Summer House: Tities out and still can’t get Carl

summer-house-group-shot-2Summer house was the new reality tv show I wasn’t too sure about. The concept was a group of rich people approaching their 30’s trying to get it right…No wonder I thought this was not tv material however I have grown to like it. I guess Summer house is an acquired taste.



lauren-long-convo-with-carlI’m not a fan of the twins but they’re saving the show well Lauren is saving the show with her obsession with Carl. How the hell does a girl act crazy in love after only two weeks of “dating”?! Technically those two weeks are two week-ends…LOL. Unless they edited stuff wrong, it appears that Lauren is overreacting. Carl lying about having a date for a wedding is no reason for her to be pissed off. It would be understandable if she felt like he was not the guy for her or that she wanted to take her distance.But for her to literally  have a long conversation about how she felt like he acted “wrongly” is just crazy. She probably turned Carl all the way off with her behavior.

lauren-boobs-out-for-carlWhat should make heads tilt a little is the fact that Carl doesn’t tell Lauren that he is no longer interested in her. He might’ve decided to say nothing out of fear or because we need a goddamn show or maybe he likes the attention that desperate Lauren gives him either way he’s gonna have a problem if he doesn’t do something soon. I mean the girl is walking with her titties out just so this boy can say wifey material.

twinss-parentsWhat is more shocking though is that she talked about Carl to her parents ! I was screaming at my TV : ” Girl you are barely dating that boy. ” It’s unbelievable she would think of introducing a guy she got infatuated with two weeks ago. Right now he’s talking about sleeping in the same bed as Jacqueline.

jacki-and-carl-flirtAll hell is gonna break loose. Jacqui is  a nice girl with a traditionnal upbringing plus she goes with the flow. There’s no stress with her. I guess Lauren got serious competition. She’s gonna regret telling her daddy about her non-boyfriend.  As much as I understand Lauren’s situation, I feel like she needs to be alone and fix herself. She probably feeling a lot of pressure to find a husband/provider just like her twin sister did. Someone who has a good job and that will fight and provide for her if it comes to that. There’s a chance that she’s comparing herself to her sister a lot. It has to be difficult to be a twin  because you’re always trying to find your own identity. One thing I don’t like about them is these bitches can’t fight their own battles. Ain’t no man trying to deal with that kind stuff ? Heck ain’t no friends trying to deal with that shit.  If Carl gets with Lauren then he has to deal with the twin AND the twin’s husband. Maybe Brad won’t get involve but it looks like Ash likes it when hubby gets in the mess with her.

Now on to Lindsay and Everret. First of all they are very dysfonctionnal. I love how they are ride or die kind of people but still they are out of this world. They are fighting over stupid stuff, I don’t even know how they’re gonna be able to live together. I mean let’s be real. They’re gonna be fighting over toilet seats soon. Lord!  I wonder if Christina shares my opinion. I don’t like her too much because she seems like a jealous friend. Lindsay got  a new company, a new man and probably dreams of having babies but Chrissy girl got what ? Not much. She’s starting over, she’s a freelancer which means always hustling. She never knows when she’s gonna get her next paycheck! How stressful…

ice_screenshot_20170210-173759So basically for Christina her career is everything cause in the love departement ain’t nothing happening. She is ready to fight if you dare say she got fired from somewhere like Lindsay did. I’m kind of inclined to believe Lindsay though  because Christina was barking way too much.  It’s okay to be upset but the way she was denying everything made me believe there was some truth to what Lindsay was saying.  But honestly what made me think “oh snap! Christine HAD to start over because she got fired”  is the fact when it was time to attack her friend the first thing that came to Lindsay’s mind is “you got fired!”.  Numerous things could’ve been said like: you’re starting over and you’re not going anywhere or you quit your good paying job to be a freelancer and look at you now struggling while you’re in your 30’s  .

cris-and-lind-convo-apology Everybody knows if you’re in a fight the best slap is reopening old wounds. Yes Lindsay was drunk but you  know what they say ” drunks speak with a sober mind”…and when Lindsay was sober she did repeat the same thing :Christina got fired. When Cristina got offended she changed her wording for let go then when it was time to kiss and make up she said ” I apologize for my delivery”. Later on she said fired, let go , quit  they’re the same thing. hmmm nope. I’m wondering if she’s saying that because it was wrong of her to spill the beans or it was a case of “let me be nice so my interns can have a place to work ” hmmm. Or she straight up lied and didn’t want to fully take responsability.I’m thinking Christina was forced to quit, she migh’ve been in a quit or get fired kind of situation which would mean Christina is telling the truth  but  so is Lindsay.

ice_screenshot_20170210-175957Last but not least Kyle. Watching this 24 year old girl be played by him did make him look like an ass. How are you gonna have a break up scene with a chick and then call her back to fuck ? No thoughts about her feelings. These little guilt faces he makes are cute but where are the actions accompanied with the guilt ? This girl is his own personal booty call. He can’t get himself a girl ,no problem, call Amanda. As much as everyone wants to feel bad for Amanda, they have to admit this bitch is okay looking like a fool. Everytime Kyle calls, she picks up, abandons her friends, gives up on her plans and frankly on herself. Women do these kind of things all the time but she’s doing it on tv and she’s not even cursing him out. All she’s doing is acting as the victimized puppy doll. This guy has broken up with you on camera and you still show up when he calls …like every time…  Every fucking time ! At some point, she has to say : “Boy use your own hands cause I’m busy.”

kyle-and-amanda-situationshipBut no she doesn’t want to do that because she’s hoping she’ll eventually be a girlfriend. She needs to tell him what she wants  and be shameless about it. Saying I don’t want to be your wife is stupid of her because she looks like she secretly wants that and she’s 24…she doesn’t have that amount of time to waste if she really wants to get married and possibly have kids. Hey maybe she truly doesn’t want to get married but if it is the case then what’s the issue…??? You’re not getting fucked over if you don’t need the guy to date you and marry you. As for Kyle, I kinda feel like he likes the girl he just feels like he hasn’t reached the success in his career to think of getting settled down. I think Amanda needs to pull away so Kyle can realize that he really likes Amanda and wants her in his life. If he doesn’t come to that realization, Amanda needs to move on and not waste her precious youth on him. This girl needs to understand if Kyle is really the one, they’ll find their way back to each other. But to find their way back, they have to go their separate ways.




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