Selfish Nicole or Greedy Sasha


Little Nicole might  not be a fool ?! She knew Miss Sasha Fierce came for more than a job. Frankly, Sasha is after Nicole’s life she wants the job, the man and Papa Avant. Some say that Nicole is selfish , it’s very hard to understand since we’ve watched Sasha leave the Forrester mansion so she can sneak back in.

All that to see this  Zende she just met. While her best friend/sister Nicole was crying, she was telling Zende how good of a boyfriend he is. Before leaving this amazing young “rich” Forrester she made sure he’d know he can count on her. How long did she know Zende ? At the time, not even 24 hours…Did she know he was Nicole’s boyfriend ? Yes. Did she care ? No.

What do we know of Sasha? She’s young and ready to use her charms and she’s also Julius’ love child not so loved since he barely acknowledges her.  Yes, this girl has been hurt and she’s feeling abandonned. Julius wants her to leave . He often says things like: “I will not allow you to destroy my family, I have to be there for my daughters especially Nicole.”  We can feel bad for Sasha but at end she did come to L.A so she can get a piece of the pie. Yes, she wants to be accepted by her father but that’s not what she’s fighting for right now. What did she say to Julius? ”Open some doors for me, use your connections.” Of course, Julius can’t do much for her but Nicole sure can. This “best friend” of hers  could help her get what she wants. Nicole has let her into the Forrester Mansion and into Forrester Creations. Sasha is now waiting for opportunities because if she sticks around something will fall on her lap. She’s not a model but she almost got a modelling job . How? Because she was at the right place, at the right time. She will be “chilling” at Forrester creations waiting for someone to get sick or fall. Somebody’s fall means her time to rise.


Nicole knows her friend very well , Sasha is digging for gold. Plus, Nicole said they’ve always been competing against each other, which is not hard to believe since the green of jealousy has reached Sasha’s face. This time Nicole stands to lose a lot ,there’s no reason for her to not protect her job and her relationship when she sees danger.

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