Flirtatious Cousins


From CBS website

No interns for Thomas, he has to understand some lines need to not be crossed that’s why he is flirting with his…cousin. Looks like Thomas forgot his daddy can still ship him off to International and it’s not like Ridge ain’t looking for a reason to do just that…

I guess Tommy boy really wants some Ivy and Ivy is blind to it. On today’s episode, Thomas was very charming. He wanted Ivy to spend some time with him but she told him i am busy tonight, after all her man is waiting for her. Talking about Wyatt, he is praising Ivy to his mama telling her how his australian girlfriend is NOT like Hope since she does not have divided loyalties. Well,we are not too sure about that anymore. Thomas told miss Ivy that the piece of lingerie he is holding in his hands was made by him for her…How about you put it on ? Ivy laughs it off and he then said what makes you think it’s a joke. Next episode, it looks like Wyatt and Thomas are gonna join forces so Ivy can go back to being the Face of the lingerie line.Wyatt doesn’t get it Ivy modelling means Thomas gets a sneak peek. Of course, Liam won’t be too far away…


Yeah will take a sip this time …

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