Beyoncé blackmails for award ?

kanye-rants-again-about-b-and-jif you don’t know, you’re about to know now.  Kanye just ranted about his relationship with Jay-Z and Beyoncé AGAIN. Seems like queen B pulls strings to win awards which is not surprising. Apparently Drake and Kanye were suppose to win a certain award and Beyoncé told the network she wouldn’t perform if she didn’t win the award that was suppose to go to the two rappers…

britney-spears-speech-mtv-2011Have you forgotten Britney’speech when she was getting honored with the Michael Jackson Avanguard Award ? Britney Bitch could only talk about Beyoncé’s accomplishments…Somebody must’ve told her to talk about Queen B the entire time cause she barely spent a second talking about herself when she is the princess of pop. Everything she was praising Beyoncé for she did it too. Britney Spears has been in movies, she sings or should we say lipsincs but once upon a time she used to sing. Either way she’s a performer! Yet when it’s time to receive a prestigious award she can only talk about how great her competition is.


beyonce-grammy-2015Exhibit B. Pun intended. When is the last time you’ve seen Beyoncé perform somewhere and not win an award ? She did not perform at the Grammy’s  even though she was there. At the Bet Awards she did perform because guess what? They’ll do whatever to please her, unlike the Grammy’s who ain’t willing to give her whatever  award she wants. There’s a lot of politics aka shady shit in the music industry. Rappers get ghost writers, singers steal dance moves and now “blackmail” for awards ?

kanye-interrups-taylorIt might be a strong word because the networks do get more ratings when an artist like Beyoncé show up to perform, it’s logical that the artist should be compensated. But still when you think of awards you think this is the person’s peers saying: ” from the bottom of our hearts, we think you deserve this . We are praising you for your talent.” It’s not something that should be forced. Talent should recognize talent. Yes, B deserves all of her awards but other people should get the shine too. Maybe B didn’t win because of racist people even though it seems like there certain cetegories where black people don’t tend to be nominated in…but let’s just say they wanted to award people that i’ve been in the business but get no recognititon. It’s okay for other people to win which might be the reason why B lost to Taylor Swift a couple of years ago. Ain’t it  funny though that the Grammys does not surrender to the Queen B but it’s exactly what  Kanye was criticizing a while back. He did jump on stage and grabbed someone’s mic so he can tell the world how great Beyoncé was. So what now ? If Bey wins then she cheated and if she doesn’t then shit is rigged…hmmm. Honestly, it has always been rigged.

carters-and-westsSafe to say the Carters and the Wests are no longer friends that’s if they truly were. Kanye seems to be an intensed guy but still genuine and he probably really cared about Jay and Bey. There’s no way Yeezy would’ve intentionnaly hurt and betrayed his best friends so for him to put their dirty laundry on front streets, things are certainly not good between them. The Carters might not respect the Kardashian hustle or maybe they’re just not comfortable with their image being associated with Kim K. This might be the reason why they like Mrs West to be far away. Let’s just be honest, Jay Z and Beyoncé don’t do nothing for nothing. They were close to Kanye because he’s hot in music and it’s gonna make them tons of money.

kanye-and-jay-performingAs rap brothers, Kanye and Jay z made good cash together. It was a profitable relationship. As of now it no longer is. Kanye might just severe his ties with Tidal and talk shit about it. He cannot expect a phone call from the Carters anymore  especially when every of their private conversations are being talked about in concerts. Weirdly, Kim might be the best thing that happened to Kanye. He now realizes his “brother and sister” are not real family not even real friends.But to be fair, we don’t know what really happened because only Kanye is speaking. We are missing one side of the story here. Bey and Jay are gonna stay mute. They’re so big, they don’t make interviews anymore and they don’t rant during their concerts. This is something Kanye should be careful with. People don’t pay him to see him talk, they want him to rap. Why is he talking about the presidential election and saying he loves trump ?  For what?! So he can chill in the white house with him. Kim and Kris are probably  already calling the paparazzi, everybody gotta know they shook hands with The Donald. Maybe he can’t wait for Trump to make good decisions for the rich since he is part of the 1%. Either way, he needs to give his fans what they want. A concert consituted by a rant and three songs ain’t good  enough.


