Biggie’s mom VS Kendall & Kylie Jenner

After endorsing events like the Lyfe festival or being accused of stealing people’s designs, the Kardashians/Jenners are back in the news. This time Kendall and Kylie Jenner have used Tupac and Notorious Big’s faces by putting them on tee-shirts. They did that without even looking for their estate’s permission. Basically, they wanted to use those DEAD rappers’ likeness to make money. Voletta Wallace, Biggie’s mom decided to write an instragram post to let people know what’s going.

KardahJenner drama

She said the following:

I am not sure who told @kyliejenner and @kendalljenner that they had the right to do this.  The disrespect of these girls to not even reach out to me or anyone connected to the estate baffles me.  I have no idea why they feel they can exploit the deaths of 2pac and my Son Christopher to sell a t-shirt.  This is disrespectful , disgusting, and exploitation at its worst!!!”

Then quickly Kendall apologized on twitter.

KardashJenner apology

This is not the Jenners first mistake or the last.It’s funny how they are filthy rich but still would put out not “well thought out” designs so they can get a quick buck. They have a whole team to think for them how come all these people on payroll let that ish go ?…Luckily they’ve done well with that apology.


Southern Charm: Thomas a bad daddy?

Kathryn finding out 2The episode opens up with London organizing a party as if she is the lady of the house. But Thomas and her are just friends…And she’s in a relationship with that Drew guy but she can’t even fake a kiss with him.🤔 I’d pay to watch Kathryn watch the show cause I’m pretty sure she’s loosing her mind. Thomas is clearly taking shots at her when he says things like :  ” I need a step mother for my children, I need someone that knows how to behave, Landon is good in the kitchen unlike other women I have dated” And Bravo is being shady with those flashbacks. My favorite one was when Thomas said my reputation precedes me and we get the flashback of Kathryn yelling and chasing after Thomas. 🤣

Chelsea and AustenWe got new characters on the show like Austen, Shep’s protégé and Chelsea. Anyone that has Shep has a mentor I cannot take seriously. Why would anyone want to be like Shep ? Granted he is rich but that’s about it. What does he do with his life ? Drink, fuck girls and make money…Not a role model !I kinda like Chelsea though, she’s not letting herself be played by Shep. Since he’s not being serious she moved on to the wanna-be-Shep. She arrived at the party with him, she’s flirting and having a good time. Can’t blame a girl for playing a player. However, she needs to understand none of those boys are good. Austin doesn’t have his shit together and Shep is taking notes from Prince William’s book and waiting to be bald before getting married. But the only one I have issues with his Austin. Why are you playing on your friend’s territory ? Anyone knows about bro code or just loyalty ? As soon as you heard that your boy was locking lips with the chick, you should’ve at least called him just to say are you cool with me dating her. What’s up with him talking to his roommate about the situation instead of his ”mentor”…But at the same time, Shep screws everything that moves and he did not appear to be serious about Chelsea until he heard baby girl was getting busy with the younger version of him. That’s what bugs him. He’s getting dusty meaning he’s about to get  forced into retirement and his protégé is in his prime time so he has many years of catching girls in bars.

One guy that gives us the drama that we need is Craig. Gotta love this man for speaking his mind. The others are very careful with the words that come out of their mouth. It seems like no matter what Cameron will back up Whitney.  And when it comes to Craig everyone doesn’t mind siding against him and shitting on him. He’s the easy target. We’ve seen on the previous episodes, he has not changed much. Still not a lawyer, clearly he doesn’t know what to do with his life. Everyone loves to judge him and the ones that are the harshest are the rich ones who get to sit down and drink their lives away. Naomie has the right to be worried cause her life is link to his if she stays in a relationship with him.  Sometimes she gets mad at him and forget it’s not always his fault. She got mad at him for not printing something for the foundation but this is her foundation, her job why is she blaming him ? She gave her responsibility away to her unreliable boyfriend  then things get wrong and she’s mad. Baby girl fucked herself by not taking care of shit on her own.

