B&B:7/8/16 I’ll remember the Good Things

Finally, the truth is out. Katie rips into Brooke the nicest way.She goes deep into their past and acknowledges how their father’s absence hurt them but she made sure Brooke understood that she was not the only one affected. Although, they were three kids suffering Brooke was the main one to react in such a destructive way. Katie even went as far to call Brooke “the slut from the valley” who could not resist her husband’s sister because it was innapproriate. It implies that Brooke is attracted to everything that’s forbidden.Stephanie is probably clapping from heaven while The seductress was gutted. Heartbroken but relieved that she was not insane, Katie mentions how she understood why Liam’s mother and Quinn kept their kids away from Bill and she also adds she should do the same. It is fair to assume we will soon see an ugly custody battle over Will. Brooke jumped to defend her lover, she tried to get all of the blame ” it’s my fault, the way I seduce man you said so yourself”.  It doesn’t take two to tango?! She even offered to go away as if this was a real solution. Katie was no fool and didn’t take that has an option. Katie is done. She told Brooke…

she didn’t want Bill no more! No More!? NOOOOO MOOOORE!



“Go ahead call me a whore, I know that’s what you think of me.” That’s what Brooke said but  I’m pretty sure some of us thought she was gonna say “Call me a whore because that’s what I am”.  This would’ve gotten us on the floor but we can’t really expect of Brooke to call herself out. Katie had nothing else to add, it was time for good bye so this is how she ended it. ” I’m gonna remember the best things about you, your beauty, your laugh, the way  the light seems to find you. You shine so bright.” She is hugging her and we are all on the edge of our seat yelling “Bitch you better not forgive her. Not after this!” but Katie does not disappoint she said “You will always be my sister cause we share the same blood but this is good bye. Good bye Brooke. “Katie left peacefully while Becky With The Good Hair was crying a river like she usually does.

Selfish Nicole or Greedy Sasha


Little Nicole might  not be a fool ?! She knew Miss Sasha Fierce came for more than a job. Frankly, Sasha is after Nicole’s life she wants the job, the man and Papa Avant. Some say that Nicole is selfish , it’s very hard to understand since we’ve watched Sasha leave the Forrester mansion so she can sneak back in.

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