First Lady of Forrester Creations

Quinn thinking.pngMost of you already know how I feel but I want to clarify my point of view. Quinn is a witchy-beautiful-talented-scheming woman who has been devoted to one person her entire life and that would be Wyatt.It might seem like she’s a very selfish woman who just listens to her impulses but her “spontaneity” is very calculated . It’s hard to know if she truly targeted Eric since we didn’t see how their relationship started. Did she truly come to Eric so she could have her job back ? It’s not impossible. People respect Eric and he is the founder of  Forrester Creations. Now there’s just one thing that is leaving me perplexed. At the time, Eric was not C.E.O, Ridge was… and we all know no matter what, Ridge would’ve NEVER reinstated Quinn. What would make Quinn believe that A. Eric would go to battle for her and that B. He would win ?

Quinn lingerieI guess that leaves us with the second option. Quinn planned to seduce Eric, make him fall in love so he could be blind to all of her future schemes that would, of course, involve our Dear Steffy. By being the First Lady of Forrester Creations or like I love to say the Mrs C.E.O she gets to make decisions that impact the company but also the family. Quinn is putting herself in a position of power. There’s no way that she will sacrifice that even for her son. Why would she leave the city ? So she can be a lonely broke bitch ? Wyatt is gonna be too busy with wifey to check up on his mommy and she’s lucky if he sends her some money… Right now, she got a man at her feet. Eric sets up romantic dinners, plays piano for her, compliments her and they drink champagne like it’s water. Quinn is way more powerful than all of the Forresters and she is not a wife  but a girlfriend. She only needs to shower Eric with compliments, bat an eye, smile or cry to get what she wants. Mr Eric Forrester is the most powerful man right now but at the same time he is the weakest. If Eric makes the mistake of putting a ring on it, Quinn can easily pull a Brooke which means get a divorce and get half of everything. Pretty sure, Stephanie is rolling, hollering in her grave.

quinn and eric kiss.pngOkay I’ll play nice. Maybe a desperate Quinn went to see Eric, she figured she had nothing to lose. If she has the patriach of this family to accept her then maybe the entire clan will follow. They all sheeps anyways… It didn’t turn out this way. She started to talk to Eric and they were learning about each other’s life stories, they laughed and bonded over their mistakes, their regrets and their passion for fashion. One thing led to another and they couldn’t stop it.

Or we are half right and Quinn half lied. It could’ve been a scheme and then she truly fell for Eric or is about to fall for him. In that case, it’s a win-win. She got her job back and now she knows that if she smiles hard enough she can be president or even Co-CEO while being rich and in love. Steffy can be tossed like Ridge with the snap of a finger. But what role will Ivy play in this ? Will she be Quinn’s ally or will she team up with Steffy ?  In two weeks, we will know what’s up but for now we will just enjoy Quinn telling Wyatt: I pick ME , Fuck your happiness and your hanging by a thread marriage.

Ivy is BACK!!!

ashleigh 4Oh Miss Ivy Forrester will be back ! This #WhereIsIvy put some  pressure on B&B’s shoulders that’s for sure. Even though Ivy’s fans got what they wanted. It’s very important that the people understand social media is their power. If you want something to happen, you have to press their behind and never stop even if  they look unbothered cause behind close doors they are panicking.

Here’s the receipts !

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Should Liam pursue Steffy?

Liam kisses steffyLove is something we see in Steffy’s eyes whenever she is in the same room as Liam. There’s no doubt she wants him and he wants her too. Now she is married and screwing up a marriage is never a good thing to do. But is this a real marriage ? Apparently papers were signed and everything was done “right’. Marriage is not just about papers, it’s about love, respect and commitment. Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage lack of 2 out of 3. Continue reading

