Southern Charm: Thomas a bad daddy?

Kathryn finding out 2The episode opens up with London organizing a party as if she is the lady of the house. But Thomas and her are just friends…And she’s in a relationship with that Drew guy but she can’t even fake a kiss with him.🤔 I’d pay to watch Kathryn watch the show cause I’m pretty sure she’s loosing her mind. Thomas is clearly taking shots at her when he says things like :  ” I need a step mother for my children, I need someone that knows how to behave, Landon is good in the kitchen unlike other women I have dated” And Bravo is being shady with those flashbacks. My favorite one was when Thomas said my reputation precedes me and we get the flashback of Kathryn yelling and chasing after Thomas. 🤣

Chelsea and AustenWe got new characters on the show like Austen, Shep’s protégé and Chelsea. Anyone that has Shep has a mentor I cannot take seriously. Why would anyone want to be like Shep ? Granted he is rich but that’s about it. What does he do with his life ? Drink, fuck girls and make money…Not a role model !I kinda like Chelsea though, she’s not letting herself be played by Shep. Since he’s not being serious she moved on to the wanna-be-Shep. She arrived at the party with him, she’s flirting and having a good time. Can’t blame a girl for playing a player. However, she needs to understand none of those boys are good. Austin doesn’t have his shit together and Shep is taking notes from Prince William’s book and waiting to be bald before getting married. But the only one I have issues with his Austin. Why are you playing on your friend’s territory ? Anyone knows about bro code or just loyalty ? As soon as you heard that your boy was locking lips with the chick, you should’ve at least called him just to say are you cool with me dating her. What’s up with him talking to his roommate about the situation instead of his ”mentor”…But at the same time, Shep screws everything that moves and he did not appear to be serious about Chelsea until he heard baby girl was getting busy with the younger version of him. That’s what bugs him. He’s getting dusty meaning he’s about to get  forced into retirement and his protégé is in his prime time so he has many years of catching girls in bars.

One guy that gives us the drama that we need is Craig. Gotta love this man for speaking his mind. The others are very careful with the words that come out of their mouth. It seems like no matter what Cameron will back up Whitney.  And when it comes to Craig everyone doesn’t mind siding against him and shitting on him. He’s the easy target. We’ve seen on the previous episodes, he has not changed much. Still not a lawyer, clearly he doesn’t know what to do with his life. Everyone loves to judge him and the ones that are the harshest are the rich ones who get to sit down and drink their lives away. Naomie has the right to be worried cause her life is link to his if she stays in a relationship with him.  Sometimes she gets mad at him and forget it’s not always his fault. She got mad at him for not printing something for the foundation but this is her foundation, her job why is she blaming him ? She gave her responsibility away to her unreliable boyfriend  then things get wrong and she’s mad. Baby girl fucked herself by not taking care of shit on her own.

Thomas polo matchThen comes the polo party match and she sides against Craig like the others. Yes, Craig was getting in Thomas’ business but let’s not act as if  this crew doesn’t get in his business. Craig’s point made sense. Thomas was sitting down  when he learned that his children were leaving he didn’t even wave good bye. Heck he didn’t flinch when Craig told him that his daughter was calling for him. It’s understandable that Thomas was tired he just left the field and children are a lot. However, let’s not pretend he doesn’t have nannies on rotation. Plus, he is in a custody battle and it’s obvious he is using the show to discredit Kathryn as a mother so that means he knows he’s being filmed and this could be used against him. Ignoring your daughter  doesn’t look good. I guess in the moment, he didn’t think about it. Landon playing the role of Grande Dame didn’t think anything of it. Hey she’s trying to get a ring, she can’t possibly have an opinion.

But this episode, she did admit to being attracted to Thomas well not exactly. Whitney the matchmaker implied that Landon is attracted Thomas to that she answered yes we like the same thing horses and architecture. In a way, this response didn’t make sense when someone asks you if you’re attracted to someone, you think physical like he is hot, I love his smile that’s if you’re trying to be cheesy. Anyways ain’t it weird how her boyfriend was on the boat while she was having this kind of conversation. We know someone who’s about to get dumped for a Ravenel. ☕️


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