Thomas polo matchThen comes the polo party match and she sides against Craig like the others. Yes, Craig was getting in Thomas’ business but let’s not act as if  this crew doesn’t get in his business. Craig’s point made sense. Thomas was sitting down  when he learned that his children were leaving he didn’t even wave good bye. Heck he didn’t flinch when Craig told him that his daughter was calling for him. It’s understandable that Thomas was tired he just left the field and children are a lot. However, let’s not pretend he doesn’t have nannies on rotation. Plus, he is in a custody battle and it’s obvious he is using the show to discredit Kathryn as a mother so that means he knows he’s being filmed and this could be used against him. Ignoring your daughter  doesn’t look good. I guess in the moment, he didn’t think about it. Landon playing the role of Grande Dame didn’t think anything of it. Hey she’s trying to get a ring, she can’t possibly have an opinion.

But this episode, she did admit to being attracted to Thomas well not exactly. Whitney the matchmaker implied that Landon is attracted Thomas to that she answered yes we like the same thing horses and architecture. In a way, this response didn’t make sense when someone asks you if you’re attracted to someone, you think physical like he is hot, I love his smile that’s if you’re trying to be cheesy. Anyways ain’t it weird how her boyfriend was on the boat while she was having this kind of conversation. We know someone who’s about to get dumped for a Ravenel. ☕️


Southern Charm: Fowl Play

Southern Charm kath upset with jen n thomasCan someone give Kathryn the B-I-T-C-H award. She sat through her friend Jennifer telling her how afraid she was for her son’s life and the cold hearted bitch showed no emotion at all. And now she wants to be upset because Jennifer invited Thomas and not her to a party. Since Kathryn’s main focus is getting back her kids, she can’t stay mad at her former BFF. She has gone to meet Kensie’s godparents who she has shamelessly mistreated in the past to tell them that Thomas has reached out and she’s thinking of meeting him .  Oh Lord I can’t wait for her to find out about Landon and Thomas. Someone’s ass gonna get torched.

Southern Charm- stressed gif

Talking about Landon, she’s having tea with her matchmaker, Patricia. Of course their main topic was Thomas.  We litteraly had the senior golddigger giving tips to the golddigger wanna-be. If Thomas makes the mistake of marrying her just to spite Kathryn, he better not be foolish and ask the future Mrs Ravenel to sign a prenup. As much as Landon is sweet, she is not financially independent. She cannot give herself that good life therefore Shep or Thomas are good targets. I’m surprised she has not tried to get with Withney though. I guess no golddigers for Patty’s son…

Southern charm- pressed lips

Southern Charm landon and AustenAt the getaway Landon didn’t seem able to focus on the rich dude…She was all over Austen! She loves young and dumb men with no dollars in their pockets but she wants the high class kind of life. Not enough lessons with Dame Patricia I guess. Shep, who has his eyes on anything related to Chelsea and Austen, noticed how close Landon and Austen were.

Southern Charm shep warns cam about lan and ausProbably hoping Cameron would put her matchmaker hat again, Shep made sure she was aware of Landon’s behavior toward Austen. I wonder if Chelsea also saw something worrisome. Landon was touchy touchy and giggling! This girl knows how to get herself in a love triangle.

Southern Charm Naomie tiredNow on to Craig and Naomie who are having issues. Craig feels like his partner is gossiping about him and their relationship. Naomie feels like she has done nothing wrong and she is demanding an apology for the way she has been spoken to. I think what Naomie is failing to understand is the fact that these people she’s conversing with LOVE to criticize Craig, they do not miss an opportunity.

Southern Charm Craig workingBy giving these “friends” information, she’s actually giving them ammunitions against him. However, Craig has no right to diminush his girlfriend. Calling her a child, a spoiled brat is a no-no especially when that “child’s” parents are the ones providing you with a home. Maybe that’s where the anger stems from. He is jobless with no purpose and his woman is actually right on track with her life.

In the end, they all had a good time. Naomie and Craig didn’t argue ! Shep started drinking again maybe because he can see in front of his eyes, lovely Chelsea with the younger version of him. It has to sting to not be picked. Chelsea appears to have gotten laid. Bra and pants on the couch. Hmmm. However, she told Austen she doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship. Oh this girl plays games and I love it but she should be careful since Landon is single…

Summer House: S1 Ep 7 Sprained relationships



You thought Lauren was gonna move on and forget about Carl. Hell naw. She’s getting herself deeper in the shitty hole just in front of her sis who assists powerless to her twin’s stupidity.  Again, Lauren had to have a talk with Carl. Why does she think she’s owed a conversation ? She’s calling whats between them having fun. She sat down with this boy and said well we had fun but at my friend birthday party you decided to have fun with two other girls what’s up with that?- This girl needs to understand, she’s not a girlfriend and she is not dating him either. What caught my attention and made me think maybe they did more than flirting was when lauren said: “I never said we were dating but we’ve gone more than flirting. You flirted with Jaclyn in the house and other people and they’re not having sleepovers in your bed.”  It’s more understandable why she caught feels. Carl is playing games.