B&B:7/8/16 I’ll remember the Good Things

Finally, the truth is out. Katie rips into Brooke the nicest way.She goes deep into their past and acknowledges how their father’s absence hurt them but she made sure Brooke understood that she was not the only one affected. Although, they were three kids suffering Brooke was the main one to react in such a destructive way. Katie even went as far to call Brooke “the slut from the valley” who could not resist her husband’s sister because it was innapproriate. It implies that Brooke is attracted to everything that’s forbidden.Stephanie is probably clapping from heaven while The seductress was gutted. Heartbroken but relieved that she was not insane, Katie mentions how she understood why Liam’s mother and Quinn kept their kids away from Bill and she also adds she should do the same. It is fair to assume we will soon see an ugly custody battle over Will. Brooke jumped to defend her lover, she tried to get all of the blame ” it’s my fault, the way I seduce man you said so yourself”.  It doesn’t take two to tango?! She even offered to go away as if this was a real solution. Katie was no fool and didn’t take that has an option. Katie is done. She told Brooke…

she didn’t want Bill no more! No More!? NOOOOO MOOOORE!



“Go ahead call me a whore, I know that’s what you think of me.” That’s what Brooke said but  I’m pretty sure some of us thought she was gonna say “Call me a whore because that’s what I am”.  This would’ve gotten us on the floor but we can’t really expect of Brooke to call herself out. Katie had nothing else to add, it was time for good bye so this is how she ended it. ” I’m gonna remember the best things about you, your beauty, your laugh, the way  the light seems to find you. You shine so bright.” She is hugging her and we are all on the edge of our seat yelling “Bitch you better not forgive her. Not after this!” but Katie does not disappoint she said “You will always be my sister cause we share the same blood but this is good bye. Good bye Brooke. “Katie left peacefully while Becky With The Good Hair was crying a river like she usually does.

B&B: 7/6/16 Stepson and friend

This was an heartbreaking episode. We watched Katie doubting herself more than ever just because her hubby and sister can’t stay away from each other. Bill is showing how much of an asshole he truly is. He has a ” fuck Brooke” room and still has the audacity to tell Katie she is imagining shit. He is even making speeches about their relationship in front of the family as if he was not trying to get in bed with Brooke an hour ago.

shaking head

This is sickening. Betraying your wife in that manner and barely feeling guilty about it. It’s a new low. Fortunately, we have Liam who has an ounce of decency. He wants Bill to tell the truth … We all know this ain’t gonna happen but Brooke who sorta has a conscious might. That’s what Liam thinks since he went straight to Forrester Creation. He wanted a chat with the  seductress. Brooke appeared ashamed and tortured, that never stops her from locking lips with her lover though… but at least this is something. Liam makes her step-mommy’s sister understand that the truth needs to be told. By keeping this secret, they are mentally torturing Katie who deep down knows what’s going on.

Dollar Bill had to call, he is wondering why his mistress is not coming to this family get-together…

So twisted. Brooke admitted to be in presence of Liam and Bill’s response was ” don’t let him convince you of doing anything, I’ll get him in line”. Brooke is threatening to hung up so Bill says ” Brooke wait” This is when Katie shows up and asks about who he is talking to. Dollar Bill had to lie and say it was the office. She heard Bill saying Brooke’s name so how can it be the office. Is she imagining things or Bill is lying ? She keeps hearing Brooke’s voice saying that Bill is the greatest love of her life. She can see them kiss. Lost and confused Katie took a drink and walked all the way to Liam’s house.

In her eyes, Liam is not only a stepson but a friend. This is why she begs him to tell her if she is crazy or she is right.Help me she says and we can see how Liam is torn between telling the truth or shutting his mouth.

What do you think he’ll do ?