Secrets & Lies S2 E7: The statement

melanie-and-patrick-2I got a list of shows that I cannot stop watching even though I’m crazy busy and Secrets and Lies are one of them. Eric Warner is on this quest to finding the killer of his wife or finding a scapegoat that’s if you believe he is the killer. Right now the main suspect is Melanie. To be honest, the first time I saw her I thought she was the skanky girlfriend ready to shake some money off the young and self-destructive Warner kid, Patrick. Turns out she is a wife ! Nobody in the family likes her and daddy Warren made sure she signed a prenup.Sucks that she has to be judged because of her looks but she does give you the impression that she’s a prostitute…


patrick-feeling-rejectedWhen we heard of Neil being involved with an escort all of a sudden the wheels in my head started to turn. What if Melanie is the head of an escort agency ? Then we have her erasing footage of the night Kate died hmm.  Plus this million dollar scam, it just seemed too smart or too stupid for a guy like Patrick who I’ve come to see as a follower whose never been able to do anything on his own. He carries the name of a successful man but he just ain’t one. Apparently, he got into this shady business all on his own. He wanted to prove himself but at every turn he’d get a no from his father. Sadly, his ideas were never good enough. A growing jealousy since childhood brought him to make a stupid decision that could very well destroy the company. Patrick had no choice to come clean. He admitted everything to his brother and his excuse for his poor judgement is that he never had a chance cause all is given to the golden child and that would be Eric. The older brother responded that everything he had he worked for it and as for his luck well he got sent to Juvie when he was a teenager, his wife died and he has to deal with his baby brother screwing up. I think Eric doesn’t acknowledge the privileges he gets and how it can make Patrick feel like he’s unwanted and uncapable of anything. Can’t those bros help each other out ?

Secrets and Lies s2  ep7.png

As of now there’s no trust between them. Eric even doubts of his father who has a secret cellphone. A cancer center facility number popped up but the daddy denies that he has cancer. Oh and he even said that the cellphone ain’t his. Lies he tells because Eric went to see Mae the secretary to subtily confirm if his dad gave her a cellphone to trace but she didn’t know nothing about a phone being lost and found. This episode the patriarch made me question him. Not only he lied but we found out a little bit of the back story. This man left his children with their drunk and abusive mother. He loved that woman so much but was oblivious to what was going on at home. Maybe he actually knew and that’s why he chose to be an absentee dad. He can always hide by saying I didn’t know, I was working when in fact he was escaping his reality. As soon as Eric received a visit from his father who came back from a “business trip”, he did not hesitate to throw this in his face. Eric blames him for the way Patrick is, he actually said he saw many similiraties between Patrick and their parents. The baby brother flees reality like his daddy and drinks his life away like his mommy.

melanie-flirts-with-detectiveThis is where Melanie gets her power, she sees the cracks in this family and exploits it. Many times looks can be deceiving but Melanie is exactly what she looks like. Sometimes it walks like a duck because it is a duck.  Melanies gets brought to the interrogation room and all she tries to do is flirt with the detective. Whenever she gets in a fight with Eric, she always mentions the distance between the family and Eric and how it can only grow to be an ocean. This woman is sneaky but she should watch out cause her whorehouse might i’ve employed Carly the cop’s daughter. That man doesn’t play when it comes to his child. He did go in a house full of bodyguards , prostitutes and their clients just for his little girl. Plus he didn’t have a gun coming in but he managed kicking a couple of people’s asses with his bare hands. It was  superhero-ish to me. When he got his hands on a gun, he was scary to say the least. Now he is blackmailing a fellow cop who enjoys the services of prostitutes. Funny enough that Cornell was not the one who helped get that address, It was Eric who insists to be a part of this messed up situation. I completely understand why he’d want to help a father find his kid but he already has so much going on and the wrong move can bring him back to prison since he does have a past.

amanda-and-neil-get-it-onI love Amanda but she is a hot mess. Being a career woman is not all she is even though it appeared to be in the beginning.She desperately wants children and has been ready to do everything to make her dream come true. Unfortunately, this desperation killed her marriage. She went through many fertility treatments only to end up with failure. She’s going through a secret divorce ( not so secret anymore) and having good sex with her brother’s friend and business associate Neil. She doesn’t love him but he does. Waiting for those two to meet again. There was a minute, I thought Amanda could be the killer. She has tried to have a child and there was pregnant Kate who had abandonned her first-born. Jealousy is motive. Amanda is the brain of this family. The night Kate died, she quickly put away her feelings and wore her lawyer hat. Amanda knows how the system works therefore she knows how to manipulate it in her favor. But at the same time, I understand why she was so protective of her brother especially when they had relentless Cornell on the case.