Instead of owning up to the fact that he’s not into Lauren or not ready for whatever she got,he is blaming it on our dear gossip girl aka Cristina.  I don’t like her much however the bitch tells the truth whenever she reports some gossip. She was not exaggerating when she said to Carl that if he sleeps in a room with Jaclyn miss Lauren would have an issue. Didn’t we see Lauren cry over this dude ? This girl is trying to act like she’s not a coo-coo bitch but she is. After 3 weeks, she wants at least to be a girlfriend so she can move on to be wifey. Ain’t nobody introducing a man to their family and not expecting more out of their”having fun” relationship. If it’s not enough Cristina is being accused of exaggerating the “flirtation” at the bonfire. Carl and Jaclyn were flirting, all that sexual undertone conversation they were having made me think I was gonna see some bed action and all hell was gonna break loose.




Watching Lauren’s behaviour makes me feel like she’s not a good friend. She would put a man even a potential hook up before a friend. This dude don’t give two fucks about her but since she wants to look like a cool chick in front of him, she’s ready to mess with a good girlfriend who I believe had her back. Cristina might’ve not been good to Lindsay but she definetely was there for that ungrateful twin.

Now on to Ashley who got her ankle torn at Everett’s event. It was great to see everybody participating and showing respect to the vets. However watching Ashley complain was hurting my ears. You could feel, she was gonna become a diva. I have to admit it wasn’t that bad. She facetimed her husband who was not as supportive as he should be. With his attitude you kinda felt like he wanted to say: girl you should’ve stayed yo ass home. It’s too late for your ankle but you can always come home and be a wife. I was thinking hmm don’t want her home right now unless you’re okay with helping her get dressed up or undressed. Too much work. Ashley was crying because this was the last summer she’d get to spend with her sister after that she’d have to go live this married life. I have to agree with the hubby, at some point they have to separate and lead their own lives. But Lauren could always join them in California. Would Brad be okay with that though ?


twins sister separation needed.gif


Sigh. Gotta talk about this dysfonctionnal couple that is taking so much energy. We got Stephen saying Everett told him that he slept with four people in a bed. Code for he slept with girls in a bed… hmmm. Can we take a minute to talk about Stephen not giving two fucks about the bro code ? He doesn’t want to betray Carl but he easily betrays Everett. Just like Cristina he is looking like the jealous friend who wants company in his misery. Lindsay went to confront her fiancé but he assured her nothing happened, he woke up next to Nate whoever that is. Then we get to the confessional where Lindsay said: “If Everett ever cheated on me, he’d lose the best thing that ever happened to him”. Not too sure about that. Lindsay would be mad, throw a fit, Everett would beg for forgiveness only to regret it cause once she “forgives” him, she’ll throw this incident in his face every goddamn time. What a fabulous life. Anyways, he outted himself by trying to call out Stephen for lying when in fact he was the one who was lying. He tried to deflect, he even had the audacity to say to his woman she should evaluate her behaviour for once. Then this thought comes in mind boy you need to evaluate how important your balls are to you because they are about to get chopped. Lindsay stormed out of dinner warning Everett that she’ll be sleeping in another man’s bed.

Definetely, throwing an event and succeeding with your partner does not mean you guys can survive anything.  Just the fact, she’s not sure they can get along for an event says everything.  I love seeing them wanting to make it work and fighting for their relationship. It’s easy to throw the towel however sometimes it is hard to give up. Whatever is the hardest to do, that’s what they NEED to do. If they are gonna stay together, they should at least go to therapy.