The bold and the beautiful: 3/7/16 Rick on the HUNT! review

If you watched today’s episode you either were laughing or raising your eyebrows. Rick is still mad at Ridge. After all, this is the story of his life. He tried to call his big brother out by saying ”you planned this, you played me and you’re probably doing sneaky things to other people.” Ridge was dismissive, he couldn’t careless. This scene is pretty similar to Thomas and Wyatt’s. Rick is trying to pee on his territory, showing that it is his and just like Wyatt he was ignored. While, they are having this ”profound” conversation, Thomas is at the house with Caroline asking permission to eat food… It’s bizarre to say the least, Thomas is living in the guest house. For many years, people who have lived in the guest house would go to the main house to get a bottle of champagne or just eat. When Rick was living in the guest house with Caroline, he would pass through the main house to get to his place. This is how Ivy got the opportunity to confront him about the mistress he was keeping in a luxuriuous appartement Anyways, Thomas asked for permission and he got it from LadY Caroline. He was about to leave when she started to have contractions. For a minute we thought, Thomas would help bring his baby into this world. Caroline wouldn’t let that happen because her first call was not to her midwife but Ridge! He came running, leaving Rick in charge. Thomas was so happy that he would get to witness the whole thing but Ridge said” it’s a private moment” meaning you stay downstairs while I Watch Caroline give birth to YOUR child..

Meanwhile, Ricky boy is sitting comfortably on the C.E.O seat. When Eric came in, he couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk badly about Ridge. He had to stand up and do some whinning. This boy had the nerve to call Ridge controlling and manipulative. You would think Rick fell on his head just like Liam because he is forgetting how HE got to be C.E.O. He planned the whole thing, he even got himself a lawyer. Rick used his tears to get Eric to sign papers that would ensure he’d stay C.E.O for a year. Eric fell for the ”daddy support me” speech like he always does. Honestly, this is how Rick got most of the things he got in life. After manipulative Rick got what he wanted he became high on power. How many times did he belittle people or threaten to fire them ? Even Carter had to tell him” If you’re thinking of firing me,according to my contract, you can’t, that says a lot about the work environnement. It was awful.

We can see in Rick’s eyes the Hunger for Power, he wants to be boss again.He is going to be looking for a way to kick Ridge out luckily there is a secret ready to be discovered. Tic-Toc. It’s about to blow up.


Adam VS Liam

Some people seem to like Adam more than Liam. Funny because they are both the same litteraly. Honestly, Adam is way worst than Liam. No memory yet he is not trying to find out who he is…Yes, he did ask for his name but not for his family name. Right now he is just Adam…Adam married to Eve and they are living in cabin paradise.


Really…Like Really ?! There’s soooo many questions to ask like: Do I have parents ? Where are my friends? Do I work ? Bills don’t get paid on their own ! You would think he’d wonder why no one came to visit him. Quinn did say his friends gave him a hard time when they found out he fell for a woman named Eve. Where are those friends ? Since he is feeling Dizzy and sleeping for hours It would be smart to ask to go to the hospital.

Adam is Liam. Everything he is saying to Quinn he would say it to Steffy too. Plus, he still has the hero complex. ”Somebody is bothering you, let me take care of this I’m your husband, give me the phone” but then he has to be coached cause he doesn’t know what to say…


Not only he is drinking Quinn’s words like he’s stuck on a desert. He is letting her control him. Liam is a weak man but this is a new level. He cannot think for himself. Why does he need to record his voice instead of talking to the prankcaller ? And why can’t he say: Leave my WIFE alone ? Why does it have to be ”general” like Quinn suggested? Too many things that don’t fit. Liam doesn’t have a wallet, no cellphone and no pictures of himself with or without ”Eve”. Heck, NO pictures at all in this place. Didn’t Quinn say they just moved ? Where are the GODDAMN boxes ?! Where are his clothes ?

Ring, Ring,Ring we are calling for Liam’s brain or maybe for Ivy cause who can save him if it’s not her ? Liam can’t save himself, he just does what he is told like usual. Eve might as well give him an apple cause that boy will bite.



Selfish Nicole or Greedy Sasha


Little Nicole might  not be a fool ?! She knew Miss Sasha Fierce came for more than a job. Frankly, Sasha is after Nicole’s life she wants the job, the man and Papa Avant. Some say that Nicole is selfish , it’s very hard to understand since we’ve watched Sasha leave the Forrester mansion so she can sneak back in.

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