Baby No Way!


From Daytime Confidentiel

These days, It’s not hard to hate Maya. Transgender or not she is a selfish individual. Maya got married and never once she thought of her mother who chose her over Julius, her husband. The latter left the wedding after the speech where he said: He lost his job, he lost his father and he lost a son. Angry, he left. Alone, he left. Not once did we hear Maya wonder about her mother’s safety.

Not once did she even wonder if her mother was eating while she was living the good life. Now Mrs Maya Forrester wants a baby. She barely took the time to have a proper conversation with her husband before asking her sister for the biggest sacrife of all. Why talk ? Why make some research when i can just ask my baby sister to be my SURROGATE…? She wants Nicole’s egg and Nicole’s body. Before popping the question she made sure to tell her of how much this gift would mean to her: The greatest gift of all. Nicole couldn’t say no. Maya gave her everything…what exactly? A house. A family. A job. Even Zende. Now is that true ?

Maya gets to live in the Forrester mansion but she does NOT own it. Does Rick own it or does Eric Forrester Senior own it ? The Forrester family do not ever try to get in touch with Rick and Maya let alone Nicole. They seem to be in a bubble. Nicole only has Maya as family. Zende barely looks like a Forrester. If Charlotte is still making moves, she will be higher on the food chain. Clearly Nicole has her eyes on the wrong Forrester….Nicole got where she is at because of her greedy blackmailing shady self. She’s the one who came in town and forced Maya to let her in. She pleaded to Ridge to give her a chance. When it comes to Zende, he fell for her because she is beautiful and fun.

Baby No Way. Nicole shouldn’t feel indebted to her sister enough for her to consider giving up her egg and body. She is lucky to have her father stepping in for her. Yes, he said pretty shocking remarks but the point was Nicole is putting her life on hold and maybe missing opportunities to fufill her sister’s needs. A year is a year you cannot get back. Your flesh and blood can never be forgotten. You can leave, give the baby up but on your mind he will rest.

Will bite for this one!

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