Last but not least…Lies I tell. Kyle has been working hard but sleeping alone during the week-ends. He surely misses Amanda. Can we roll our eyes on that one please ? I have nothing bad to say when it comes Kyle’s aspirations. I see him work and give his 100%. I love the fact that he has a goal and he is trying his hardest to get there. My issue is with Amanda he’s being dick. He has been emotionnaly tormenting this young woman cause he is trying to have the cake, the chicken and everything else. This girl clearly loves his old ass. Let’s not forget he is ten years older than her. She can have whatever she wants but no she wants him, a man who still has to “hustle” at 34. He has to make a choice either he makes it official or he says good-bye.  If he doesn’t do any of those two, I hope Amanda stands up for herself and tells him to kiss her young 24 year old ass good-bye.


RHOA: Kandi VS Phaedra


This episode of Real housewives ATL was hellaaa good but I didn’t feel like I got some new tea.Cynthia got her titties check and they are good. I didn’t understand why she needed all of the women to be there. One or two girlfriends is fine but more than that it’s a crowd. But I guess, we should be thankful she did it that way because Kandi was there to spill Phaedra’s sweet tea. She said that her ex-best friend was not heartbroken to see Apollo go since she was dating and planning to marry another guy once he went asunder. The ladies were feeling like this tea was pipping hot but didn’t we know about this already ?… A while back, Phaedra was accused to be having an affair with Mr. Chocolate. But I guess this information coming from an ex-best friend make us feel like it’s a confirmation. Now  from our glass houses ,we can throw stones at miss Phae Phae.

rhoa-phaedra-spills-tea-biAs soon as Phaedra heard that Kandi was spilling her tea, she decided to spill Kandi’s. Phaedra is claiming that Shamea is  Kandi’s lover, mistress, girlfriend whatever you want to call it ! Phae-Phae went as far to say, Todd also gets some Shamea from time to time because they do threesomes. The only thing that is a bit confusing is the fact that Shamea is married. Yes two girls fucking fits the male fantasy but no man likes to know that another man gets to fuck his wife on the regular… anyways Kandi enjoying the kitty cat ain’t news to me. Didn’t she have a little something with Porsha ? Hmmm. Ms Williams is acting as if she knows a few things but since she’s been participating she can’t say a word.

Honestly, Kandi and Phaedra need to end their beef but in order for it to happen Phae Phae needs to be real. Often what happens with Phaedra is she says everything is fine but then she shit-talks Kandi behind her back. And of course, she has no problem hugging and kissing her old friend as if nothing happened. I think that’s what aggravates Kandi, she hates dealing with cameleons. As for Phaedra, she’s more about public image.

rhoa-chateau-shereeNow on to lighter things, Sheree is about to stick it to Kenya. Château Sheree is being furnished and of course there will be a party once it is ready. Kenya is going to regret starting that competition. Maybe I’m talking too fast, I need that château to be really done cause we never know with Sheree. Did she call the plumber ?


Summer House: Tities out and still can’t get Carl

summer-house-group-shot-2Summer house was the new reality tv show I wasn’t too sure about. The concept was a group of rich people approaching their 30’s trying to get it right…No wonder I thought this was not tv material however I have grown to like it. I guess Summer house is an acquired taste.



lauren-long-convo-with-carlI’m not a fan of the twins but they’re saving the show well Lauren is saving the show with her obsession with Carl. How the hell does a girl act crazy in love after only two weeks of “dating”?! Technically those two weeks are two week-ends…LOL. Unless they edited stuff wrong, it appears that Lauren is overreacting. Carl lying about having a date for a wedding is no reason for her to be pissed off. It would be understandable if she felt like he was not the guy for her or that she wanted to take her distance.But for her to literally  have a long conversation about how she felt like he acted “wrongly” is just crazy. She probably turned Carl all the way off with her behavior.

lauren-boobs-out-for-carlWhat should make heads tilt a little is the fact that Carl doesn’t tell Lauren that he is no longer interested in her. He might’ve decided to say nothing out of fear or because we need a goddamn show or maybe he likes the attention that desperate Lauren gives him either way he’s gonna have a problem if he doesn’t do something soon. I mean the girl is walking with her titties out just so this boy can say wifey material.

twinss-parentsWhat is more shocking though is that she talked about Carl to her parents ! I was screaming at my TV : ” Girl you are barely dating that boy. ” It’s unbelievable she would think of introducing a guy she got infatuated with two weeks ago. Right now he’s talking about sleeping in the same bed as Jacqueline.