cornell-cries-for-daughterIn season 2,we are seeing a deeper side of Cornell. She’s a divorcee who is living with the scars of watching her partner die before her eyes.Now she has this daughter who is fighting for her sobriety but always ends up failing. It pains Cornell to not be able to help her daughter, Jennifer. Who would’ve known this cold woman actually had a heart? Seeing her sick and worried waiting for her little girl made her seem a bit more human. Last episode her ex-husband was shrinking her and in this one it was her turn to shrink him. She told him nothing was his fault each and everyone of them played a part when it comes to Jennifer’s troubles. The breath of relief she took when she  received a call from her daughter saying she’s in rehab and the scene in the visit room got me teary eyed. Cornell did not put her child in prison because she needed to follow the law, she did it because she truly thought these bars would save her daughter’s life. Hearing Andrea Cornell the criminal chaser say “” I’d rather have you hate me then lose you.” got me to put a hand on my chest. It was truly touching. My only problem is… it’s harder to hate her now! Jeez.


Blac Chyna VS Wendy Williams

You gotta be living under a rock if you didn’t know that Blac Chyna read Wendy Williams her rights. As you may know Wendy shared her opinions on Rob and Blac Chyna’s relationship. Let’s just say  Chyna didn’t like this too much. What’s surprising is that she didn’t call the host Wendell like many do. If you wanna know what she said check below!


Bold and Beautiful: Old Quinn is Back

Before there was a Quinn Forrester, there was a Quinn Fuller. People tend to forgive or forget her past. As of now she warms you up with her devotion for Eric. Those water works definetely make us feel bad for her. Especially when we got the Forresters treating her like trash when they KNOW she’s the powerful one. Let’s not get blinded by Quinn’s newfound heart though. She’s in love with Eric, she takes care of him and she wants the best for him. Fine. But has she truly changed ?

Ain’t this the most important question ?! Has she changed ? She’s doing a good job of showing that she did. But if Eric dies or it doesn’t work out with her and Eric, would it be unbelievable if she went back to her old ways ? This woman has had over 30 years of bad behavior. Wyatt has even said: “you owe me my childhood”. Which is a very strong statement coming from an only child who loves his mother. She has done so much on screen already , can you imagine what she has done off-screen? Most of her adult life, Quinn has stolen, killed or attempted to kill someone to get what she wants.

All of sudden comes Deacon Sharpe, she calms down. No one really bought it but she seemed to not want to cause trouble. Without warning it’s over between her and Deacon.  Then came this opportunity  to kidnapp Liam and possibly take him out without anyone knowing. Surprisingly, Liam turned into Adam brought a different side to Quinn. We had a piece of her childhood. She never had the chance to grow up in a loving home. Both parents wanted to get rid of her. A prostitute as a mother and an asshole as a father, she never understood love. This Adam she created loved her , she became better but she did have to kill her ex-husband to leave no proof behind. This act made sure we could only see her as a delusionnal individual. She looked at Liam…Adam with so much love. She took care of him but she was stripping him of his identity. Not once did she think of letting him go. Not once did she think of the man she has loved and killed, her ex-husband. She killed him and not ONE thought about him. Shocked she was when he opened the door to the closet she was trapped in. Did she bother to apologize ? Yeah but she didn’t mean a single word. It was more like ”Don’t take it  to heart , you are alive so no issue”kind of apology. Effortless to kill. Effortless to lie.  She chased Liam, begged him to be with her and once she realized there was no chance of that happening she put all of her attention back to her son.

Six months later came Eric. No one saw that one coming. How did that whole love affair started ? Hard to know since it all happened off-screen. Some believe from A to Z it was genuine but no one should take Quinn or Eric’s word for it. One is easily manipulated, the other lies so much she starts to believe her own lies are the truth. Should the Forresters be worried about the patriach of their family ? Absolutely. They are all connected to Eric. If he makes a bad business decision, the whole family suffers. We are talking millions of dollars, a family business and multiple properties here. As much as we want to believe marriage is all about love it is also a contract. So much is at stake.Quinn is not a regular woman, there’s no way to know what she’ll do next. You might have not noticed it but she has been C.E.O of Forrester Creations. She’s the one who put Eric on that C.E.O seat. Honestly, Eric didn’t know if he wanted the position til Quinn planted that idea. For the longest time, he wanted to rest, travel and see the world with his brother. He is back at FC and there’s nothing wrong with that. The issue is Quinn was there to give him a little push. Then this woman got herself a job. How Eric being C.E.O could benefit Quinn ? Right after he gets his position back, his first decision is to revive a whole departement ( jewlery) and hire Quinn to run it… A woman everybody hates…A woman that brings conflict…Having a new woman to have sex with and share the joy of life with does not mean you bring her to your place of business. Then Ivy Forrester comes back and instead of going to see the C.E.O for a job, she went to see the girlfriend…Which means Ivy understood Uncle Eric would be heavily influenced by his new poom-poom.

