone. This man has never been content with being a single man.

eric-offers-the-ceo-positionFamily over fantasy fits Bill but also Eric. The patriarch of the Forrester felt as if no one should dictate who he can marry ,well, I feel like he and his wife don’t have the right to dictate who Steffy stays married to. Here they are trying to manipulate the girl into staying married to Wyatt, when she clearly loves Liam more. There’s a reason why Steffy took the first way out. Have you ever seen her truly work for her relationship? Everytime she was laying on her husband’s chest she had a montage of good times with Liam. Honestly, Mr and Mrs Forrester are being selfish. They feel like their happiness screwed Wyatt’s so they want to fix everything. They want this perfect family. In Eric’s mind , Wyatt is his “son” and it would be so amazing if his granddaughter and this son would be together. Eric and Quinn made their own decisions based on what they wanted , Steffy should be allowed to do the same.

To be Frank, Eric picked love (if it wasn’t lust…) over family so I don’t see why Steffy needs to chose duty over love. I know they are trying to make us think Steffy loves Wyatt but once again the love she feels for Liam is stronger. However, Steffy is a very ambitious woman and what Quinn is offering her is way too tempting. Miss imma-throw-my title in your face got offered the C.E.O position unofficially by Mrs wanna-be matriarch Forrester. She would be the first female C.E.O unless i’m forgetting someone…This is huge but she’ll be forced to work side by side with her sneaky mother-in-law and her pityful husband maybe Quinn will get what she wants.

steam-wet-kissOne thing for sure is Liam needs to stop celebrating. Wyatt is desperate as always but this time he is clearly giving his mommy the thumbs up to be sneaky. It’s funny one minute he wants his mommy  to stop her scheming and be out of his life and the next he accepts her “help”. If your woman needs to be offered a job in order for her to stay with you, I would think it’s obvious you’re not worth that much to her . Liam had Steffy moist a couple of hours ago. Seriously, you gotta have no pride to be willingto be second to your brother.

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