jacki-and-carl-flirtAll hell is gonna break loose. Jacqui is  a nice girl with a traditionnal upbringing plus she goes with the flow. There’s no stress with her. I guess Lauren got serious competition. She’s gonna regret telling her daddy about her non-boyfriend.  As much as I understand Lauren’s situation, I feel like she needs to be alone and fix herself. She probably feeling a lot of pressure to find a husband/provider just like her twin sister did. Someone who has a good job and that will fight and provide for her if it comes to that. There’s a chance that she’s comparing herself to her sister a lot. It has to be difficult to be a twin  because you’re always trying to find your own identity. One thing I don’t like about them is these bitches can’t fight their own battles. Ain’t no man trying to deal with that kind stuff ? Heck ain’t no friends trying to deal with that shit.  If Carl gets with Lauren then he has to deal with the twin AND the twin’s husband. Maybe Brad won’t get involve but it looks like Ash likes it when hubby gets in the mess with her.

Now on to Lindsay and Everret. First of all they are very dysfonctionnal. I love how they are ride or die kind of people but still they are out of this world. They are fighting over stupid stuff, I don’t even know how they’re gonna be able to live together. I mean let’s be real. They’re gonna be fighting over toilet seats soon. Lord!  I wonder if Christina shares my opinion. I don’t like her too much because she seems like a jealous friend. Lindsay got  a new company, a new man and probably dreams of having babies but Chrissy girl got what ? Not much. She’s starting over, she’s a freelancer which means always hustling. She never knows when she’s gonna get her next paycheck! How stressful…

ice_screenshot_20170210-173759So basically for Christina her career is everything cause in the love departement ain’t nothing happening. She is ready to fight if you dare say she got fired from somewhere like Lindsay did. I’m kind of inclined to believe Lindsay though  because Christina was barking way too much.  It’s okay to be upset but the way she was denying everything made me believe there was some truth to what Lindsay was saying.  But honestly what made me think “oh snap! Christine HAD to start over because she got fired”  is the fact when it was time to attack her friend the first thing that came to Lindsay’s mind is “you got fired!”.  Numerous things could’ve been said like: you’re starting over and you’re not going anywhere or you quit your good paying job to be a freelancer and look at you now struggling while you’re in your 30’s  .

cris-and-lind-convo-apology Everybody knows if you’re in a fight the best slap is reopening old wounds. Yes Lindsay was drunk but you  know what they say ” drunks speak with a sober mind”…and when Lindsay was sober she did repeat the same thing :Christina got fired. When Cristina got offended she changed her wording for let go then when it was time to kiss and make up she said ” I apologize for my delivery”. Later on she said fired, let go , quit  they’re the same thing. hmmm nope. I’m wondering if she’s saying that because it was wrong of her to spill the beans or it was a case of “let me be nice so my interns can have a place to work ” hmmm. Or she straight up lied and didn’t want to fully take responsability.I’m thinking Christina was forced to quit, she migh’ve been in a quit or get fired kind of situation which would mean Christina is telling the truth  but  so is Lindsay.

ice_screenshot_20170210-175957Last but not least Kyle. Watching this 24 year old girl be played by him did make him look like an ass. How are you gonna have a break up scene with a chick and then call her back to fuck ? No thoughts about her feelings. These little guilt faces he makes are cute but where are the actions accompanied with the guilt ? This girl is his own personal booty call. He can’t get himself a girl ,no problem, call Amanda. As much as everyone wants to feel bad for Amanda, they have to admit this bitch is okay looking like a fool. Everytime Kyle calls, she picks up, abandons her friends, gives up on her plans and frankly on herself. Women do these kind of things all the time but she’s doing it on tv and she’s not even cursing him out. All she’s doing is acting as the victimized puppy doll. This guy has broken up with you on camera and you still show up when he calls …like every time…  Every fucking time ! At some point, she has to say : “Boy use your own hands cause I’m busy.”

kyle-and-amanda-situationshipBut no she doesn’t want to do that because she’s hoping she’ll eventually be a girlfriend. She needs to tell him what she wants  and be shameless about it. Saying I don’t want to be your wife is stupid of her because she looks like she secretly wants that and she’s 24…she doesn’t have that amount of time to waste if she really wants to get married and possibly have kids. Hey maybe she truly doesn’t want to get married but if it is the case then what’s the issue…??? You’re not getting fucked over if you don’t need the guy to date you and marry you. As for Kyle, I kinda feel like he likes the girl he just feels like he hasn’t reached the success in his career to think of getting settled down. I think Amanda needs to pull away so Kyle can realize that he really likes Amanda and wants her in his life. If he doesn’t come to that realization, Amanda needs to move on and not waste her precious youth on him. This girl needs to understand if Kyle is really the one, they’ll find their way back to each other. But to find their way back, they have to go their separate ways.