Not convinced yet ? Name one thing Eric did that had NOTHING to do with Quinn. Just one decision that he has made. This woman can divide the Forresters.. Right now it’s Eric and Quinn against the world but at some point the kids will start disagreeing with one another. This is when she picks sides and pits a child or grandchild against a family member. There’s so many ways Quinn could use this whole thing in her advantage. Eric has never been  a strong man many have called him weak and pathetic. He married Sheila Carter, Brooke Logan, Stephanie Forrester and many more. What do these woman have in common ? They wanted something, they came after it ferociously and they took it without apologies. They are all strong women and Eric has been played by all of them. Quinn might just do the same because it is just that easy.

Breastfeeding scandal

breastfeeding scandal.pngThis mother whose name is Melissa Jean posted a picture of her breastfeeding her baby which made some people uncomfortable since Instagram decided to remove her account. Miss Jean went to Facebook so she could vent and this is what she said: “How ironic that the very day ‘World Breastfeeding Week’ began, my business was removed from Instagram. There will always be sad humans who report my images but I will NEVER let this stop me celebrating & normalizing the miracle of life heart emoticon #bringbackmelissajeanbabies #bringbackmelissajean”

Bbreastfeeding scandal 2reasts have been sexualized therefore seeing them”hanging out”, sucked on for recreational purposes or seeing them do what they’re suppose to do, feeding the babies, make us feel uneasy. Melissa Jean is also a business woman which means this picture is about getting attention for business purposes.Quite frankly if you want to be seen especially in a world where everybody wants attention ,you have to be shocking. She knew by posting these kinds of pictures she’d get a reaction from people. What she has done is very good for her business. A lot of people  didn’t know her, now  they do  because of this “scandal”. She’s getting free promo and it’s bueno.


Swiftly lying

 Don’t F*ck with my man beesh !!

Kim and Kanye

This is beautiful. Taylor Swift the queen of the victim-ish look just got caught in a lie. She stated that she didn’t know anything about Kanye’s rap verse: “For all my southside niggas that know me best, I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous”. In the video below which was released by Kim Kardashian we hear Kanye’s conversation with Taylor. The appreciative blond thanks Kanye for the heads up and she even says that she will tell the world that she knew about this and she’s fine with it. So what was the point of her speech at the Grammys ?

Taylor liesThis girl knew what she was doing when she said: ” They are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success, take credit for your accomplishments or your fame but if you focus on the work and you don’t let these people sidetrack  you,someday when you get where you’re going you’ll look around and you will know it was you…”

Beesh Please

Tori Kelly shade face

Sweet little Taylor ain’t sweet in our eyes anymore. She did LIE. Now, it’s possible that after thinking about it she no longer agreed with Kanye spitting that verse or she didn’t like this one line: I made that bitch famous maybe she didn’t like the video much. In the end, she could’ve said that to the public: I agreed to it or I knew about parts of the song but once I saw the video and heard the whole song It horrified me. We would’ve all understood after all she is the american sweetheart. Now we see what all of her exes were talking about and we’re looking at her like beesh youse a lie.

Kanye and Taylor

Well Swift and the Wests might no longer be friends but we will wait for their reunion. Honestly, seeing them at grammy awards together when they are ennemies will be good for ratings and magazines sales.


Should Liam pursue Steffy?

Liam kisses steffyLove is something we see in Steffy’s eyes whenever she is in the same room as Liam. There’s no doubt she wants him and he wants her too. Now she is married and screwing up a marriage is never a good thing to do. But is this a real marriage ? Apparently papers were signed and everything was done “right’. Marriage is not just about papers, it’s about love, respect and commitment. Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage lack of 2 out of 3. Continue reading

Bold and Beautiful: Call that Bitch

We heard Bill telling Alison to take Will but we didn’t think it was a one way trip. Katie is a wreck, she lost her husband and also her child. There’s no way of knowing if or when will Katie see her son. It might seem like an exageration to call this kidnapping but it is. Bill shamelessly said he was a rich, powerful man who had judges in his Pocket and then left without telling the mother where her child would be sleeping at.


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