The New Mrs. Spencer


From We love Soap website

Liam,Liam,Liam !!! This guy’s dumbness is real. He was (i guess still is) in a relationship with Ivy and he was happy now he wants to throw it away. Whether we love Steffy or not we have to admit that this relationship was working.

He wants to leave oh okay. So we are waiting for the break up speech which was horrible shall I say. Liam couldn’t get the words out. He told his girlfriend soon to be ex-girlfriend and from how the episode ended soon to be wife that he had feelings for his ex-wife, Steffy. That’s how much he could get out before Ivy tells him that he needs to marry her RIGHT NOW because she is about to get deported. Liam is reluctant but we know Liam he can’t say no to a woman. So he agrees to getting married without thinking about Steffy and HER feelings. Since Liam is so thoughtful, he makes sure that Ivy knows that this marriage ain’t real, he even calls it a limited partnership. Ivy who wants to stay in the country and also wants to fight to keep Liam nods at everything Liam says. The worst part is this dummy has the audacity to tell Ivy that they are gonna get married but it doesn’t change anything, they are dating…


Carter arrives at his door with a wedding dress graciously offered by Quinn Fuller now Sharpe who is now with Wyatt. He is asking her not to get involve in his love affairs but we already know she’s not gonna listen. Tomorrow,Wyatt will be reaping the benefits of his mama’s scheming sneaky ways and of course he will smile, enjoy and forget how it all happened; count on him to blame his crazy mama when she can’t stop meddling and it all goes bad.

Clueless Steffy is eating chinese food with her dad and his young girlfriend while the love of her life is getting married. A look at Ivy in her wedding dress and Liam was just ready to say I do. It looks like Ivy is going to be Mrs Ivy Spencer.

Will take a sip on this one..



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