Bold and Beautiful: Family Over Fantasy

bridge-happiness-in-bedOh guys I am laughing at Bill. He left his family to chase after a woman who clearly still wants her “destiny”. He has put all of his energy into Brooke Logan and he just got dumped by her. She didn’t just dump him, she chose her ex over him. Brooke thought Ridge Forrester the man who keeps on leaving her is the best one for her. I guess Steffy was right to say : Bill learn from my mother. Dollar Bill crushed his wife, broke his son’s home for nothing! I guess Brooke ain’t the best investment he made after all…  When you are rich and powerful you want what you can’t have so I’m guessing Bill is gonna keep on chasing Brooke’s poom poom cause I don’t think Katie would be stupid enough to let him back in. And of course Bill cannot be alone. This man has never been content with being a single man.

eric-offers-the-ceo-positionFamily over fantasy fits Bill but also Eric. The patriarch of the Forrester felt as if no one should dictate who he can marry ,well, I feel like he and his wife don’t have the right to dictate who Steffy stays married to. Here they are trying to manipulate the girl into staying married to Wyatt, when she clearly loves Liam more. There’s a reason why Steffy took the first way out. Have you ever seen her truly work for her relationship? Everytime she was laying on her husband’s chest she had a montage of good times with Liam. Honestly, Mr and Mrs Forrester are being selfish. They feel like their happiness screwed Wyatt’s so they want to fix everything. They want this perfect family. In Eric’s mind , Wyatt is his “son” and it would be so amazing if his granddaughter and this son would be together. Eric and Quinn made their own decisions based on what they wanted , Steffy should be allowed to do the same.

To be Frank, Eric picked love (if it wasn’t lust…) over family so I don’t see why Steffy needs to chose duty over love. I know they are trying to make us think Steffy loves Wyatt but once again the love she feels for Liam is stronger. However, Steffy is a very ambitious woman and what Quinn is offering her is way too tempting. Miss imma-throw-my title in your face got offered the C.E.O position unofficially by Mrs wanna-be matriarch Forrester. She would be the first female C.E.O unless i’m forgetting someone…This is huge but she’ll be forced to work side by side with her sneaky mother-in-law and her pityful husband maybe Quinn will get what she wants.

steam-wet-kissOne thing for sure is Liam needs to stop celebrating. Wyatt is desperate as always but this time he is clearly giving his mommy the thumbs up to be sneaky. It’s funny one minute he wants his mommy  to stop her scheming and be out of his life and the next he accepts her “help”. If your woman needs to be offered a job in order for her to stay with you, I would think it’s obvious you’re not worth that much to her . Liam had Steffy moist a couple of hours ago. Seriously, you gotta have no pride to be willingto be second to your brother.

Bold and Beautiful: Eric ORDERS Steffy to move out ! And she does it…


steffy-last-night-with-liamI am so frustrated with Steffy and her failing conscience. She is saying: “I cannot be living with another man while I am married.” But wait, 5 minutes prior to saying that she was having a romantic dinner with her husband’s brother oh and she had good sex  with him too. I do not believe Steffy cares that much about right or wrong. If we look at what we know of her life we can see she has never NOT done something because it was wrong, immoral or hurtful. She wants it, she goes after it. This is something people have come to love about her. She does not let people, society dictate her behavior. Steffy Forrester is a force of nature. For some reason, we’re having Steffy the victim of her grand-daddy’s schemes on our screens. If she truly felt in her heart what she was doing was bad then how can she shamelessly have a make out session with Liam  while her husband is present ? I mean she did do that on Thanksgiving… Continue reading

Camilla QUITS !


It’s not really a surprise but Fifth Harmony officially disbanded. Camilla has decided to leave the group. Below you get 5H’s official statement. It looks like Camilla might not have left in good terms… From the statement we got, Camilla’s rep are the ones who spoke to the group members…Therefore, the girls probably didn’t get a conversation with their ex-bandmate. As said on the last 5H article, when there’s smoke there’s fire. Camilla is gonna be looking for her glory now.


Beyoncé blackmails for award ?

kanye-rants-again-about-b-and-jif you don’t know, you’re about to know now.  Kanye just ranted about his relationship with Jay-Z and Beyoncé AGAIN. Seems like queen B pulls strings to win awards which is not surprising. Apparently Drake and Kanye were suppose to win a certain award and Beyoncé told the network she wouldn’t perform if she didn’t win the award that was suppose to go to the two rappers…

britney-spears-speech-mtv-2011Have you forgotten Britney’speech when she was getting honored with the Michael Jackson Avanguard Award ? Britney Bitch could only talk about Beyoncé’s accomplishments…Somebody must’ve told her to talk about Queen B the entire time cause she barely spent a second talking about herself when she is the princess of pop. Everything she was praising Beyoncé for she did it too. Britney Spears has been in movies, she sings or should we say lipsincs but once upon a time she used to sing. Either way she’s a performer! Yet when it’s time to receive a prestigious award she can only talk about how great her competition is.


beyonce-grammy-2015Exhibit B. Pun intended. When is the last time you’ve seen Beyoncé perform somewhere and not win an award ? She did not perform at the Grammy’s  even though she was there. At the Bet Awards she did perform because guess what? They’ll do whatever to please her, unlike the Grammy’s who ain’t willing to give her whatever  award she wants. There’s a lot of politics aka shady shit in the music industry. Rappers get ghost writers, singers steal dance moves and now “blackmail” for awards ?

kanye-interrups-taylorIt might be a strong word because the networks do get more ratings when an artist like Beyoncé show up to perform, it’s logical that the artist should be compensated. But still when you think of awards you think this is the person’s peers saying: ” from the bottom of our hearts, we think you deserve this . We are praising you for your talent.” It’s not something that should be forced. Talent should recognize talent. Yes, B deserves all of her awards but other people should get the shine too. Maybe B didn’t win because of racist people even though it seems like there certain cetegories where black people don’t tend to be nominated in…but let’s just say they wanted to award people that i’ve been in the business but get no recognititon. It’s okay for other people to win which might be the reason why B lost to Taylor Swift a couple of years ago. Ain’t it  funny though that the Grammys does not surrender to the Queen B but it’s exactly what  Kanye was criticizing a while back. He did jump on stage and grabbed someone’s mic so he can tell the world how great Beyoncé was. So what now ? If Bey wins then she cheated and if she doesn’t then shit is rigged…hmmm. Honestly, it has always been rigged.

carters-and-westsSafe to say the Carters and the Wests are no longer friends that’s if they truly were. Kanye seems to be an intensed guy but still genuine and he probably really cared about Jay and Bey. There’s no way Yeezy would’ve intentionnaly hurt and betrayed his best friends so for him to put their dirty laundry on front streets, things are certainly not good between them. The Carters might not respect the Kardashian hustle or maybe they’re just not comfortable with their image being associated with Kim K. This might be the reason why they like Mrs West to be far away. Let’s just be honest, Jay Z and Beyoncé don’t do nothing for nothing. They were close to Kanye because he’s hot in music and it’s gonna make them tons of money.

kanye-and-jay-performingAs rap brothers, Kanye and Jay z made good cash together. It was a profitable relationship. As of now it no longer is. Kanye might just severe his ties with Tidal and talk shit about it. He cannot expect a phone call from the Carters anymore  especially when every of their private conversations are being talked about in concerts. Weirdly, Kim might be the best thing that happened to Kanye. He now realizes his “brother and sister” are not real family not even real friends.But to be fair, we don’t know what really happened because only Kanye is speaking. We are missing one side of the story here. Bey and Jay are gonna stay mute. They’re so big, they don’t make interviews anymore and they don’t rant during their concerts. This is something Kanye should be careful with. People don’t pay him to see him talk, they want him to rap. Why is he talking about the presidential election and saying he loves trump ?  For what?! So he can chill in the white house with him. Kim and Kris are probably  already calling the paparazzi, everybody gotta know they shook hands with The Donald. Maybe he can’t wait for Trump to make good decisions for the rich since he is part of the 1%. Either way, he needs to give his fans what they want. A concert consituted by a rant and three songs ain’t good  enough.